The Mob Doctor: Cancelled FOX Show Coming to DVD

Mob Doctor canceled TV show  on DVDTonight marks the series finale of The Mob Doctor on FOX. While there won’t be any new episodes of the cancelled FOX series, fans of the show may be happy to learn that the TV series is being released on DVD.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has scheduled “The Mob Doctor – The Complete Series” for a March 12th release date. The three-disc set will sell for $35.99 and includes closed captions on all 13 episodes. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any extras or commentary to indicate what might have been had the network ordered more episodes.

Amazon has it available for pre-order at a cost of $32.39 if you’re interested.

What do you think? Will you pick up the show on DVD? What extras do you wish were included on the set?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Christine says

    How is it every show I get into Fox cancels. Come on Fox!!!! There are plenty of bad shows on Fox that should be concelled, but yet another good one bite the dust. Bad call, I think I change my channel.

  2. Ryan Bradley says

    Another show, another cancelled. I think I going to boycott all new shows coming from Fox, mostly because they are going to be cancelled within a season and not worth the investment. How Fox makes money is be on me.

  3. Jane says

    So tired of giving my time to watch these shows and become interested in the characters. I am about to give up on tv all together!! Tired of shows being cancelled.

  4. MARY says

    I am so sorry to see this excellent series cancelled – hopefully you are not going to make room for more 1/2 hour sitcoms. We already have enough of those. PLEASE LEAVE THIS ONE ONE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  5. Vicki Armstrong says

    I love this show. Can’t believe people watch stupid reality shows and this fails. Real Housewives, the Bachelor, Big Brother etc, etc. – guess people would rather be voyeurs and watch stupid fake crap.

  6. Stacy says

    I cannot believe that Mob Doctor has been cancelled. Why is it that just when I get to like a show some network dummy decides to cancel it all together. Who cares about reality tv shows? Oh wait 25 year olds… please… I say leave shows on for the 30 plus age group that enjoys a good show and could care less about stupid reality tv.

  7. melissa says

    Are you freakin kidding me??!! I am about to just cut FOX out of my channels to watch. Every time I get into a really great show with a really great cast you m@#$%%^f%^^&*& cancel it! Terra Nova was a great one too. All the stupid reality shows run for freakin ever….. FOX—– YOU SUCK!!

  8. Summer says

    Fox has lost a viewer. Not many good shows on anymore and they just cancelled one of the best ones. They should at least give it one more season.

  9. Anonymous says

    This just Pisses me off! It’s a great show and so was Terra nova. I’m gonna stop watching fox if they keep canceling such great shows!!!

  10. Darlene says

    Why is this show being canceled? It’s a great show. It’s suspenseful. I love the actors. What can we do to keep this show on the air?

  11. says

    I was finally on winter break from college to actually watch something. Seen Mob Doctor on television commercials but never had a chance to watch it until now. I watch all 13 episodes to find out online that it has already been cancelled? Fox finally has a great show and they screwed up big time!! Put it back on or at least give it to another channel. This could be a very big hit for your channel since Married with Children in the 80’s and 90’s. They wanted to cancel that too but someone had a brain in the company. Get rid of the jack asses that are working in the studio with some college educated people that actually watch television and know what the public likes! Mob Doctor was a great show and could have gone for years on television. You want to get rid of crap on television then start with the 1,000 cooking shows, reality shows, and talk shows!! That is crap like Maury and Springer with their paternity crap and the trash that come on there!!! Bring back a great 1-hour show that you can actually watch instead of a bunch of idiots cursing, fighting, and acting like the scum on your shoes!! Bring back Mob Doctor Now!!!

  12. Ticked off says

    There is finally a program worth watching on and guess what they cancel it,what is it with the people who run these stations,does everything on tv have to be a reality show,

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