The Chicago Code: FOX Drama on the Bubble; To Be Cancelled or Renewed?

Chicago CodeSeveral weeks ago, FOX unveiled their latest cop drama called The Chicago Code. The series has the enviable position of following the network’s popular House series. How have the ratings been? Strong enough to get it renewed or will it be cancelled?

The Chicago Code follows officers of the Chicago Police Department as they fight crime while also trying to expose political corruption within the city. Veteran Chicago Police Detective Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke) leads the special unit fighting against the corruption. Others in the cast include Jennifer Beals, Matt Lauria, Devin Kelley, Todd Williams, Billy Lush, and Delroy Lindo.

The series debuted to a decent 2.4 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 9.43 million total viewers. In week two, it dropped 17% in the demo which isn’t very good but isn’t horrible either. Since then, the ratings have been slowly eroding. The last three original episodes have registered a 1.8 in the demo with an average of 6.16 million viewers. That’s not very good and puts the series squarely “on the bubble.” It could be easily renewed or cancelled.

FOX has three shows that are basically in the same boat — Chicago Code, Lie to Me, and Human Target.

Of the three, Human Target seems the most likely to be cancelled. It got the lowest ratings and the network already renewed it once in hopes that the numbers would improve. They didn’t. It’s also been off the air for months.

Whether they decide to renew Chicago Code and/or Lie to Me will likely have a lot to do with how much faith the execs have in their pilots for the new season. Depending on available timeslots, they could choose to renew one, both, or neither.

As a result, Chicago Code’s ratings over the next couple weeks will likely play a big role in the decision to cancel or renew the show. Including tonight’s episode, the series only has two airings before the FOX schedule is unveiled for 2011-12 on Monday, May 16th. (You can watch this list to stay updated on what’s renewed or cancelled.)

What do you think? Does Chicago Code deserve to be cancelled or renewed for season two?

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  1. Kevin says

    This is a great show! but people only want to watch the so called reality shows. Which if you ask me aren’t very realistic!!

  2. Shirlee Ellingham says

    This is, hands down, one of the BEST series in decades! Why on EARTH would Fox cancel it? Doesn’t anyone at Fox check online input? Chicago Code is VERY popular. It reels you in. It makes you hate its bad guys. It makes you LOVE its good guys. It makes you laugh and it makes you cry. It makes you angry and it touches your heart with compassion. PLEASE renew it, Fox!!!

  3. Sherry says

    Please don’t cancel The Chicago Code. It is a great show. I always look forward to the next episode. There is nothing wrong with this show. The wrong shows keep getting cancelled. I can’t believe that you would let this show die. Please save The Chicago Code.

  4. Chitana T. says

    PLEASE RENEW THE SHOW!!! The show is amazing! The actors, the writing, the directing, etc. are brilliant. I wouldn’t change a thing about the show and it would be a shame to see it cancelled. If the number of viewers doesn’t reflect how popular and amazing this show is, put it at another time slot or compare it with online viewing. PLEASE RENEW THE SHOW!!!

  5. nancy erickson says

    we love Chicago Code. Having a female as “The Boss” has been wonderful to watch. Women have come a long way in all walks of life. It has been refreshing to wash the growth Jennifer Beals character. PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK—-OR SEND IT TO ANOTHER NETWORK FOR ANOTHER CHANCE.

  6. Eric says

    The Chicago Code is an excellent show and of course it will get cancelled. They always cancel the good shows and play stupid shows on TV. Way to go fox.

  7. Heather Tucker says

    I think its a bummer that Chicago Code is cancelled. I loved the series. It kept me on the edge and I couldnt wait til the next one came on. I really hate that its cancelled. It sux a**!!!!!!!

  8. cecee hubert says

    I love Chicage code u really have a hit with this show. I love the fox network so I hope u dont mess up and kill a GREAT show. So much of today’s TV audience is a bunch of dummies who cant think above the stupid level. Dont make the smart ones suffer for this

  9. Jennie B says

    I love this show! I’m so sick of these networks cancelling all the good shows for a bunch of crap ones!

  10. dana r says

    I hope this show does not get cancelled. Love the twists. Love the actors and their characters. This is one show that doesn’t follow the normal cop show format. The hour goes by so fast I am surprised when the ends.

    • Lorraine says

      I do believe that both Chicago Code and Human Target deserve to be given another chance. Especially Chicago Code.

  11. Julie Marsh says

    Chicago Code is an excellent show. What a shame to cancel top-notch programming! I hope another network will pick it up. It will grow on people.

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