The Event

The EventNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 22 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 20, 2010 — May 23, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Jason Ritter, Blair Underwood, Ian Anthony Dale, Laura Innes, Sarah Roemer, Scott Patterson, Taylor Cole, and Zeljko Ivanek.

the event past TV show

TV show description:
This conspiracy thriller series follows a man who discovers the biggest cover-up in US history while investigating the strange disappearance of his girlfriend. The cover-up has implications that are life-changing and could shape the very core of mankind.

Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) is the typical boy next-door as well as a somewhat geeky Computer Science graduate of MIT. A reformed hacker, he now freelances as a video game programmer. Sean grew up in a poorer suburb of Chicago. With a realized gift for computer programming, he spent his time in the school’s computer lab because his family couldn’t afford a computer of their own. He only got through college because of three jobs and financial aid. He’s now in a relationship with Lelia Buchanan and is confident she’s the woman for him. He was ready to propose when she disappeared.

Leila (Sarah Roemer) studied Biochemistry after growing up a science geek and bookworm. She and Sean met in the swimming pool at MIT in their senior year. She fell for his nerdy ways and was impressed when he hacked her name into getting good tickets for a concert. A nature lover, she and Sean like to go rock climbing and hiking. Leila is very close with her family after her mother, Val, put her own modeling career aside to raise Leila and her adopted sister, Samantha.

Michael Buchanan (Scott Patterson), Leila’s father, is a ruggedly handsome man who prefers the peace and quiet rather than hustle and bustle of the city. All his vacations have been spent in national parks, jungles, and rain forests, having taken multiple survival classes. He enjoys taking photos of the beauty that surrounds him. He was initially protective of Leila when she started dating Sean, but eventually, Michael welcomed him into the family.

The President of the United States, Elias Martinez (Blake Underwood), is idealistic and hugely popular with the American people and the rest of the world. He is very proud of his heritage, being born in Miami to Cuban refugees. He met his wife, Christina (Lisa Vidal), while both were attending Yale, and were set up by her mother. They support a charity program for education reform for refugee children, and she has now put her own law career on hold. They have a 7-year-old son named David.

President Martinez is in charge of the first completely bipartisan administration in recent years and recently was handed a top secret file that will change the entire course of his presidency.

President Martinez’s Vice President, Raymond “Ray” Jarvis (Bill Smitrovich), learned to argue effectively as the youngest of four sons, and later as a member of the Debate team in high school. He used all that to guide him through politics, eventually getting elected to the Louisiana State House of Representatives, then later as a senator, and later yet as the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. He and Blake Sterling are working together on a classified project.

Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek), the Director of National Intelligence, is often at odds with President Martinez. Sterling is astute and very well-connected within the intelligence community after spending most of his career rising through the ranks of the CIA. President Martinez nominated him for the new position of Director of National Intelligence because of his immense experience. Sterling’s not above political manipulation or covert force when needed and has been criticized for supporting the CIA’s detention program. To deal with all this stress, he jogs around the CIA headquarters at 4:30am every morning.

Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) is a CIA operative who is working with a division handling the security issues related to the detainees at Mount Inostranka in Alaska. He’s another one to rise through the ranks to where he now has access to the President and reports to Sterling. He originally hails from Fort Yates, North Dakota, and it’s because of that upbringing that he can handle the weather there in Alaska. Like Sterling, he’s another runner, having completed several marathons.

Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes) is the leader/spokesperson of the Mount Inostranka facility for detainees. They have endured the very interrogation and torture that Sterling has been so supportive of. Sophia is still hoping that if she continues to work with them calmly, she’ll be rewarded. With the sympathetic President Martinez, it seems like it may be about to pay off after his press conference announcing the closing of Inostranka.

Vicky Roberts (Taylor Cole) is a single socialite from Manhattan who enjoys her partying lifestyle. The niece of the late Ralph Clement Quinn, she was only 10 when he died in a car crash and inherited half of the Quinn fortune when she turned 18. Vicky was initially accepted into the Joffrey Ballet School, but had to turn them down because of a foot injury from eight-inch stilettos during Fashion Week. Fashion is a passion of hers, and she’d like to craft her own clothing called Sassy.

