18 to Life: CBC TV Series Cancelled, No Season Three

18 to Life canceledLast Summer, The CW started running a sitcom they’d licensed from the CBC network in Canada, 18 to Life. It revolves around two teens (Stacey Farber and Michael Seater) who are best friends and neighbors. They spontaneously decide to get married and then stay that way, much to the bewilderment of their families and friends. Her parents are free spirits (Alain Goulem and Angela Asher) while his are uptight (Peter Keleghan and Ellen David) and the craziness goes from there.

While the series was very popular in Canada, it didn’t catch on here in the United States. The CW pulled it after just six low-rated episodes. The production company was told that The CW hadn’t cancelled the show and planned to relaunch the series in December. That never happened.

In Canada however, 18 to Life was popular enough to be renewed for a second season of 13 episodes. Those began running on CBC on January 3rd of this year. As the second season comes to a close, CBC has decided not to produce a third season, canceling the show. The 25th and final episode, “House of Cards,” airs next Monday.

On the 18 to Life Facebook page, series creators Karen Troubetzkoy and Derek Schreyer wrote, “We want to tell you personally how much we’ve loved writing for you and being part of this crazy little show… We’re very proud of this season and the work of our talented cast — who often startled us with their hilarious ad-libs and uncanny chemistry. We’re also amazed by you, our supporters, talented viewers and fans (who clearly have magnificent taste!). We love your enthusiasm and your comic strips (well, some of them!) and the cast and crew are thrilled that you’ve boosted our ratings to unexpected highs these last few weeks. So keep up the great work, and let’s go out with a bang!… We hope to see you again next week. And then in lazy summer reruns, perhaps on DVD, and of course we’ll always have Netflix…”

What do you think? Did you ever try watching 18 to Life? Will you miss it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. hypothesis says

    It is sure hard to find anything on television since all those cancellations
    Do You KNOW? How does the “Nielsen ratings system ” work?
    Anyone out here understand, in each situation, how do the rating system really works?
    Hypothetically situation,
    Old King Cobra watches News, Drama,sports ,playboy channels and he DVR “No Ordinary Family” to watch, next day with his children age 2,4, 10
    But 20 year old wife watches “No Ordinary Family” a week later, by herself. The Wife also gone during the day time because she was busy, running around, spending King Cobra’s money.
    So she, DVR’D her soaps but was home in time to watched bachelor and American Idol
    but DVR’D, Cougar Town. So which one is rated and how? Is DVR’S only counted if the wife watches. Kids 2,4 and 10 watches the DVR event, are they counted? Is a DVR event counted at all? Dose DVR’S event have a particular time in which day it is watched, to be counted?
    Is any DVR’S counted as much as live?
    Do people still watch live TV?
    Do they count 50 plus year old people as whole a count or do they have to have “100” of “50 plus” to count as “one”? 50 plus people counted at all? How many 50plus people dose it take to turn a light bulb?
    Was the Nielsen ratings system been around ever since radio days?
    Was the Nielsen ratings system base on a study, how people might have spent their money,
    back in The Great Depression days?
    Haven’t they found that Studies, like Nielsen ratings system often proved wrong, and way off
    base? People alone with the time has changed a great deal.
    Hasn’t technology changed along with People and spending since way back when?

    • mike1616 says

      In responce to “hypothesis May 24, 2011 at 10:13 am” and there rant about Ratings.
      It is quite simple to explain how modern ratings work;
      1; The network gives a program the Green Light to be produced.
      2; After a pilot is made and passes audiance approval, it’s 1st season is made.
      3; (now this is the important part) If it becomes really popular and looks like it might become a big hit, the studio executives cancel it as quickly as possible, even in the middle of the season if need be, so they can disapoint the general viewing public.
      See, isn’t that simple to understand, so the next time you see a studio executive don’t forget just how much they value there viewers and throw all the rotten fruit and veg you can find, squarley at there big dumb heads. :-)

