Passions: The Soap is Really Over This Time

PassionsSince DirecTV announced that it would not be renewing the Universal Media Studios-produced soap for another season, fans have been hoping that another solution could be found to keep the supernatural storylines going. Unfortunately, those chances were layed to rest last week.

At the wrap party on Friday, execs told the cast and crew that the soap’s run was indeed over. Though they’d been searching for a way to continue Passions via another channel or the Internet, their efforts have failed.

On her website, McKenzie Westmore (Passions’ Sheridan Crane) wrote an emotional message to her fans, “I guess I never posted before about a farewell to Passions because I didn’t really want to believe that it was over until we actually filmed a final scene. Well my friends, that day has come. It was a very sad day in Harmony, a town in which we all must say goodbye to. The last and final episode was shot today and emotions were very high as we were all so upset to say goodbye to one another and our second home of 4024 Radford Ave.”

She continued, “I will never forget my days in Paris; filming in Oxnard; the boat (and of course the tango) with Galen; and so many more memorable scenes. It’s still not completely sinking in (but the tears are) that this is all over. But, all good things must come to an end and I want to thank all of you for your amazing love and support through the years! You have been the best fans a soap could ever ask for and your loyalty to me as an actress and the show has always been appreciated!”


Though there’s been no confirmation from the studio as yet, Universal and Premiere Props have announced that they will be holding a two-day sale of Passions props and costumes next weekend.

The soap won’t immediately sign off as enough episodes have been shot so that Passions will continue to run on DirecTV through August 2008. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. LALA&PLUKI says

    Are you kidding me !!! its over. We have been watching since day one!
    f….. the 101 for doing this to everyone. That was a great show. BRING IT BACK!!!!
    It was like a dream watching the final show we didnt even see it coming.

  2. michelle says

    i cant believe that directv has done this to us all this was a very popular soap and for you to end it after all these years is just crazy this is so upsetting. HOW COULD YALL DO THIS?????? take something else off tv not PASSIONS please bring it back

  3. aaliyah says

    I been whit passion sean day one u can’t take it from us now everone fine happy I all the what to see the baby’s the life now u can not end it now so give 2more year!!!!!

  4. Niecy says

    OMG, I can’t believe it is all over. Passions has been the only soap that mixed silliness, morals, and drama in one amazing package. It has always found a way to keep me on the edge of my seat, put me in tears and bring alot of laughs. It will truely be missed. I do think it was a terrible ploy on direcTV to carry it as an exclusive just to get viewers then cancel. Thank heavens I was already a customer, I would be pissed. Good luck to the cast and crew. Missing Passions already.

  5. Clarissa says

    OMG!!! its finally hapening… passions has been my life for 8 years… and after everything theresa and ethan has been thur there ending it like that!! NO!!! Im going to miss it so… and all I know it better go out with a HELL OF A BANG! I know that for sure!!!

    Im soooooooo sad about this!!!!!!!!!!

  6. says

    I am truly going to miss Passions. I have been watching it from the beginning and It is a show I watch everyday. It has made me cry, laugh, and even get angry. Passions was always good entertainment. I wish the best to all of the cast and crew and I hope to see many of the cast members in future shows.

    Thank you for eight great years.

  7. jhoniel #347-283-2270 says

    NBC i cant believe you going to cancle PASSIONS a show that has been around from before i was born for a stupid ass shw called the today show
    who give a donkey ass cheeks about the today show

    it stuff like this that getts me pissed **** cancel th freakin today show if thats why your canceling passins because thats not fair atleast give them some more time to prove them selves even though they dont got **** to prove to you but give them another chance

    sorry for my language but i feel very deep about this and i really want this show to stay PLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! JUST THINK ABOUT IT !

  8. jhoniel says

    this is , escuse my language but this is bullshit passions is one of the best soaps there is out ther and it is unfair for it to be cancelled. for years i have never missed a paaions episode untill the show got moved to direct tv and this morning i got online to see if i could watch my favorite soap since i havent seen it in a while and come to find out its being cancelled. my reason for loving passions so much is that it makes you never want to miss an episode the show makes you want to skip schhool just to se it i am praying that its not true that its being cancelled because there are some very talented people on this show who i would like to see alot more of . these comments wont stop until i hear that passions is back.

    this news just makes me want to curse out direct tv because i feel that their at fault for this, because if passions didnt “move to stupid ass direct tv then we wouldnt have this problem.

    PASSIONS will always be my favorite soap.

  9. kayla says

    i’m 16 and i started watching Passions 8 years ago i am so upset about the cancelation passions has became apart of my life i don’t wanna let it go


    OMG, I was sooooooooooooooo sad and upset that PASSIONS is leaving for good. I was crying like a big baby. I absolutely LOVE Luis and Sheridan and Little Endora, she was a beauty princess and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo darn cute. Luis is was more than 100% hunky looking, he was a MILLION PERCENT HUNKY and Sheridan was just a beautiful women with a big heart and I didnt like it when she was mean but I know it was just acting. I hope and pray to find some of these actors and actresses on other soaps like AMC, OLTL, GH and Days Of Our Lives. Im very very sad about this. I LOVED PASSIONS because it was a mystery soap with lots of action. Good Luck and Best Wishes to all of you except for GWEN and ETHAN…I HATE YOU TWO very much and I wish you hell in life especially you GWEN, YOU and your UGLY MOTHER SUSAN LUCCI are the 2 WORSE UGLY ******* on EARTH and BTW how is your UGLY SATAN BABY DOING?????

  11. Brentt says

    My wife got my hooked on this dang show about a year and a half ago and now they are going to cancel it!!!! what the heck is going on????? cant it just come back to life like the charcters did many times!!!! I think this is the dumbest thing nbc ever did!!! all this for an extra hour of the today show!!! who cares about the today show!!! Leave passions on our find another home for the show!!! The fans will be waiting!!!

  12. margaret cochran says

    I hope to find the actors on other soaps. Too many were great actors. GH and I am sure the others could use new actors.

  13. jackie says so freakin sadd mann…i lovee this showw…danget now i ahve to find another show in relace of it.bOo :*( tears

  14. klarquenecia says

    i think them cancelling passions was truely stupid idea!!!! I have always had cable, and even with cable i sat and watched passions.. I ‘ve been watching that show for ages… apeople who can’t afford cable, sat and watched that show.. and what do u know they fell in love with it.. so to take something away like that was really dumb of them to do… now i watch movies or try to catch it online if i can’t have the luxury of watching it on television:( that’s shamefull:) that show was excellent and i’m sure half of the U.S. felt upset because you all cancelled a great show… nbc should’ve been cancelled permantelty of you gone do something like that…

  15. Elizabeth says

    It is really stupid. Becouse I mean when ever you guys get a great show you have it cut off!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the wourld can you do that to us???You gus would feel really stupid if over half of the people stopped watching t.v. Would you not???????????

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