Series Finale:     
Episode 22 — The Arrival
Sean tells a weakened Leila that Sterling has called someone at the CDC who will be able to help her. Leila has given up hope, but Sean begs her to fight the virus with all her might. Meanwhile, Sterling finds a damaging report on Dr. Lu’s computer that shows the rapid spread of the deadly pathogen. After careful research, Sterling learns that the Sleepers are depositing pressurized aerosol containers carrying the virus at three distinct locations (a food processing plant, the Bureau of Engraving, and Dulles Airport).

Carlos and Sophia feel tremors as a city road shakes and street lamps topple over. Sophia tells Carlos that the portal has affected the Earth’s precession; their people will arrive soon. News of the strange earthquake reaches the White House. Before Martinez can act, Sterling calls to urge Martinez to send counterterrorist agents to the three locations the Sleepers are targeting. Martinez says any action will be delayed because he still hasn’t been able to wrest power away from Jarvis. Peel can deploy agents at the food processing plant and at the Bureau of Engraving, but shutting down the airport is beyond Martinez’s reach. Sterling, Simon, Vicky and Sean decide to go to Dulles Airport to do what they can.

Martinez begs Jarvis to step down so he can stop Sophia’s plot. When Jarvis resists, Martinez begs Jarvis to send a biocontainment team to Dulles in order to stop the spread of Sophia’s deadly virus. Jarvis refuses to believe Sophia would kill humans in order to take over the planet. Desperate, Martinez tells Jarvis he’ll let him complete his presidential term as long as he shuts down Dulles. Jarvis won’t budge. He trusts Sophia and doesn’t need Martinez’s cooperation in order to remain President. Jarvis is confident that no matter what Martinez says, the Cabinet will not reinstate him.

Secretly shaken by Martinez’s words, Jarvis calls Sophia to ask if she’s planning to unleash a virus on American soil. Sophia says it’s a total fabrication and reminds Jarvis that she wanted to join forces with him because of his unflagging strength. Concerned, Sophia decides that they should move up the virus’ release time. Meanwhile a reporter at Mt. Shasta says that lava flows from a dormant volcano are puzzling scientists. Locals are concerned that a full-blown eruption will occur any moment.

Federal agents contain the threats at the food processing plant and the Bureau of Engraving. Meanwhile, Sean, Vicky, Sterling and Simon arrive at Dulles looking for Sophia. A Sleeper disguised as a TSA employee sneaks a canister past security and into a secured area of the airport. Devon calls Sophia and tells her that the contamination attempts at the food processing plant and the Bureau of Engraving have been foiled. Infecting people at Dulles Airport becomes Sophia’s only hope. Back at the White House, Martinez’s Cabinet gives him a standing ovation. Suddenly, without warning, Martinez becomes light-headed and collapses to the floor!

Sterling and Simon try to warn an airport employee about Sophia’s plot but he disregards them when they are unable to prove that they’re federal agents. Meanwhile, Sophia bumps into a child who looks exactly like the young victim in her nightmare. For a moment, the gravity of Sophia’s terrible actions seems to sink in. Inside the secured area of the airport, Simon and Sterling shoot at the Sleeper before he gets away with the infected canister. The Sleeper manages to shoot Simon before escaping. Thankfully Simon’s wearing a bulletproof vest. Moments later, Sean and Vicky find the Sleeper handing the canister to Sophia and Carlos. Sean and Vicky shoot and kill the Sleeper, but Sophia escapes. Carlos puts up a fight but Sterling manages to ambush him and shoot him dead.

Due to Martinez’s absence, the Cabinet has no choice but to reject his plea for reinstatement. Just then, Martinez enters with Christina! Jarvis tells the Cabinet that Bethesda Hospital did not discharge Martinez; he left early against their recommendation. When it’s Martinez’s turn to defend himself, he warns the Cabinet about an imminent threat against national security. He claims that Jarvis is working with Sophia to unleash a deadly virus that will decimate mankind. The Cabinet thinks Martinez has clearly lost his mind – that is, until Martinez plays a recording of Jarvis admitting that he poisoned Martinez!

