ABC Ratings Race: How’s Revenge Doing? Should ABC Have Renewed It?

Revenge season two ratingsLast May, Revenge was on the bubble and could have been cancelled. The ratings had fallen quite a bit over the course of the season and even hit a series low in May. ABC gambled and renewed it but was that the right decision?

It seems so. Revenge has been doing relatively well this season. It returned strong, to a 3.2 rating with 9.74 million viewers — the show’s best showing since its series premiere a year earlier. The numbers have come down since then but are still an improvement over Spring 2012. It’s currently the fourth-highest rated scripted series on the network.

Looking at the list below, it’s very doubtful that ABC will make a similar gamble with 666 Park Avenue or Last Resort.

What do you think? Was ABC wise to renew Revenge or did they just get lucky that its ratings have improved? Comment below.

Here are the season averages as of Thursday, November 8, 2012:

ABC Scripted
TV shows
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
Modern Family 4.8 (4.83) 12.38 season 4 ratings
Grey’s Anatomy 3.6 (3.58) 10.06 season 9 ratings
Once Upon a Time 3.4 (3.42) 10.09 season 2 ratings
Revenge 2.8 (2.77) 8.54 season 2 ratings
Suburgatory 2.7 (2.70) 7.20 season 2 ratings
The Middle 2.6 (2.60) 8.60 season 4 ratings
Malibu Country 2.3 (2.30) 9.13 season 1 ratings
The Neighbors 2.1 (2.14) 6.87 season 1 ratings
Nashville 2.1 (2.12) 6.80 season 1 ratings
Castle 2.1 (2.05) 10.54 season 4 ratings
Last Man Standing 2.0 (2.00) 8.07 season 2 ratings
Scandal 2.0 (1.98) 6.13 season 2 ratings
Last Resort 1.7 (1.68) 7.29 season 1 ratings
666 Park Avenue 1.7 (1.65) 5.02 season 1 ratings
Private Practice (last season) 1.6 (1.63) 5.76 season 6 ratings
Happy Endings 1.6 (1.60) 4.94 season 3 ratings
Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23 1.5 (1.45) 3.73 season 2 ratings
ABC non-scripted
TV shows
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
Dancing with the Stars 2.2 (2.24) 13.48 cycle 15 ratings
Dancing with the Stars (results) 2.1 (2.08) 12.41 cycle 15 ratings
Shark Tank 1.8 (1.83) 6.55 season 4 ratings
Primetime 1.5 (1.50) 4.72 season 24 ratings
America’s Funniest Home Videos 1.4 (1.44) 6.11 season 23 ratings
20/20 1.4 (1.43) 5.30 season 35 ratings

These charts incorporate the daily final ABC show ratings (reported by Nielsen) and are sorted by the 18-49 demographic. Network advertisers typically prize those viewers most and so will pay more to reach them. There’s lots of information that the networks take into consideration when cancelling or renewing a TV series but the ratings are the biggest factor. The higher the ratings, the better chance that the show will be renewed. And yes, they take it into account when a show airs on a Friday or Saturday night.

For the status of your favorite ABC shows, check out this page.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I do not watch TV much – but this show is the best one going! I can’t wait for the next episode week after week. I am looking forward to the next season’s episodes.

  2. Glenn says

    The bottom line no matter what shows are on, ratings fall continually because of mid season breaks. You want your shows to succeed. Stop mid season breaks because people will move on to other networks. You may also want to repeat episodes during the long break between the season finales and the new season so those who miss episodes can catch up. Remember the days when we had that chance. Well because of BS with networks focusing on money and not content. That’s the reason why those shows fail. Also it might be an idea to focus on original series rather than remakes and rip offs from earlier times. Very few shows actually make it except for perhaps the exception of CBS’s Hawaii-Five O (2010) which in its own right is a damn good series. Original series seem to work if given a chance. Now getting to the subject which what this link is about. Revenge is a hell of a good series as well as original for US television.

    Those of us that watch look forward to seeing what will happen to Amanda/ Emily and what she will do next. The show has been consistant as well as we’ve had the chance to see Amanda/ Emily grow as well as see her vulnerable side. The thing that will kill ratings will be interruptions of programming such as mid season breaks. Note to ABC execs: Stop the mid season breaks if you want the show to go past season 3. Congrats to the writing team as well as the cast of Revenge for getting a third season. Awesome show!!!

  3. Jon L. Hanson says

    Excellent Show – – Well Cast – –
    Interesting Plot Lines !!!

    Wish it did not Conflict with “The Good Wife”
    However, I watch “Revenge”

    ABC-7 has almost all the best shows on Television !!!

  4. says

    I LOVE Emily(Amanda) I love all the twist
    And turns. I pray nothing terrible happens to
    My sister and I renlly love this show, pls pls
    Don’t ever cancel this show. IT IS WONDERFUL

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