The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Cast and Crew React to Cancellation

Nine Lives of Chloe King canceledABC Family has decided against ordering a second season of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, cancelling the freshman series. Fans are understandably upset that the cliffhangers won’t be resolved. Some of the cast and the writers have also expressed their disappointment and appreciation for all of the viewer support.

Skyler Samuels:
Fans of #NineLives I can’t thank u enough for all of ur support, though we r sad to see it end, we couldn’t have made it this far without u.

Chris Grismer: (“Chloe”)
Farewell to The Nine Lives Of Chloe King. One of the best experiences of my life. Thank you to all the fans and to everyone I worked with.

Ki Hong Lee: (“Paul”)
Dear #NineLives fans. You guys are still the best fans in the world. Thanks for the love week in and week out. I will always remember.

Benjamin Stone: (“Alek”)
So sorry to all the fans who put so much effort into supporting #Ninelives and tried so hard to get a Season two, you guys have been amazing
I will miss the show but most of all working with my cast mates everyday. They are all so wonderfully talented and made the show for me.

Andy Reaser (writer):
I can assure you all that abcfamily is just as upset as we are. They adore #ninelives and worked extremely hard to make it suceed.

Jesse Spears (writer assistant):
#ninelives canceled. Loved working with all of you: @AndyReaser @mslarry73 @GoldenGirlOlive @SkylerSamuels @kihonglee @Chrisgrismer and…
loved working with: @JaySins11 @BenJStone @grace_phipps and I guess @joshuamalek We’ll all work together again soon.
Oh and directors @norbuck and @junkyardj!!! If I left anyone out, it’s because I don’t love you. Just kidding… maybe

Norman Buckley (director):
Very sad about #theninelivesofcholeking! But a great group of people who will go onto other great things!

Chris Grismer (director):
Farewell to The Nine Lives Of Chloe King. One of the best experiences of my life. Thank you to all the fans and to everyone I worked with.
#ninelives has been cancelled. It was a great honor to work with everyone I did. I’m going to miss it. Thanks again to all the fans.

In answer to a fan question — “Well can u tell me was brian really dead?” — Grismer wrote, “He was always dead. The big reveal in Season 2 was going to be that he was a zombie. Actually, I don’t know that… just a guess.”

What do you think? What will you miss about Nine Lives?

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  1. shannon says

    I just devoured the show in two days on Netflix, freaking loved it! I so want Chloe and Alek to hook up! BUT, upon looking up season two info, I find it’s been cancelled, WTF! This show is awesome, I don’t see how they can justify cancelling it!

  2. Nine Lives Of Chloe says

    the show was overly loved here in the philippines y did they have to cancel it.,.its insane.,.ABC sucks!!! you guys go to hell.,.so now wat happened to brian? wat happened to alek and chloe? sucks.,.y do u have to cancel the show in the middle of it?? y dont you just end it clear?? wat the hell isrong with ABC??

  3. Annicia says

    It also doesn’t help that American Idol was at the same time as this show, I think that is something they should have looked at when scheduling the shows times. I hope that they can at least give the fans some closure!

  4. Annicia says

    I actually love Pretty Little Liars and the Lying Game, I understand Georga Being cancelled, but The Nine Lives of Chloe King? Really? I ultimately wish that they would bring back the show, but since I’m pretty sure that that decision is probably already made and the show is not coming back, I’m going to be more realistic and hope that they release a statement on what their hopes were for the next episodes, or let us know what they were planning on doing to resolve the season. If ABC Family wants to keep some of their fans I think that is something they should consider. It would also be nice to have an official statement from them explaining the situation, otherwise I think there is going to be an even longer list of dissapointed people.