Having swayed the Cabinet, Martinez tells Peel to shut down Dulles Airport. Meanwhile, Sophia locks herself in an airport lounge and takes the infected container out of her bag. Sean begs Sophia to reconsider; after all, the planes have been grounded and all of her other contamination attempts have been foiled. If she releases the virus, it will only kill the people in the airport. It will just be senseless murder and will not benefit her people in any way. Sean is able to get through to Sophia. She puts down the container and allows federal agents to arrest her.

At the White House, Simon, Sterling, Martinez and Peel look for the location of the portal array. They discover that Jarvis had recently moved a satellite from an area near Tibet. Martinez correctly guesses that this means that the portal array must have been nearby. Moments later, Martinez looks at satellite footage of the portal array. Simon points out that since it’s emitting radiation, it’s already been activated. More of them are coming to Earth!

At the White House, Martinez watches news footage of strange earthquakes occurring around the globe. Meanwhile, at a hospital Sean parts ways with Vicky. She thanks him for including her on this transformative journey and bids him farewell. A doctor gives Sean clearance to visit Leila’s hospital room. Leila tells Sean some incredible news: she’s pregnant!

Martinez summons Sophia to his office and demands that she tell him where her people plan on landing. Sophia says she won’t reveal anything. Spreading the virus was an act of mercy. Now that her people are coming, their course of action will be “far from humane.” Then she adds cryptically, “It’s too late.” Suddenly, the ground shakes and in the sky, a strange light can be seen. Then the great mass coalesces into a great planet! A new planet and moon appear on the horizon! “What is it?” Christina’s son asks. “Home,” she replies.
First aired: May 23, 2011.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. NotaNBCfananymore says

    NBC definantly doesn’t know what people like. Now what a reality show in its place? I absolutely loooved this show. Ive been searching online just waiting to find out when the next season starts up and I find this. Absolutely nonsence!!!.

    Do you ever look at FB or TWitter if you cant find anything else to measure fans on at least do a little reasearch. Fans need to just start boycotting networks that dont consider what we like.

  2. Diane says

    Such a friggin huge disappointment. And here I thought the show (and other favorites of mine) was just being jockeyed around the scheduling arena to accommodate the tv mess known as NBA playoffs.
    Ditto on the comments about reality shows. Crap. Let’s just combine them all and call it “Stupid People Tricks.” What’s next? Going to cancel Mad Men after 3 episodes and not tell anyone? That too would suck penguin toes. How about if I just list my favorites so they can cut to the chase and cancel them all right now? Heck, they’re already doing it, might as well remove ALL the good drama. Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, The Event, Mad Men, Leverage, NCIS, NCIS:LA, CSI, The Walking Dead…
    We pay alot of money for TV services. Am about to cancel that due to lack of interest in crap tv (otherwise known as “300 Channels and there’s nothing on!”). I Sense my remote and I are not alone…

  3. Laura says

    The one show that I watched, the one show that was really good. for real cancel?????
    I just couldnt wait for the break to get over for it to start again…. now cancel????
    seriously maybe someone up high should pay attention to what viewers like………

  4. Phil says

    I actually liked the show. At least they could have blew up the planet for the ending. The writers killed it and dragged everything out. It took a whole episode to poison the president. They also used to spend the 1st 10 minutes explaining previous episodes. Can’t writers move things along a little quicker??

  5. Vicki Speer says

    I believe I am going to boycott NBC. They have cancelled two shows now that I liked that weren’t reality shows or thoroughly brainless shows. “The Cape” was excellent. I loved it. I also loved “The Event”. NBC it doesn’t help when you put a show on hiatus for months and then bring it back. NBC gets rid of good shows but keeps stupid shows and even brings on new stupid shows “Playboy/girl” – yea that’ll be a winner. I am thoroughly disgusted by NBC and will not watch it anymore. I will contact others to not watch NBC as well.

  6. mow says

    I really enjoyed the Event. The actors were fantastic it has a great storyline and it kept me interested. I can’t believe you want to cancel this show its great I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Anonymous says

    love this show ,hopefully another network picks up .I now feel it could be a waste of my time getting into shows only to have then cancelled , I think i will avoid nbc shows .

  8. Shirley says

    Don’t leave me hanging, I love this show, couldn’t wait to watch. Besides I need to know what’s going to happen to Leila. Will another network pick it up?

