Outsourced: NBC’s New Sitcom Angers; Cancel or Keep It?

OutsourcedIt’s not often that a new show gets some people so angry before it even airs but NBC’s new TV show, Outsourced, certainly rubs some people the wrong way. Did that hurt the ratings? Will it be quickly cancelled or become a long-term staple of NBC’s Thursday night line-up?

Outsourced follows a US sales manager, Todd Dempsey (Ben Rappaport), who’s assigned to supervise his company’s call center in India. The new sitcom also stars Anisha Nagarajan, Diedrich Bader, Parvesh Cheena, Pippa Black, Rebecca Hazelwood, Rizwan Manji, and Sacha Dhawan.

Some people have expressed resentment over the show’s theme, especially considering this country’s struggling economy and unemployment problem. Others maintain that the show’s intent is to show how offices are the same, regardless of where they’re located.

What do you think of Outsourced?

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In its first week on the air, Outsourced attracted a 3.6 in the 18-49 demographic and 7.49 million total viewers. For the timeslot, it ranked in third place in total viewers but was second in the demo, where the numbers really count.

On the downside, Outsourced lost about 20% of its Office lead-in audience in the demo and 12% in total viewers. Also, about 15% of its audience tuned out midway through the episode. Those people gave it a try and probably won’t be back next week.

New shows typically lose about 15% in week two so we’ll have to wait and see how this one’s ratings hold up. For now, things look good for Outsourced.

What do you think? Did you give it a try? Were you offended by Outsourced? Was it different than you expected? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. i luv outsourced says

    Networks or becoming cancel crazy. Perhaps Networks make more money off the SPONSORS by airing so many new shows. The Networks or airing lots of new shows, just to be canceled shortly after. They repeating process about ever 4 months. Perhaps to keep us confused. A diversion, hoping we want notice most of the show want be coming back. Then giving us some bs about Neilsen rating. I found they are not discriminate on which type of show I’m watching, rather it to be Sitcoms, Drama or Fiction, The show I’m watching, is in crisis or its, already gone. I notice the Networks have more Reality shows, Adult Cartoons, Game&Talk Shows & shoveling these type of shows down our throats. Keeping lower budgets shows, cancel series show. Not all the time but “Sometimes” they bring a series show back if , enough people protest the cancellation. Some or not coming back not matter how many of viewers complain. I wonder if its because the longer a series runs, the more valuable actor becomes. You know, 2 million is lot of money to pay an actor verses, verses the low budget shows with the redneck writers and rehearsed drama, you know, those so called, “Reality shows”. I miss series show.
    Hopefully they will bring Series type shows to the internet. If Entertainment like Series shows go to internet, it would replace TV, like TV did to Radio.

  2. Sue says

    Outsourced is my favorite show!! Gupta has me crying from laughter every week and Majeeb (?) is just the most lovable nemesis I have ever seen. Then you have Charlie who kills me with his hunting/spying shenanigans! It would be such a shame to lose this show. However, there are no sex scenes, no one gets murdered and to top all that off…no cursing. Yep, I see it getting the axe. These days the only thing I can watch with my children are old I Love Lucy reruns….sad, but true.

  3. Carol says

    Outsourced deserves our applause! It’s funny, it’s witty, it’s smart and it is sweet. It’s original: it isn’t a cop show, it isn’t a hospital show, it isn’t a nasty show. it isn’t a mindless teen age show, and it isn’t a political show with underlying messages we have seen on TV recently. The setting in India is brilliant. What an entertaining way to learn about this fascinating country. I hope NBC has the insight to continue the show.

  4. Darlene Bitner says

    I can’t imagine anyone hating this sweet and hysterically witty comedy because of outsourcing. These folks are portrayed as the “B” team…the funniest bunch of strangely matched sitcom characters I have seen in a long time. These actors can send you in stitches with the exceptionally well written scripts. Played against the “A” team, suits who work for big guys like Microsoft, they win every battle of wits. I love these people. The actors have set a new benchmark for deadpan looks, perfect delivery of their lines and flawless slapstick. This call center team reinvented teamwork, fair play and graciousness. The respect that the American boss and the call center employess show each other is an example we should all follow. Plus, you get more screaming out loud laughs per episode consistently from this witty bunch of folks. Don’t judge it by one episode or two…give it three tries and fall in love with it. Witty, great sets, great music, great dancing and did I mention…screaming out loud funny and witty? Well, it deserves to be said again. I’m in real estate…I don’t laugh easily these days…and Outsourced did it for me. If it is cancelled, I am going to move into a yurt and burn my TV for cooking fuel. If Outsourced doesn’t make it, what does it take to please people because it surely will not be fantastic comedy. (Excuse any typos…thanks)

  5. will says

    This show is great but the time slot stinks. Why not move it to Friday @8:00 to 9:00?
    I wish that it was an hour long show and wish that it would be picked up for another 2-3 seasons. Cast , crew and script are very complimentary of each other and the show provides fine family entertainment for the entire family.

  6. carrie says

    I love this show and never miss an episode. I have never laughed so loud. Even my in-laws started watching this show since I introduced this to them. I love all the characters!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    My family and I loved the show. We are an Indian family and it is a show that everyone in our family can really relate to. Better than any other show on tv. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

  8. Hazel says

    I think this is the funniest show since “Seinfeld!” I usually laugh until I cry. It is the ONLY show that I make a point to watch yet I am SURE it will be cancelled if it hasn’t been already

  9. Fred says

    I usually don’t watch sitcom but Outsourced has kept me sitting by my flatscreen tv every Thursday night. I have watched every episode at least two times. Outsourced is a good tv show that brings us laughter and entertainment while educating us about diversity at the same time. Please keep the movie as schedule.

  10. rinnie says

    This show is hilarious, unlike any of the other new shows. It definitely belongs after the office or after Modern Family. It’s refreshing to see a sitcom that takes place in another country for once. The show pokes fun of Americans, too. It is a great show! I

  11. Jack says

    I agree with Sushmita its nice to see a show take place in another country and not just
    be here in america with the same old , they think funny humor.
    This show is funny and has a story. Nice to see something that is not a Cop show.
    Way to many Cop shows.

  12. Jeannie says

    I am an American married to a Brasilian and we both LOVE this show. It is refreshing to see an office sitcom set in a different country. I think all the characters are great; they show all sides to them even Rajiv, the annoying asst mgr who has shown flashes of compassion. The cultural clashes are handled well; we’ve actually learned things about Indian culture. All the actors are wonderful and the relationships funny and true. It’s amazing to me that there is critisism of this show when a show like Two and a Half Men glorifies a character who is self-destructive and disrespectful to women. Outsourced is a very well written and acted show. I think the characters are well fleshed out and hysterical. Please do not cancel this show!!!

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