Off the Map: ABC Drama Cancelled; No Season Two

Off the Map canceled season twoABC had high hopes for Off the Map, their new medical drama from veteran producers of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and ABC has now cancelled Off the Map after one season on the air.

Off the Map follows the lives of six doctors who have “lost their way” and have traveled to a remote South American jungle to try to rediscover why they wanted to become physicians.

The TV series’ cast includes Caroline Dhavernas, Jason George, Jonathan Castellanos, Mamie Gummer, Martin Henderson, Rachelle Lefevre, Valerie Cruz, and Zach Gilford.

The TV series premiered to a disappointing 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.57 million viewers. The show won its timeslot but was disrupted in some parts of the country by coverage of the Tucson Memorial. As a result, ABC reran the premiere Off the Map the following night.

For whatever reason, subsequent episodes of Off the Map essentially drew fewer and fewer viewers each week. The final episode of the season hit a series low and attracted a very poor 1.3 rating in the demo with only 3.80 million viewers.

TV show supportDespite having some very passionate fans, Off the Map ended up being one of the lowest dramas on ABC. It’s no surprise then that the network has now decided against ordering a second season, cancelling the show. All 13 episodes have aired and we likely won’t find out what became of the young doctors left in the jungle.

What do you think? Are you sorry there won’t be a second season of Off the Map? Why do you think Off the Map didn’t catch on? Is it better than the other medical dramas?

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  1. Tiffany says

    really wish they could have kept it i was just thinking about the series and the last episode and was wondering when the next season started and saw this defiantly ruined my day. Off the Map had a good story line and was a wonderful show i am really going to miss it

  2. Pat says

    Just discovered this show through NetFlix. Only caught one episode last season and wanted to get caught up. Just finished the whole season in a couple of day. Sooo good! Sad to learn it was cancelled. Great character development and unique story lines.

  3. Beth says

    Finally they put some quality on television, and without giving it much of a chance..they throw it out and keep the junk on TV Makes no sense but that explains why ABC is always lagging behind the other networks

  4. Chasity says

    We loved this show!! Wished it would come back on for a second season. Very disappointed that they cancelled the series.

  5. Michelle Colledge says

    Really disappointed. I’m going to suggest that Netflix start telling people that it has been cancelled before viewing. Why bother with any series that is not going to be completed?

  6. looya says

    So disappointed that this show has been cancelled. In my opinion, I think it is was better than Private Practice. I guess now we will never know about what happened to the characters! :(

  7. Gail Martin says

    I just looked for the date of the second season of Off the Map and saw it has been canceled. Really bummed! I liked the characters, what they believed in, and what they were doing. It was refreshing to have a setting such as South America, instead of some sterile hospital. Very disappointed the show was canceled!

  8. celina says

    Well, it looks like another show is canceled I don’t understand why they cancels shows so fast with out even getting peoples attention, if people knew that this show was going to be canceled I think they would have put out the word and seen how many views would have joined, none of this canceling shows makes any since, i mean look at all these people angry about the show ending ABC will lose if they keep this up. ABC get your stuff together and wait a while before you start canceling shows or you going to lose your views why watch a show if you know ABC is never going to let it happen again!!!!!!

    • celina says

      And another note about t.v shows I don’t think people know how to search them and find websites like this to make a big deal out of them, I have been wondering what to do about t.v shows that get canceled and i just figured it out and now I am going to do this for every t.v show that gets canceled. thanks

  9. Dahlia says

    I’m really upset. I was just wondering myself if the second season was going to come out soon. D: I really loved this show. It definitely became my favorite after like two episodes. -sigh- There are so many other really stupid shows that should be cancelled before something such as this.

    • Izzie from Barcelona says

      I totally agree! I just literally came across this site as I was really excited about seeing what happend to all the characters! I especially loved Mamie Gummer’s character portrayal. It was totally soppy, adventurous, romantic, with a touch of raunchy and everything a good series should be! So cruel for networks to do things like that, present you with a fantastic series with great potential and then rip it from right under you! Sigh! Now all thats left is to imagine the rest.

  10. Maria says

    This is appalling!! This show was incredible and i think that the only reason it didn’t have enough viewers is because no one knew about it. Now that the show is on Netflix more and more people are watching it every day. If they decide to cancel this show there would be millions of disappointed fans. The show is becoming increasingly popular.

  11. Tracy says

    I CANNOT believe this show was cancelled!!!! It was such a good show. Something was always happening and it was so interesting. It’s a shame not to renew it when there are so many wastes!!! and poor excuses for shows that are airing right now.

  12. Off the Map Fanatic! says

    Was just surfing the web to see when this season would start because I thought it was coming up soon. When I saw this, I couldn’t believe it!!! I am completely and totally bummed. I also am a Greys and PP fan and this show was definitely on its way to the same category. I REALLY wish there was going to be a 2nd season. Ugh!!!! :(

    • Yohan says

      I WAS AND AM TOO ! I was searching for the premier date of off the map and when I read this web , I was SHOCKED .