18 to Life: CBC TV Series Cancelled, No Season Three

18 to Life canceledLast Summer, The CW started running a sitcom they’d licensed from the CBC network in Canada, 18 to Life. It revolves around two teens (Stacey Farber and Michael Seater) who are best friends and neighbors. They spontaneously decide to get married and then stay that way, much to the bewilderment of their families and friends. Her parents are free spirits (Alain Goulem and Angela Asher) while his are uptight (Peter Keleghan and Ellen David) and the craziness goes from there.

While the series was very popular in Canada, it didn’t catch on here in the United States. The CW pulled it after just six low-rated episodes. The production company was told that The CW hadn’t cancelled the show and planned to relaunch the series in December. That never happened.

In Canada however, 18 to Life was popular enough to be renewed for a second season of 13 episodes. Those began running on CBC on January 3rd of this year. As the second season comes to a close, CBC has decided not to produce a third season, canceling the show. The 25th and final episode, “House of Cards,” airs next Monday.

On the 18 to Life Facebook page, series creators Karen Troubetzkoy and Derek Schreyer wrote, “We want to tell you personally how much we’ve loved writing for you and being part of this crazy little show… We’re very proud of this season and the work of our talented cast — who often startled us with their hilarious ad-libs and uncanny chemistry. We’re also amazed by you, our supporters, talented viewers and fans (who clearly have magnificent taste!). We love your enthusiasm and your comic strips (well, some of them!) and the cast and crew are thrilled that you’ve boosted our ratings to unexpected highs these last few weeks. So keep up the great work, and let’s go out with a bang!… We hope to see you again next week. And then in lazy summer reruns, perhaps on DVD, and of course we’ll always have Netflix…”

What do you think? Did you ever try watching 18 to Life? Will you miss it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Rachel says

    I wish this show wasn’t canceled! I watched both seasons on netflix in a matter of two days and absolutly fell in love with it! I would love for it to come back and make a season 3. Like someone else said, we will never know what happens with the families and what else is down the road for Tom and Jessie :(

  2. Ginny says

    OMG I just started this on Netflix and I have watched many shows and like I was happy to find it on Netflix. I wen’t to the CW and was like what happened to the show. I watched two seasons in two days. I never believed in true love until this show its amazing :( Please don’t cancel it guys…

  3. sammiiee says

    omg i love this show.. i hate it when they come out with good shows then just cancel them :( lol i wish this show keeped going :)

  4. alex boedigheimer says

    Greatest show ever. I know it is impossible but I wish somehow they find a way to get a season three!!! I love stacey farber!! haha this is coming from a dude she is hot!

  5. Shelby says

    i can not believe the show got cancelled. if they had advertised it alot more in the US i think alot of people would have watched it. the show is FANTASTIC and i dont know what i would do without this show. every time i get into an argument with my boyfriend im going think, what would Tom and Jessie do? love the show. wish it never ended <3

  6. Kyla says

    This show is great! Just started watxhing the first season on netflicks. I love canadian tv just wish it didnt end after season two. Guess ill habe to enjoy the 25 episodes i have! Love the cast!!

  7. mike1616 says

    I will miss this show, It seems that all the good shows get a run just long enough to become popular and then bang, they cancle it saying it wasn’t popular at all. In this time of world wide communications it still takes forever for shows to be aired away from there country of origen where they oftern become popular enough to justify the continuation of the show. But by the time they go to air in other countrys is’t too late, they have been cancled and nothing short of a masive campain will bring it back. To be exact, this has only ever happened once and they only made an extra 7 episodes and cancled it out right before they even whent to air. Do Tom and Jessie move out to there own home, do they have kids, dose Tom become a Cheif, what happens with the relasionship between there perants, we’ll never know and thats just a shame.
    18 to Life was a great show that the whole family could enjoy together and now it’s gone, it’ll be missed at my place.

  8. ashley says

    DONT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18 TO LIFE IS THE BEST SHOW ……………….. I LOVE IT DONT CANCLE IT …………… PLEASE

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