The Event: NBC Orders Full Season; Can Fans Relax?

The EventThe peacock network has announced that they are ordering nine more episodes of The Event. Loyal fans of the series may be overjoyed but, it’s important to look at the news in context with the ratings.

The Event follows Sean Walker (Jason Ritter)who’s investigating the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend. He slowly begins to uncover the biggest cover-up in the country’s history. Others in the cast include Sarah Roemer, Laura Innes, Ian Anthony Dale, Scott Patterson, Clifton Collins Jr., Taylor Cole, Lisa Vidal, Bill Smitrovich, Zeljko Ivanek, and Blair Underwood.

On September 20th, the freshman series had a positive debut with a 3.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.88 million viewers. Unfortunately, viewership didn’t stay at that level for subsequent episodes and the show’s numbers have been declining each week. Last week’s episode fell all the way to a 2.2 demo rating and 6.5 million viewers. That’s a loss of nearly 40% in the all-important demo rating — in just four weeks.

What’s more, The Event has been ranking in third place for the timeslot in the demo numbers. For the first two weeks, it was opposite FOX’s ratings disaster Lone Star but now, running against FOX’s Lie to Me, The Event could easily slip to fourth place.

The NBC press release about the renewal touts that The Event is outperforming last year’s timeslot holder (Trauma) by 30% in the demo. That’s not exactly very hard to do considering Trauma tanked in the ratings right from the start. It only lasted as long as it did because NBC ended up having lots of airtime to fill because of the Jay Leno Show debacle.

While the full season order for The Event is a positive thing for fans who want to see more of it, the series will have to turn their numbers around to survive to see a second season. That’s a really hard thing to do considering the fact that it’s an ongoing serial with lots of mysteries and a growing mythology. History has shown us that this kind of show’s audience typically shrinks over time, not grows.

If the show is cancelled after one season, hopefully the producers will give loyal fans some closure by the last episode — instead of what happened with FlashForward last season.

What do you think? Will The Event see a second season or be cancelled? Why do the ratings keep dropping? How would you attract new viewers — or at least keep those that the show already has?

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  1. matt says

    closure!? the last episode was a freaking cliffhanger, shame on the producers for doing this over and over with all the interesting shows

  2. Completely crap says

    OMG they are going to keep a good show on? Figured they would axe it like Flashforward for actually being too interesting and having writers with creativity

  3. verne says

    “Ow! My Balls! Networks listen: Watching LIVE TV is something our GRANDPARENTS DID!!!!
    Duh! Dudes’ Mindless Reality not going to save your networks. Someday, someone like Netflix would bring back series shows and leave Network further in the dust . Advertising will follow and learn to adapt and maybe even merge making the advertizing inside series. Then putting series onto DVD’s and steam the series into our homes where the series show would grow.
    It was so clever for networks to combine Wrestling and Jackass and call it Reality . Networks are like an attack of Zombies and they’re eating away our brains. Reality show Infiltrate the networks and and making a dysfunctional a family show. It reeking havoc and spilling out into our lives lives..
    Why are you guys are flooding the air ways with more of Those ZOMBIES BRAIN EATTING REALITY SHOW. Trust me DUDE its not going save your networks
    People beginning to realizes Reality shows are Masquerading as entertainment. They’re only a script authoritarian, theatrical stage, plays. While networks are hoping Americans will stay hypnotizing mesmerizing and drawing influence from your Reality shows so much so, that the viewer will even watch these shows ‘live”. If you have viewers still watching these Reality shows live then Plausible exclamation for such action is, Reality show so much like the Zombies and ate their viewers brains and they no longer can operate a their DVR.
    The networks are still hoping These Reality scripted shows have biology taken root and lowers the viewers IQ .while replacing series shows with such Idiocracy has been devastating to the viewers mind. Networks you maybe putting all your eggs in the Reality basket making us wonder has the Reality Zombie ATE YOUR BRAINS !!!!!!

  4. Teri says

    Not so sure stats are accurate. It was on too late, for working folks, and way tooooo many commercials, so we opted to watch it on our cable carriers list of missed shows. So we watched it faithfully, just at a time better for our schedules.

  5. CREE says


  6. aa17 says

    please relaunch this series .. its really exciting.. probably people stopped watching it from the first episode because it has a lot of going back to near past then returning to the present again .. but after skipping this episode i really found that this series is interesting .
    think about the people who are waiting to get to the end of this .. NOT about those who didn’t even thought of watching eat .
    its a bit different of what we watch this days.
    it keeps waiting on the edge for more and what coming next.
    i don’t get easily interested in these kind of series or shows or any other ..
    i don’t say do like about 3 or 4 seasons ..
    just keep going till the second season if you wish and put ONE BIG AWESOME GREAT ENDING

    please i beg you Mr.producer get this show going on .

    and let your and our lovely handsome actors going in this journey with you..

    *am not trying to tell you what to do .. its just you need to finish what you started *
    keep rockin ” THE EVENT”

  7. todd says

    Great show so far, but it’s biggest draw can also be it’s biggest drawback. You need to watch weekly and keep up to date. As ” V” found out, you need to be able to make back issues available in case one or two are missed along the way. Which the EVENT did very well thank you! PLEASE keep that up….And season one didn’t end all uneven, disjointed or full of holes. It looks primed and ready for an exciting season two…
    I wish they would’ve kept that creepy old dude around longer too (the Guardian?) I think an interesting plot-line could’ve been developed with him. Even if it was just back-story or fill in. And while we’re at it, kill off that idiot VP, even though I found the Pres pretty annoying also….

  8. says

    NBC evidently shouldn’t be listing to ratings or viewers. The Events ratings and viewers went down because people couldn’t comprehend or follow the story from week to week. Well, I could and I believe it should stay. Same goes for The Chase. NBC had 2 good shows that they’ve now decided to cancel for simpleton game shows.

  9. Janette Jones says

    I have loved this programme and couldnt believe it was put on much later in the evening so quickly from a prime time 9pm, they didnt give it enough time to get going it is brilliant and i really really hope they bring a series two out and Great Britain airs it.
    I am so fed up of watching good programmes that get moved to silly times that you forget about late in the evening (fortunately i have bought a machine that i can set everything on now) Brothers and Sisters is another prime example that is an all time favourite but in no time at all they started putting it on at all different times until you couldnt remember when it was on. I had to watch a lot of them on my PC.

  10. Philip says

    The show should continue because to me this is the series of the year. Le there be season 2 guyz

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