V: Great Debut Ratings But Will They Last? Cancel or Keep It?

V cancel or keepThe “visitors” are back — with a vengeance. ABC’s remake of V, the NBC mini-series and show of the same name, kicked off (and kicked butt) last night. The numbers look really good but, most importantly, will they last.

The current incarnation of V begins as spaceships appear in the skies over 29 international cities and a benevolent leader, Anna (Morena Baccarin), tells the people of Earth that they come in peace. Several humans doubt the aliens’ sincerity and FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) learns that the aliens have been among us for years, infiltrating governments and businesses. The series also stars Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Lourdes Benedicto, Laura Vandervoort, and Scott Wolf.

The new V pilot has gotten some mixed reviews but any negativity didn’t seem to discourage TV viewers from giving the show a try. Last night, the premiere scored the highest premiere ratings of the 2009-10 season. V averaged 14.3 million viewers and managed a 5.2/14 rating/share, beating out NCIS in the demo.

But, will it last?

As you may have heard, there’s been quite a bit of backstage upheaval. Series production was put on hold after four episodes so that producers could work on improving the scripts and realign them with the pilot. Not a good sign.

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ABC later announced that the first season would be split into two parts. Four episodes will air in November and the rest will start airing after the Olympics in March 2010. The network claimed that this was being done to promote the series as more of an “event.”

Yesterday, it was reported that Scott Peters had been replaced by Scott Rosenbaum as showrunner on the series. Writer/executive producer Jeffrey Bell, who’d originally been brought in to be the post-pilot showrunner, is expected to leave the show altogether.

TV show supportBased on last night’s ratings, viewers seemed to like what they saw and stuck with it since viewership grew as the hour progressed. Based on that, the audience looks ready for more but it remains to be seen if the show will be able to meet their expectations.

What do you think? Do you like this new version? Will you tune in next week? Is ABC’s strategy of breaking up the season a good idea or will it kill any ratings momentum (ala Heroes, season one)? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. Eric George says

    i want you to keep the new V show on TV im share evernyone that waych the show from the begin would be very happy if you keep running he show even me i watch the one one and even like he new one so dont cancel it or i will be very sdad so begin it back and let me know when in my e-mail so i will know when i reurns

  2. Wayne Snyder says

    What is this about cancelling V!!! I take two season investing MY time to watch this programs and now you talk about dropping V. You need to resolve some of the issues with a special or some!!!!! Help the viewers!

  3. Networks r becoming cancel crazy says

    Perhaps Networks make more money off the SPONSORS by airing so many new shows. Notice, about ever 4 months they are airing lots of new shows, then, being canceled shortly after. Then they repeating this process. Perhaps is just a diversion, to keep us confused. hoping we want notice most of the show, they want be coming back. Then giving us some bs about Neilsen rating. The new shows also have low a ratings, so they r canceled. Hum, something smell in the air! I found they are not discriminate on which type of show I’m watching, rather it to be Sitcoms, Drama or Fiction, The show I’m watching, is in crisis or its, r already gone. I notice the Networks have more Reality shows, Adult Cartoons, Game&Talk Shows & shoveling these type of shows down our throats. Keeping lower budgets shows, cancel series show. Not all the time but “Sometimes” they bring a series show back, if , enough people protest the cancellation. Some or not coming back no matter how many of viewers complain. I wonder if its because the longer a series runs, the more valuable actor becomes. You know, 2 million is lot of money to pay an actor verses, low budget with the redneck writers and rehearsed drama, those so called, “Reality shows”. I only watch series show I’m so devastated to see so many new series shows being tossed. They don’t respect us enough to even give us wrap up. They just leave it hanging. They could do better. If they don’t want Series show, then turn them into mini series. At lease we know their not coming back.
    Hopefully they will bring Series type shows to the internet. If Entertainment like Series shows go to internet, it would replace TV, like TV did to Radio.

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