  9. Davie2 says

    I’m not sure where they could go from there. The EVENT was NOT the bringing of their home planet, which looked like a hellish world of fire, with presumably 2 billion aliens. It was a great show and i didn’t miss any episodes. This is the second SF/future reality series original series that NBC has killed without a satisfactory resolution. KINGS was the other.

    • mary says

      I agree, KINGS was well written…I wish they’d bring it back. The Event was good, lots of theology and jewish leaning stuff…hebrew tribal names etc. That’s probably why they cancelled it, to “Christian like for Liberal NBC.

      Heros was great, Claire’s ending was good, but it could have contiues, Sylar as good one Claire as the bad.

  10. Cerline says

    I agree with all statements above, this was an awesome series and I am hooked. Please Please Please bring on the next Series, you cant leave us in this cliff hanger bring it back in September 2011.

  11. Kathy says

    Not cool at all. I tivod this show weekly and spent a weekend watching as much as I could. I will seriously miss this show.

  12. Ann Herman says

    I was completely blown away at the news that The Event was cancelled. I have watched every episode and was so looking forward to season 2. I can’t understand why so much garbage is kept on the air while this very interesting series goes by the wayside. The actors are wonderful and the story keeps you glued to the TV set. I hope the network reconsiders. I cannot bare to watch any of the so called reality shows. They are phony anyway as far as I’m concerned. Please, please let there be a Second Season

    • CENTCOMUSA says

      I am with you Ann I hate reality shows and there are way too many Cop shows on TV.
      I could not wait until the next Monday came to see what was going to happen.

  13. Gina says

    Totally WTF?!? Have to agree with the other
    Folks posting…this was one of the FEW shows I
    Watch on network TV…and you’re canceling?
    What, tomake way for another cop or reality show?
    If you think a goofy programing schedule is the way to run
    Your network, rock out….guess I’ll wait for STARZ or another
    Cable provider to pick it up…oh maybe even Netflix
    as Ive heard they are getting into the game…later peacock!
    Rock out NBC, stay to your model and watch it go
    The way of the dinasour!

  14. jennifer says

    First of all, I think the fans comparing ”the event” to ”lost”- mean in the sense of having many mysteries & those type of things, of course we know they are not on an island,but, there are some similarities in terms of the feeling of the show. Second of all,once again, nbc does everything they can to destroy a wonderful program! How the f*** do you remove a first year program for four months?! I mean come on! I am sure the loyal,hardcore fans returned after that ridiculous hiatus,but,the casual fans did not.Remember all of the promoting this show received 4 its’ fall premiere-yet-if you blinked,you wouldn’t even know it returned in March,because they hardly advertised its’ return. These so-called tv executives need to realize that most people-including myself-watch tv programs later on-not when they 1st. air. Guess what? The vast majority of us DO NOT have a nielsen ratings box.Do any of you fans know anyone who has one? If nbc counted ALL the fans who watch ”the event” on the internet, on demand,on tape, &, on tivo-I’m sure the #’s would be f***in impressive! ”The event” got so much better after that ”hiatus break from hell”. The writers on this show really stepped up in a big way. Yes,there may be a few flaws here & there,but, who cares! “The event” requires you to think, & , the fans who don’t watch it are too busy watching those godawful reality shows. It is unbelievable to me: with all of the crap on tv nowadays- why the f*** won’t they make room for a wonderful program such as “the event”? It is no wonder nbc basically trails every other network-even the spanish stations- to me nbc must stand for: “never be contenders”. “THE EVENT DESERVED BETTER THAN THIS FROM NBC”!!! Another thing: I AM NOT interested in the apprentice,bachelor,bachelorette,american idol,xyz factor,real fake housewives,america’s got no talent,dancing with so-called stars,the voice,minute to win it, amazing race,survivor,or,biggest loser.FACT IS:NBC IS THE BIGGEST LOSER!Thank you

  15. Maurice says

    NBC what the heck man!! This was the only show that I would watch on regular TV because I am spoiled on HBO and SHOWTIME and your going to cancel it. There is no reason to cancel it. Even the last episode was awsome. I could see if the story didn’t go anywhere, but this show had everything. Why? Explain yourself. Im am so pissed.

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