Once Upon a Time: How Should the Tale End?

Once Upon a TimeIt’s ABC’s most successful new show of the season and currently ranks as the network’s second-highest rated show, behind Modern Family and just above Grey’s Anatomy. Once Upon a Time currently has an “A-” grade on our network report card.

It looks like Once Upon a Time will be on the air for quite awhile. Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have a “bible” to keep track of timelines and character histories. They’re giving themselves a certain amount of creative freedom to change their minds but also have specific goal posts to meet along the way. They also seem to know how they want to end the tale and who should get the final bit of resolution.

Kitsis recently told TV Guide, “We want to make sure that five years from now, whatever thoughts we have [now], they’re still relevant… There’s a curse that needs to be broken, and these characters have had their happy endings ripped from them. Emma [Jennifer Morrison] comes in there trying to help them find their happy endings. Ultimately, the last happy ending is for Emma.”

They say that, before that can happen however, Emma must become the true hero of the story. It’s exciting for the writers because, as Kitsis notes, “Emma is essentially a new fairytale character… Emma’s journey is just beginning and it hasn’t been written yet.”

What do you think? Have you had any thoughts about how you’d like to see the series close? A typical fairy tale happy ending? How long should Once Upon a Time realistically go on? Three seasons? Five? Seven?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I love this show way to much to see it end. I think it should stay on at the least 8 seasons. But I want it to keep going as long as it can!!!

  2. Rachel says

    Yup, we really liked it at first, but agree with everyone else…there is no resolution anymore, it’s just another dissatisfying addition to the season every Sunday at this point. It’s dragging on and introducing to many new characters/plot twists that just muddy it further. This would be why I stopped watching “LOST” past Season Two – it was irritating, rather repetitive in its lack of resolution or clarity in the story line, and it became boring. Would like to see this show out to its end, but getting ready to pull the plug already. I no longer look forward to it.

  3. Beverly Puhl says

    I really enjoyed the series until now.But now it just goes on and on. With no apparent
    direction. With caractures being introducted with no direction as to where it is going.
    Frankenstein,really. Somewhere I read,Star Wars next. ?? Wrap it up already,with a good
    ending for the main people they started out with.

  4. rob says

    The show has too many unhappy moments.
    The evil queen wins too much. – Each victory comes at a real cost
    If it had some mini happy endings, some real victories along the way – it might be worth while.
    I like happily ever after

  5. Anonymous says

    Love how the flashbacks explain present-day storylines. But so many clues have been dropped, I think I know how it’s going to end. Think of the time travel paradox; and realize that not everyone can have a happy ending.

  6. Uncle Pete says

    Oh please don’t let the show drag on into oblivion like “Lost”. “Lost” dragged on far too long and a lot of people simply stopped watching it. “Once upon a time” is a fairy tale. Get realistic, fairy tales were never designed to go on until the end of time. Having sais that, it’s a great show so far.

  7. Chari says

    Love the show but as with all great shows it is draging on and on… the story lines get all muddied up when the shows keep going and going and going!!! People get turned off when a show keeps going beyond the original story line. That is what is happening with Once Upon A Time. Make the magic happen and get to the “happy ever after” sooner than later!!!

  8. Mike says

    I like watching but I’m ready for it to be finished. I will have a hard time watching another season.

  9. Anonymous says

    Love the show! Just love the way they have blended the past w/them in the present. I hated how Lost was ended…I hope they keep this true to the fairy tales…a very happy ending! As for Emma she needs to be able to find her Prince Charming too, (maybe even something like in August Rush) where if she had Henry in the past (and never gave him up for adoption); his father, her & Henry would be able to be a family and at the end the whole show was really them telling Henry a “fairy tale” story. They could even continue more stories from each of the other characters to do more seasons.

  10. Dee says

    I think it should go at least 5 seasons, and yes of course like every Fairy tale, it needs to have a very happy ending!

  11. Hope says

    Once upon a time is a great series i just hope they bring it back for another couple of seasons and the seasons should lead up to people starting to remember their other life and when their memories all come together the witch should slow lose her memories and power that makes her start losing her control of things and at the end should gets what she deserve to have her heart taken or destory by letting snow white and prince charming get together and have a happy ever after :>)

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