Trauma: Painful Ratings; Cancel It or Keep It?

TraumaMonday night, NBC premiered its second new medical drama of the season. So how did Trauma do? Will it survive the ratings war or, like so many other shows, is it dead on arrival?

Trauma follows the complicated lives of a group of brave paramedics from San Francisco. The action drama stars Derek Luke, Cliff Curtis, Anastasia Griffith, Kevin Rankin, Aimee Garcia, Billy Lush, Jamey Sheridan, and Taylor Kinney.

The show debuted on Monday night in Heroes’ 9pm timeslot. At one point, Heroes could hold its own at 9pm on Mondays but those days are long gone. The peacock network is hoping that Trauma can take over. The numbers don’t seem to be panning out that way unfortunately.

Should Trauma be cancelled?

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Trauma had a poor start and ended up in a poor fourth place for the timeslot, in both total viewers and the coveted demographic. An average of 6.92 million people watched with only a 2.3/5 rating/share. There wasn’t a huge drop-off between the first and second half hour but, considering the typical second episode decline, next week isn’t likely to be pretty.

NBC tried to put a positive spin on the numbers, saying that the Trauma premiere generated the network’s biggest audience in the timeslot since April 13th. While they’re trying to make the debut numbers sound positive, it actually shows how troubled the network is.

TV show supportConsidering all of the tough competition on television these days, Trauma’s story isn’t likely to continue for very long. Based on economics, NBC will probably air all 13 episodes. But, unless Trauma gets an infusion of new blood (read: viewers) very soon, that’ll be the end of it.

What do you think? Is Trauma worth watching or should NBC pull the plug and cancel it now?

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  1. says

    I must be in the minority. But I think a quality show like Trauma should kept on the air. There’s other crap that should be dropped.Get rid of Survivor and the Biggest loser.

  2. Deb says



  3. David says

    I am a paramedic and have and have been for over 20 years.I have to admit that at times this show gets a little …..well…hokey? But all and all I love it! Its the only show I watch. This show is a breath of fresh air. If you cancel it I guess I will just stop watching T.V. again like usual. Dont cancel it! Woody

  4. says

    do not cancell trauma i am a medic and it is the only show that show this profession as real as it is. it is the only show that i watch the other medical show suck.

    • debbie says

      This show is REAL LIFE….I see this everyday in my line of work. Nothing is more rewarding than saving someones life. Trauma needs to come back, don’t cancel it.

  5. Donna says

    you know what i am so tired of getting into a tv show and then out of now where its gone. The people who say that TRAUMA sucks needes to get a life. This is the best show ever this show is the best. Everytime i watch it , it leaves me wanting more one hour just is not long enough. But its a hell of alot better than nothing. This show needs to be put back on. I know this show will be the best and how can you base it off of ten shows. If this show does not come back on nbc will loose a lot of money and then hopefully another channel can pick it up and make bank with it. This show needs to be put back on. You can not leave people hanging like this. WE WANT MORE AND MORE.

  6. AshleyMarie says

    I love trauma, i think its different from all the other shows out there.
    Trauma is awesome. i dont think they should freakin’ cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. CAROL says

    Way to go NBC cancel another great show. I love TRAUMA. (& HEROES by the way). Have never missed an episode. I can’t get in to Mercy…to slow moving for me. That’s what I hate about NBC start a great show & never give it a chance. Same thing happened to me with JOURNEYMAN. Get the other junk off the station I mean really the Thurs nite line up sucks for NBC…NEVER watch any of those shows…I’m a ABC/FOX person on Thurs nights.

  8. says

    KEEP TRAUMA! SF NEEDS THIS AND WE NEED TRAUMA TV SERIES!!! GREAT comeback since “Emergency!” The new one! Cali style. Shave Taylor’s face though. we have bbp issues and don on PPE to protect ourselves, we cannot have beards however light to block the seal. SHAVE handsome boy. Keep it real! We love trauma and all the shows, people, WAKE UP, we need Trauma to stay in SF! Keep the love, keep our economy and many of their jobs too! Let NBC KNOW by going to their website and writing them!
    LET THEM KNOW and tune your TV’s and computers to “TRAUMA!”…

  9. Jeremiah says

    It is kind of hard for me to start watching new shows because every time I find on I like it gets canceled like Southland and The Unusuals and many others. The networks need to just stick with shows that are good but maybe not having a great start because people will come around when they see it’s going to last. How many shows have been on tv guides best shows u are not watching and end up becoming hits and that’s because they gave people time to get to see it maybe during replays when the shows they are watching are old. With trauma they talk about ages 18-whatever age ratings and lets put it up against WWE Raw and the CBS line up smart move. I plus networks need to stop moving shows to different time slots so people loose the shows because its on at a different time and it was off for a week or two they need to realize people are busy and have a lot going on it is hard to keep track of all the changing they do. How many Fox shows did people forget about because of the World Series they watch a show on Fox but the games were on so they go to a different channel and get interested in a new show there and forget about a new show on Fox that has been on a few weeks and its just bad.

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