The Mob Doctor: Cancelled FOX Show Coming to DVD

Mob Doctor canceled TV show  on DVDTonight marks the series finale of The Mob Doctor on FOX. While there won’t be any new episodes of the cancelled FOX series, fans of the show may be happy to learn that the TV series is being released on DVD.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has scheduled “The Mob Doctor – The Complete Series” for a March 12th release date. The three-disc set will sell for $35.99 and includes closed captions on all 13 episodes. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any extras or commentary to indicate what might have been had the network ordered more episodes.

Amazon has it available for pre-order at a cost of $32.39 if you’re interested.

What do you think? Will you pick up the show on DVD? What extras do you wish were included on the set?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sue & Dave says

    I watched the show last night then rewatched it on Demand with my son tonight. I STILL can’t believe that FOX canceled this great show. I was excited when my son introduced me to it. Finally I had something worthwhile to watch. Now it’s gone????? Someone please explain to me why the networks make such stupid decisions!

  2. Martha says

    I told my husband the first time we watched this show and loved it that we had given it the kiss of death. Intelligence in a show seems to be a problem with the networks. I love this show!

  3. Nancy Penney says

    Why in the heck do they have to cancel every show I like? Cancel the stupid comedy ones that are so dumb a person with a brain cell wouldn’t watch them and leave The Mob Doctor alone.

  4. Harriet Corvino says

    Really pissed that this fabulous show was cancelled….looked forward to seeing it each week…..William Forsythe was fabulous as was the leading actress……please bring back…u have a lot more story plot left…think it over writers

    Harriet corvino

  5. elaine says

    Why did they cancel this show? Seems like the networks don’t understand what people really want to watch. Oh, guess they will show more cop shows, or “whodunit”. Terrible, I am so sad. I loved this show and William Forsythe was superb in this roll. BRING IT BACK, FOX!

  6. Pete Vee says

    Unbelievable, you guys at FOX made a bad move on this one !!!! This one of those shows that should have never been cancelled… GREAT SHOW !!!!!

  7. Laura says

    Last night’s episode is still running around in my head! I don’t know anyone who watched the series so I have no one to angst with about it’s ending. OMG what an ending! They really closed the show with a strong finality – don’t see how they could reopen it. It’s a shame I really enjoyed the show but I am so happy that Constantine (spoiler alert) got his and especially rewarding that Grace did it – she’s got balls!

  8. Shawn Simmons says

    I can’t believe they cancelled the Mob Doctor as this was one of my favorite shows. They did the same thing with Doll House but really screwed up the ending. Who is the idiot in charge of Fox? He/She has no clue what they are doing. I mean come on you got Glee on the air but cancel Mob Doctor, what the hell is wrong with you people? Please bring back my show!!!

    • Alan Ruiz says

      I know how you feel. I was sad to hear doll house was cancel and I thought , what the hell Fox !! And now Mob Doctor !? Why do you leave the stupid comedy show the Mindy project on air ? It’s not that funny. At least i can buy the DVD; a gem of a show that have short lived life.

  9. Lisa all says

    R U Kidding me this was a great show, just got my husband to watch with me and he even stayed up to watch it. Then you go and cancel it? Why??????????????????????

  10. Gary says

    Too bad. Don’t think they could have crammed anymore into the last show. Loved it. Dr. Grace will be missed. She was the Rambo of the medical profession. That was medicine the “Chicago way”.

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