  2. extinction says

    Is the Nielsen ratings system, truly understand and welcoming the convenience and its popularity of DVR’S events? With the importance of improving Nielsen ratings system are they considering DVR events of an individual. Wouldn’t it prove to be ,more accurate of its calculation then the Nielsen ratings system ? Do you think Nielsen ratings system calculates, in all the ways people view programs, like DVD’S,internet and even on cell phone? Is the Internet and DVD’S hurting, networks and causing rating, at its all time lowest ratings ever? Is mass cancellation the only avenue for the networks? Aren’t viewers still falling off the networks like fly? Will the networks ever realized in these las 10 years with over 300 canceling and still they can’t seem bring back mass viewer they once had before game boxes and interne and cell phones? Will networks ever realize how important it would be to keep, the ones of us, whom are still trying to hang on while Nielsen tornado wipe-out? With Series Show, about to go extinct ,dose that make Networks like the dinosaur?

  3. Andre Costa says

    Don’t cancel the show. It is the best series ever. one of the few good things in netflix.
    we watched all 25 episodes in one long weekend. it is so funny. We couldn’t stop watching.

  4. Murder says

    It’s amazing that the reviews from Canada and the US contradict themselves so much when we are so much alike (not so much politically). I feel the cancellation to this show was purely to the fault that the CW(US channel) dropped the show after only 6 episodes then said that they would relaunch the show in December. I think this is US killing the Canadian creativity. Soon as viewers in the states find out the show is Canadian they say “well it must suck now because it isn’t American.” That’s where we saw the ratings decline. I hate the American attitude “we are the best”. Its very much like the British’s outlook in the pre-war era. The USA may be very influential towards the world but I dont see why they have to be the model of the world. The USA is not cultured at all and people wonder how they can be so conceited and so self involved thinking the world revolves around Obama and the 50 states. It’s because they are so entrapped in the big box of america that they shut out the world and focus on themselves. Anything foreign to them is considered, weird and not accepted. They see race before people. Not the other way around which it should be. The USA commits creative murder towards the world because they have Hollywood doesn’t mean the world can’t be in it. The USA is too influential to the world.

  5. Jesse Desmond says

    Man! I’ll really miss this show. It was completely awesome, cancelling it is such a mistake.

  6. melissa says

    I love this show and will REALLY miss it. :( So hoping it would come back for a third season – and I live in the U.S. by the way, that’s how dedicated I am to watching it. My boyfriend and I enjoy watching it together. Not only is it extremely witty, but it’s witty with a unique storyline too – not to mention one of the more catchy theme songs of any show in awhile! I really like all the actors and enjoy seeing Stacey Farber and Michael Seater together since I really liked her on Degrassi and him on Life with Derek – but all of the actors have really great chemistry together. I don’t get how this wasn’t a hit. I wasn’t prepared for it to be cancelled so soon. PLEASE, don’t do this CBC. If there is a petition or something to sign please post it here, I will gladly do so. Thanks tvseriesfinale for at least posting this news and the quote from the creators.

  7. Jennifer Girard says

    Please please Please don’t cancel the show!!! I just watched both seasons in 2 days! I couldn’t get enough of it. I want to know what happens next! It simply can not be over! Please CBC find a way to un-cancel the show! It’s Monday nights only hope!

  8. Chiara says

    Awww!!! Just finished watching both seasons in a weekend I was looking forward to the third season! This sucks! CBC why’d you have to go and cancel it??? :'(

  9. ben says

    This sucks just started watching it. Watched both seasons in less than a week. CBC are a bunch of idiots they cancel this but make shows that are un watchable like Men With Brooms.

  10. allyssa says

    My boyfriend and I love 18 to life we are both sad that there will not be anymore episodes.
    If there is anyway to keep it going please try :(

  11. kate boyd says

    i love that show it is my second fave stacey farber and micheal seater are two of my fave actors. PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  12. Soniya says

    OMG!!!!!!!I loved the show sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!I have watched each & every single episodes via internet!!dont do this!!!!!!

  13. kassia says

    awww, no! I loved the show, and I was looking forward to another season! I just finished watching the 12th episode and loved it.

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