ThunderCats: Has the New TV Series Been Cancelled?

New ThunderCats canceled on Cartoon Network?Though there hasn’t been any official word, it looks like the new ThunderCats animated series has been cancelled.

A reboot of the 1980s ThunderCats TV show, the new series debuted on Cartoon Network last July with the first of 26 installments. The season was broken up into two parts and the finale aired this past Saturday. There’s been no word of plans for a second season.

What’s more, Cartoon Network announced their plans for the 2012-13 season and ThunderCats was noticeably absent from their list of returning series.

Matthew Mercer is the voice actor for Tygra. His girlfriend is actress Mirisha Ray and she believes that the show has been cancelled so she’s started a website to rally support.

While ThunderCats hasn’t been officially cancelled yet, the signs certainly don’t look positive. When/if we hear something definitive, we’ll be sure to let you know.

What do you think? Has ThunderCats been cancelled or will the show return for a second season? If it has ended, will you miss the series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Wildkat says

    Man I really can’t believe how CN can hire Lamemo,Moronic, Fools to be the Cartoon Execs picking shows for our children that need to be in the dumpster. Shows like,Adventure Time,Regular Show,Level Up,and The Annoying Orange. These shows are mindless clones of one another by far for Television Execs to fill only their wallets and totally waste our time and the times of our children and not in a good way.These show are bad attempts at humor and low brow humor for shows that have already been done in the 90’s that were successful.I have three children who can not stand the shows I stated above but absolutely love the new THUNDERCATS series so I speak from personal experience.I grew up with the old THUNDERCATS and absolutely love the new one as well I am 30 years old and proud to call myself a FANGIRL! THUNDERCATS needs a proper ending SO BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. snarf says

    I am the father of an 11 year old son. In my time i had my Thundercats wich i realy realy loved a lot and wich i have been watching till the series finale, a finale wich was a real finale!
    Now my son is watchin the new thundercats wich he realy realy loves and i see the dissapointment in his eyes when i need to tell him there maybe will not be a new 3 season, i realy hope there will come another season one with a real finale not like this!!!
    Common make another season one that children gives there answers to a lot of questions that are open now.

  3. Anonymous says

    I really liked this show, growing up with the original series, i resisted this one at first. I never, thought id say this, but…this show is as awsome! I feel it matches (and is even better) then the original!!! The original series was wonderfull, but it is 2012 not 1985, the show needed updated. I loved the more “adult” approach-especailly tne new mutants, ssslithe, monkien and jacklemon are acctually a threat, they are bad a@@, and even creepy. If this is the end, its been a fun ride :-)

  4. Matt says

    I want it renewed, This version of Thundercats is great, I love it, I am 31 and I still watch it. They cannot cancel it now. I want more. I just do not like how CN ends good shows so much. They cannot do this. I would like to see the show renewed so we can have a good end to the series the proper way.

  5. bradley ricket says

    this is a great show. ive watched it sence i was a kid. this series just braught it all back. we need to bring it back. people and kids crave this kind of cartoon. theres to many bad cartoons we need the thundercats bad!

  6. Dave says

    I hope it hasn’t been canceled.Most of what’s on CN is Crap.Thundercats and Star Wars the Clone Wars were the Two Shows that were accualy good Quality.From what I hear,Clone Wars is in it’s fifth and final season.If CN is going to cancel any show,it should be something like Annoying Orange.

  7. David D. Haynes II says

    The problem is when good shows go away we just accept it. What we need to do is begin a petition to keep the show on and send it through facebook. He-man cancelled… Thundercats… cancelled. Young Justice is next and the Avengers. This just doesn’t make any sense.

  8. says

    I must say that i am truley let down tat this show has not been renewed. It was a great rendition of what i remember the 80’s versionto be . My kids loved it when we all sat together to whatch this show. As far as the toy line goes I kinda feel like that was a fault of their own . Only one of our local stores carried the merchandise and it was so limited. If you compared it to the rest of the toys or franchises like marvel, dc ,ect. it was almost hid in the mix . I can remember the old toy line very well . I think at one time that I must have had all of the action figures. I am not a marketing expert but i do know if you want a product to sale you have to make it stand out and be seen. Just sayin, they show was much better than the attempt to sale the products on a local level…….

  9. Braveliver says

    Ok. This just shows what morons Cartoon Execs are. We have shows like “Level Up” being renewed, come on, its not even a fracken cartoon for goodness sakes, and they cancel one of their highest rated shows next to adventure time? That with Disney’s rape of Spider Man (really, Venom is a derivative of Peter Parker’s DNA? What crap is that?) is just proof that execs should step aside and let the fan-boys make the decisions from now on. Though I will say that Young Justice and Avengers are excellent, and both were renewed though only Young Justice is on CN, and Tron is looking good, but Thundercats should have never been cancelled. I saw the writing on the wall that CN execs were idiots when they moved it to Saturday morning, in an attempt I believe to kill the show so they could save their precious “Level Up” and “Hole in the Wall.” I feel that CN hates their viewers or else they wouldn’t cancel all their good shows and keep dumping their trash into our living rooms. Oh well, Guess I just have to be happy Dr. Who is finally back on the air.

  10. LauM says

    Thundercats is one of the BEST cartoon shows ever on Cartoon Network and I simply LOVE it. I will miss it definitely. They should work on season 2. This show has a lot to reveal.

  11. David Bergman says

    I liked the 80s Thundercats and I really liked the 2011 Thundercats . I watched every episode and now I’m very disappointed that it is over (VERY) . As far as I’m concerned , it was as good as it gets !!! But then again I liked Tera Nova and The Good Guys . Watched every episode of each as well …

  12. Kristina says

    I think people forget the time period when each series came out and that causes most of the hatred for one version over the other. The 80s were more groundbreaking in violence was beginning to be placed into cartoons. Some countries actually edited out portions when Panthro had his nunchucks out. Then, they were looking for heroes and role models for YOUNG kids to aspire up to, so they were up to each lessons the young audience would understand. Today’s version was looking at an older audience in a world where violence was more than acceptable in kids’ shows and could play more with an extended plot as well as more in-depth looks at character development.

    That being said, I definitely prefer the 80s version because it is a nostalgic trip for me since I was the right age to watch (and were those childhood heroes). The new series disappoints me in some aspects because I see the differences. This shouldn’t detract from how AMAZING the series is on its own; you can’t compare the two because of the 30 years difference in standards acceptable for cartoons. I kinda wish that instead of using the same ThunderCats, they had created new ones; that could have been really neat. Some of the plot twists really rub me the wrong way, but look at the continuing story arcs; I love that. I love the more adult level for the cartoon, but maybe that’s because I get to enjoy cartoons as an adult. In a time where cartoon shows are being made 10-12 minutes because kids can’t hold an attention span or ones where I feel like my hypothetical children would lose brain cells watching (we needn’t name names), it was exciting that they had the episodes run the 20-someodd minutes in the half hour time frame that did teach some valuable lessons rather than meaningless babble.

    You bet I’ll still pick up the final DVD for the season if they don’t yank it from production so I have the set. If no one picks the series up and fans attempt to continue it, I would be willing to contribute whatever way I could, at least to conclude the cliffhangers. You should see some of the amazing fan made stuff out there on YouTube. Pity this series was hinged on toy sales rather than the show itself; that was the flaw. Young kids are most likely to want the toys and gearing a show more toward adolescents (at least that’s what it appeared to me) aren’t going to draw the $ from toys and paraphernalia.

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