Smallville: Batman (Finally) Comes to Metropolis

Batman comes to SmallvilleIt was always a thrill for comics fans when the producers of Smallville would introduce other comic heroes into the TV show mythos. Over the years, we saw versions of Impulse, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Aquaman, Cyborg, Doctor Fate, Sandman, Hawkman, Zatanna, Star-Spangled Kid, Stargirl and Martian Manhunter. Heck, even the Wonder Twins from the old Super Friends animated series put in an appearance.

But the one character that never appeared on the Smallville TV series, the one that fans were dying to see, was Bruce Wayne as Batman. It was rumored over the years that he would appear at one time or another but it never happened, most likely because the character was off-limits because of the successful Batman movie franchise.

Now that Smallville has ended, the storylines are continuing in comic book form — Smallville: Season 11 — and have picked up six months after the last episode. The first issue was released on May 16th and is available in print form and as a digital comic as well.

The comics creators are able to do things that the TV show couldn’t — and that includes bringing the caped crusader to meet the young man of steel.

Written by former Smallville writer and executive story editor Bryan Q. Miller and drawn by ChrisCross, a storyline called “Detective” will see Batman and Nightwing arrive in Metropolis. They’re there because the Caped Crusader has received a tip that the person responsible for the death of his parents is somehow connected to Superman’s city.

According to Miller, this version of Batman has been fighting crime for awhile and is probably a bit older than Lex and Green Arrow.

The Smallville version of Nightwing won’t be Dick Grayson (formerly Robin) but will instead be Stephanie Brown. She’s the former Batgirl and female Robin who starred in Miller’s Batgirl comic book series which ran from 2009 until 2011.

The first issue Smallville to feature the “Detective” storyline will be available on September 5th. It’ll run for four issues.

Though Miller knows how he’d like to end the Smallville: Season 11 comic book series, he’s unsure when it will finish or if there will be a 12th season to follow it.

What do you think? Will you be checking out Batman’s appearance in the Smallville comic books?

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  1. says

    Amen Cory. Why is this even on TvSeriesFinale? If I was a 12 year old kid with pimples and no girlfriend I’d love to read some comics about a tv show that vaguely resembles a movie. Wait, what?

    This is NOT Batman in Smallville. This is the equivalent of Batman is in the Sunday funnies. Yippee. Who cares?
    Bring back the TV show, rename it “Metropolis”, then introduce Batman and I’ll get excited.



  2. Cory says

    Sorry, This doesn’t count as Batman has finally arrived to Smallville as it’s in comic book form as you have mentioned, We would want to see a “Live Action, version of Batman” as we wanted to know who would fill the shoes of playing the Batman/Bruce Wayne Character.

    With that said, This doesn’t count! and therefore Batman was never introduced into Smallville TV Series and since it ended it won’t be, but of course I’ve heard some spin-offs could be coming soon, like a “Green Arrow” TV Show and than that could bring a special guest of Clark/Superman (Tom Welling) could portray is roll and possibly add Batman in the mix.

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