The LA Complex: Cancelled But Season Three Still Possible

la complex tv show canceledBell Media has reportedly cancelled The LA Complex after two seasons on the air. The low-rated drama may see a third season on The CW however.

The LA Complex revolves around a diverse group of performers who are trying to make it in Hollywood while living in the same apartment complex. The ensemble cast includes Andra Fuller, Benjamin Charles Watson, Cassie Steele, Chelan Simmons, Ennis Esmer, Jewel Staite, Joe Dinicol, and Jonathan Patrick Moore.

Six episodes were ordered for the first season and then, before they had aired here in the States, Bell ordered a second season of 13 episodes. According to THR, the ratings for season two were down in Canada so the broadcaster has opted not to order any more.

“Unfortunately the performance of the show was not strong enough for Much to be able to order another season,” said Vice-President, Communications for Bell Media Scott Henderson.

The CW is apparently still considering a third season of LA Complex and is having discussions with Epitome Pictures about continuing the show. Based on LA Complex’s poor ratings on The CW, a new deal doesn’t sound very realistic but you never know. We’ll keep you posted.

During the summer, CW President Mark Pedowitz said, “We’re actually big fans of the show… The show actually does really well for us digitally and in the social media space… There’s a sense of reality of what it’s like to try to make it in the Hollywood area in the entertainment industry; [Creator] Marty Gero is just fantastic. I hope to be in business with him for a long time.”

What do you think? Should The CW order season three of The LA Complex?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Michelle says

    Please bring back the show! Its the one show that I actually looked forward to watching every week. Plus the last show that aired left so many things left unfinished it left us hanging!

  2. RichardWilliams says

    Please bring the show back!!! This show was better than sex on a stick! Great story lines! Amazon acting! I can’t take another bad girls, basket ball, real house hookers of any city or state! This show had substance! This show for my areolias perky!! I am shocked at the ratings bein low because let me tell you, I damn near failed a few semesters watching this show…. It had to make tough decisions either school or LA complex episodes, and I did what any respectable college student would do!!… I choose the episodes… Don’t make my judgements to not study hard go in vain!! Mr president of CW. Networks, please bring this show back, you do not know how many baby seals you will be saving by ordering another 2 or 3 seasons!!!

  3. says

    This show was fantastic and out-of-the-box. I felt like I was watching the “real” struggles of Hollywood artisits that we do not get to see. All the charcters did a phenomenal job. Please bring all of the cast members back for another season.

  4. Bill Campbell says

    I was able to just see two episodes before the end. I’ve been looking for the show ever since! I just found out today that the show was dropped. Shame! I really enjoyed what I saw. Good acting; good story lines! To me, it seemed a very important piece of work for many reasons. I know the ratings were down, but, this kind of program takes awhile to catch on. PLEASE BRING IT BACK, OR SEE IF OWN OR TVONE WOULD TAKE IT.

  5. Marty says

    This show is the best! It’s so full of drama & excitement! I have people I know in Florida hooked & I live in Pennsylvania! Please bring this back on !!!

  6. Wil says

    They really need to bring this show back for a third season… soooo good!!! Kal & Tariq are so perfect for each other…..please bring this show back……please!!!!!

    • stephanie says

      I think they should bring the show back!!! It was a really good show, was looking forward to the new season! They took ringer off. That was a good show also!

  7. TruFan says

    I hope LA Complex comes back with season 3, 4, and 5. I recently ran across the series and REALLY enjoyed it. I found myself watch multiple episodes back to back. I never knew this show was airing. I am not a huge tv watcher, but this is one of those shows I would definitely make time more. It was well written and and nice blend of actors!

  8. says

    Who cares about ratings!This show is one that I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.We have NEVER seen two black gay guys on television. Making out.This show give you the behind the scenes of reality shows,the reality that there are gay rappers, and how there are children raising children. I really do believe if the world see season three, the L.A. Complex fever will catch!!

  9. Af says

    They have to renew this show for another season! I wish a bigger network would pick it up so people would actually KNOW about it!! I only ended up watching it when I found it on iTunes and now I’ve watched them all obsessively. It’s a great show!!

  10. RedButterflySix says

    I love this show! LA Complex is the type of show everyone can relate to because the characters, are interesting and realistic. Each week I looked forward to watching this show and even turned others onto it. I know a ‘Kaldrick King’ and ‘Abby’….it’s like watching people I know with way more drama. So, if this show is cancelled, I believe its full potential as a great show will never be realized and those of us who enjoyed the show will be left empty handed. CW, please work out a deal to keep this show going!

  11. Jonathan says

    Bring the show back. Can’t Canada have something to enjoy the US doesn’t care to watch.

    This show is awesome and by the way it was one of the best 1 hour program shows ever.

    The thing that I thought made the show so great was that there was several different situations going on in the show. They would go back and forth between everyone.

    At least in my opinion if you want to cancel the show think again I think they better put a series finale at least. This sucks.

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