ABC Pulls Help Me Help You Sitcom: TV Series Finale Podcast #15

Ted Danson in Help Me Help YouABC says goodbye to group therapy as it cancels Ted Danson and the Help Me Help You Tuesday night sitcom. Did the network really give the series a chance? What’s going to take its place? Stay tuned!

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Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. MIra says

    I’m seeing this show for the first time here in Sweden and think it is FANTASTIC !
    “Help Me, Help You” is BOTH funny and profound.
    This is rare.
    I fail to understand why it was pulled, unless of course the USA was not yet ready for a quality programme since T.V. is full of ” junk food viewing ” trash and violence to please a ” programmable audience “.

  2. Jordan says

    I don’t understand why they had to pull this show. This was one of the funniest shows ever, and tv has really sucked lately. This is why I have until late, given up on tv. Then this show came along and I was excited again about tv. But ofcourse they had to pull it. Stupid corporate bull$%*%.

  3. TOM CATE says

    I’m absolutely amazed that the person or people who decided to pull “Help Me Help You” didn’t look at the incredible success that Mr. Danson had on “Becker.” Or if they did they must not have thought that as telling an indicator as it is. The supporting characters on the show were funny too but “Becker’s” reaction to situations, his personality, his interaction with the other characters and the world was world-class humor. Considering that this show went on for five great years like I say I’m amazed that whoever pulled the plug didn’t see what all that meant. ANY show takes time to get going. When an actor or actress (and not just a supporting one-the MAIN one) comes to you or you hire/him her for a show who’s just come from another one that’s lasted and lasted and gotten Emmy nominations and has pleased the world you don’t just say, “Oh, well, naaahhh it’s taking too long to build up an audience” or “on second thought, it’s not right” after a mere three weeks and throw it away like trash. That shows weak thinking and inexcusable and self-destructive short-sightedness and impatience.

  4. K. says

    This show was really funny. It just needed more time and episodes to let people learn about it.
    Too bad it wasn’t given a chance.

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