The Playboy Club: Cast Reactions to NBC Cancellation

Playboy Club TV series cancellationThough The Playboy Club didn’t generate high enough ratings for NBC to keep the TV series on the air, millions of people were still tuning in each week and will surely miss the cancelled series. Those behind the scenes are going to miss it as well. Many connected with the show have taken to Twitter to share their disappointment about the cancellation and their appreciation for the viewer support they’ve received.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Bunny Janie): “I’m so moved by all of y’all messages that I decided to RT just a you all so much!” She later wrote, “Finishing out last episode, happy to be w/ some of my favorite people in the world. Everything happens for a reason..onwards and upwards :)”

David Krumhltz (Billy Rosen): “Your comments about The Playboy Club are touching. There was great stuff to come. Most shows die. Some before their time. I’ll miss Billy.” Earlier, he joked, “My show was cancelled today and this is how my cat feels about it:” Dewan-Tatum responded with, “ok that just made me laugh out loud for the first time all day. I love u krum krum”

Leah Renee (Bunny Alice): “Thank you all so much for your messages and love for TPC. I will keep you posted on where to catch the remaining episodes. Big hugs!”

Naturi Naughton (Bunny Brenda): “Thank u all…I see all ur tweets supportin #playboyclub.” She later wrote, “Up at 6:30am…still headin 2work. #playboyclub. ‘Work hard until the end'”

Wes Ramsey (Max the bartender): “Tough day… such talented and inspiring friends I’ve made… miss u all already!” To fans of the show, he wrote, “We all appreciate all the support we have had from the fans. We should have had more time…”

Sean Maher (Sean Beaseley): “Thanks for all the support. I am disappointed to say the least :(” He followed that up with, “For those of you who are asking why I’m disappointed- The Playboy Club was cancelled today. Going to miss it tremendously.” And then, “To the remarkable cast and crew. Miss all of you already.”

Riley Smith (Wade, guest in two episodes); “Fun while it lasted. My thoughts go out to all the wonderful people that were apart of making #theplayboyclub daily.”

Chad Hodge (the show’s creator and executive producer): “Was about to start writing xmas episode where Benanti rides out on a snowflake singing ‘Santa Baby’ – all I ever wanted for #playboyclub”

Hugh Hefner (founder of Playboy Enterprises): “I’m sorry NBC’s “The Playboy Club” didn’t find it’s audience. It should have been on cable, aimed at a more adult audience.”

What do you think? Will you miss the show as well? What did you like or dislike about The Playboy Club?

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  1. Linsey says

    Correction to some things…my iPad has a mind of it’s own sometimes. Second second shouldn’t have such a very and last sentence isn’t heat meant to say what ….but anyways will say again boo to whoever cancelled the playboy club… Really good show ! Loved it. Lol

  2. Linsey says

    I’m 23 and loved the playboy club…was such a very historic show. I was a fan of the girls next door and hugh hefner. Thought the show was a great was to see history, how the playboy clubs started and how times changed. Great characters and writing. They didn’t even give it a chance. And that is very disappointing. They could have at least finished a season. With all the shows on tv now a days it takes a while for things to pick up sometimes. But 5 million viewers is good if you ask me so i don’t understand this decision. I was just getting into the storyline and the characters and was telling many people to watch it as well. Right after the third episode my mom and I looked at each other and said heat a good show :( not impressed with whoever cancelled it ! Boo

  3. diane says

    finally a really good nostalgic show that wasn’t a bunch of violence, and inane idiots . A good story line….but no..lets give way to the sick reality shows with people the IQ of an lobotomized ant. queue up the canned laughter and the hollywood special effects. Is that really what America wants day in and day out.
    give me a break already!

  4. RB says

    I miss my bunny amber heard already I just saw the last episode and afraid what was going to happen to her in the mobster’s car. Good luck crew. You guys were doing great in my book. Hope to see you soon on another channel.

  5. wizarddrummer says

    It’s just another classic example of our new immediate gratification culture that the corporate next quarter profits dictates.

    If a show doesn’t get numbers in the first three episodes then we kill it; regardless if it has potential.

    I thought the show was great! Better than most of the shows that are on the air!

    Excellent music, great writing, great production, great cinematography, great set design, great character development, great storyline, great acting, great cast and great overall entertainment.

    Great Going NBC! (compliment) For the 3 shows we did get to watch.

    Great Going NBC! (sarcasm) For canceling the show.

  6. Ashley says

    They need to Get did of whitney and up all night, those are two stupid shows.. i dont understand Why people wanted it canceled for, it came on at ten pm, shouldnt their kids be in bed by then? Or at least going to bed by then? Newsflash! Your kids see hear learn worse Things at school!! I thought it was a Nice clean show. Just goes to show you How people dont have the common sense they should have…

  7. JoAnn says

    Really upset. It was a good show–loved the actors, story line–everything about it. I guess if Whitney and the Office (stupid shows) are still on–was it too good for NBC?

  8. Kiki says

    This should have never been scheduled opposite MNF. I just found the show and now its gone ! Loved Naturi Naughton and her character. Hope to see you guys on CABLE ! Don’t give up !

  9. Sandra Deutch says

    Nooooo! The Playboy Club is a stylish slice of the 1960’s– cancelled for… what? to make more room for Whitney?? What’s going on?? We can only hope the cable networks find it!!

  10. Lisa says

    I am truly sad to say ….that I cant believe that the network cancel this new show!! I had it TIVO and this happens!! I sure wish they would have left it on long enough to get a greater view of the show!
    Why do these exec’s do this to up and coming shows …. I am very disappointed to say the least.! I guess that they think they will find something else for that time slot – and I can say well guess what !! I certainly WILL NOT be watching its replacement!
    A great show wasted! And the actors were outstanding!

  11. marcia says

    Great story line, interesting characters, the writing made you feel for the characters, they drew you in, made you care about them.
    So sorry to see it go, will it go to cable?

  12. m. coxey says

    I really enjoyed the show.. im bummed!! I really felt connections with alot of the wasn’t dirty or raunchy. I thought maybe it would be .. wasn’t at all what I expected!

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