  5. vickie says

    I am really upet that thi show has been canned!!! Really ABC Family what did you expect when you didn’t put effort into promoting the show. I can’t believe that you have kept a show like “The Secrete Life” with teen sexual partner swapping and glamming up having babies in high school; but yet you are going to cancel a show that keeps it clean with a lot of action and interest. I am very disappointed. At least give us an ending, why leave it this way unless you have put it on the shelf for a rainy day? I don’t agree with your decision, bad move on your part. Very Unhappy!!!!!

  6. chloe says

    They should at least post something telling us how everything ends what happens to zane and alec and jasmine and valintina and her mom.

  7. Trea says

    Well . . . frankly I’m pretty PISSED actually! This was my FAVORITE show ever! And it was CLEAN! Unlike all of the other ABCF shows out there, this one-incredibly-had much more to it then sex and murder. And, what the HECK! The Lying Game got even LOWER ratings than Nine Lives so why are they scratching it? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA! But I believe that some other station will pick it up. (So please start asking people to do it or put up a petition or something cuz I don’t know how) But, it’s not only our loss, ABCF lost some amazing actors and probably a LOT of their audience. I was so mad, that I began writing a ‘continued’ script. In my script (Summary): Brian dies, Alyec kills Zane, Chloe goes to Valentina’s to tell her she died, well, Valentina does too. Jasmine lives and eventually Chloe and Alyec get together. Later, they get married and they have a son which they name . . . Brian! TU-DA! If this was THAT easy for me, why can’t ABCF just write a quick “this is what WOULD have happened” skit? AT LEAST GIVE US A CLOSING!

  8. Anonymous says

    I really hate that ABC family cancelled this show. I love the story line and the cast. And to leave it on such a wonderful cliffhanger?! UGH! I mean they have other shows that need to be cancelled not this one Now we’ll never know what happen to them all. This just sucks massively!! Im just really upset. I hope to see the cast in other shows. But for now Im pissed!!

  9. JC says

    Outside of a few internet message boards, this show had no buzz and no name recognition. No other network is going to pick this show up. Stop torturing yourself by thinking this is even possible.

  10. Clare Cosper says

    I am really going to miss the show. Why is it when there is any interesting story and good acting, the “powers that be” decide that they will cancel the show? It might be a good show for SyFy to think of picking up, since they were dumb enough to cancel Eureka.

  11. says

    I’ll miss everything… Maybe CW will pick it up? Maybe we’ll get lucky and this will be renewed. I’m gunna miss this so much. My heart broke when I heard the news. As for the zombie part that would have been really cool and it made me smile. It was the first time all day. I wish all the cast and crew the best of luck.

  12. Kat says

    Ugh, this is so upsetting, though not entirely unexpected. ABC Family really screwed the pooch this time… this show had the potential to become this generation’s Buffy: the Vampire Slayer! It had a kick-ass attitude that positively gleamed with wonderful “girl power” — sure, some of the supporting cast members weren’t very interesting, but the overarching plot of one girl destined to unite her people, and the complexity of everything going on around her, and how she eventually lands on her feet to become a feline-esque messiah? What a great show! Still, at least I won’t have to put up with promos for Pretty Little Boring People anymore.

  13. says

    I’m just gonna miss like.. EVERYTHING!!
    They can’t keep doing this! Canceling shows in the middle of something! Just like with Hellcats!
    It’s just god damn screwed up! I was so looking forward to see what was gonna happen! Give us a end at least!
    I’m like practically exploding in anger, …
    This show means so much to me, I can’t even begin to describe.. but well.. there aren’t words for what I feel </3


    • David H says

      Minni I know the feeling I love Nine Life and Hellcats too.

      I’m extremely angry you follow a show every week, you make it part of your life and then without notice it’s gone.

      These people from the channels should provide us with some closer, they just can’t leave things like this and move on, that’s unacceptable and show no respect for us.

      I want to throw my TV out the window!!

    • Ross says

      The CW just brought Hellcats back last Tuesday — why do I mean this? Because Gossip Girl was pushed back after a stage fire and they didn’t have any plans to move up “One Tree Hill” to the fall.

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