Alphas: Season Three Decision Expected This Week

Alphas TV show on SyfyThe waiting will soon be over for fans of Syfy’s Alphas TV series. At the TCA Winter Press Tour, BermanBraun co-founder Gail Berman told The Futon Critic that they expect to hear if Alphas has been cancelled or renewed this week.

The show completed its second season in October and averaged 1.3 million viewers. That’s down by 30% when compared to the first season (1.85 million).

A decision is also expected on the fate of Rewind, their Syfy pilot about “a team of military field operatives and civilian scientists who must use untested technology to travel back in time to alter events and change the future.”

BermanBraun produces Alphas, NBC’s Deception, and the recently announced Camp. The company was founded in 2007 by Berman and former ABC Entertainment chairman Lloyd Braun.

What do you think? Are you hoping that Alphas is renewed for a third season? Would you like to see Rewind become a weekly series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. RuddyP10 says

    Bring back the Alphas. This s one of the better sci-fi programs on television. Ending it in this does a disservice to your viewers. Bring it back, and end it properly.

  2. Kim says

    I’m hoping they renew Alphas. I’m tired of watching a show and getting used to the characters and then having them taken away. When they do that it makes me not even want to give a new show a chance because you feel it will happen all over again. I don’t want to just bounce around to different shows since the one I was looking at was cancelled. It’s a totally different show with different characters.

  3. Debo says

    YES! Do renew Alphas for Season 3. It is a great, smart, fun show and all the actors do a fine job making unusual characters spring to life. SYFY needs to have faith and push it a little more — look how Stargate took a few years to really take off in popularity. ALso we are in the middle of the story arc so NOT A TIME TO CANCEL – pleeeeaaase!!!

  4. says

    I sincerely hope that Syfy choose to continue Alphas as I believe it offers a combination of excellent story telling, a great production team, and a really good cast. I have to disclose that I am a fan of Summer Glau but the same is true for David Strathairn and the other members of the cast. Or at least, I have become a fan of all of them because of this excellent program.

    I found myself completely drawn into the story as the 2nd season progressed on and it can only get better with the cliff hanger they left it on.

  5. Paula says

    I have fingers, toes, legs & arms crossed that the powers that be decide to renew Alphas for another season. The second season finale was terrific (better that the first season in my opinion) and just left you hanging, waiting to see who survived & what will happen to their abilities.

  6. says

    Bring Alphas back. Many human characterizations were explored. Lots of food for thought, the definition of loyalty, the integration of different levels of development in humans. Lots of juice!

  7. Falina says

    I don’t watch a lot of TV or cable, but recently discovered Alphas through Netflix. I enjoyed season 1 so much I bought season 2 through Amazon. This is one of the few well produced and executed series from SyFy. The acting is believable, the cgi not over the top, and the plot line keeps you involved and interested. I truly hope SyFy renews for a third season or else they are throwing away another great show and opportunity. Best of luck to the cast & crew!

  8. Samara says

    I truly hope they choose to renew it! It gets better with every episode! Not to mention, the phenominal season finale was so great… I don’t want to have to deal with the “no answers, no conclusions” drama that comes from ending a show with a massive cliffhanger! I adore this show!

  9. Lucas Corso says

    Alphas became one of the best shows on television in its second season, marked by sophisticated and complex storytelling the likes of which most shows rarely attempt. I hope it returns. It was, by far, the best show on the Syfy. And it was one of the most challenging and rewarding programs on any network.

  10. Rebecca Hindle says

    Yes to be renewed season 2 was better than season 1 and a cliffhanger of a ending and it can go in many different directions that are exciting I watch it on Five* in UK its awesome and they can make money from it by selling internationally.
    if they don’t there getting one of my angery displeased emails you been warned syfy so renew it.

  11. Muldfeld says

    “Alphas” should definitely be renewed. It’s Syfy’s best show since BSG and this seasons was largely much better than the first. I love it. Syfy should perhaps try airing it earlier in the summer, rather than letting later episodes compete with bigger network shows for ratings.

  12. Kelsey says

    I would like to see Alphas renewed. It wouldn’t be fair for the series to end after how the season 2 finale ended. We need answers.

  13. Jason says

    I thought the latest season of Alphas was pretty bad. If that’s the quality of show I can expect in the future, I’m ok with it getting cancelled.

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