Everwood: Can We Save the WB Drama?

Everwood on the CW networkQuite honestly, it looks doubtful at this point but, if a show is popular enough, anything is possible. At one time, Everwood was on the CW’s fall schedule (as evidenced by this page from an earlier version of the CW’s webpage).

Though there are rumors running rampant on the Internet that the cast is in negotiations for the series to return as a mid-season replacement, it doesn’t look like this is true. The WB is promoting the two-hour “Foreverwood” episode as the series finale, the Everwood sets have been torn down and a source at the CW has said that there are no negotiations going on for a fifth season of the Treat Williams family drama.

Still, if enough people watch the final episode on June 5, 2006 then the fledgling CW network will have little choice but to stand up and take notice. The new network is beginning its first season in the fall and needs all the help it can get in establishing a strong schedule of television. If Everwood looks like a surefire way to attract droves of viewers and advertisers, I’m guessing they’ll renew the show.

How many people need to watch? Well, over seven million households watched the 7th Heaven finale and that show was quickly resurrected (and probably replaced Everwood on the schedule). Only 2.5 million households usually watch Everwood but, if the “Foreverwood” series finale episode can miraculously match or exceed 7th Heaven’s numbers, I’d say the chances are really strong that the CW would reexamine its fall schedule.

What can you do? If you love the show, call everyone you know and ask them to watch the series finale and stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Peggy Mason says

    Like a complete idiot, I have been watching “5” looking for Everwood.. a freind said look for it on the net.. only to discover that you have taken a family value- up to the minute show, off the air– and kept crap on.. I guess we should just tune in to 2, 4 or 7; all the major channels. After all thay are major channels for a reason- they know how to program– or they would be like channel 5– not quite a major.. your call .. your choice.. but in the end it is our choice , the consumer– and believe me when I say you will be the looser- as we will find another channel to watch. Love Gilmore Girls and Seventh Heaven- and Everwood after that our household tunes out…rest assured we will continue to tune out.

  2. Jo says

    Please do not cancel Everwood. It is one of the best wholesome, family shows on today. The cast is wonderful and the story line compelling. We looked forward to it every Monday evening. Please, someone, pick up Everwood on your station, as we hate to see this wonderful show leave. We thank you for considering this option.

  3. Nitewalker says

    Everwood has alot of potential left to continue several new seasons.
    I was saddened to hear the show has ended.
    I always looked forward to watching it.
    It appears that this little merger/buyout will end up hurting the station more than management may realize..
    Moving on onto USA..

  4. LeAnn Skeen says

    Everwood is the only show in my 43 years of life that I have watched every single episode. It was the best show on TV and it is very sad that people don’t get that. I knew there was trouble when it went on and off the air and moved time slots. I even called WB and asked if there were plans to cancel it. They said no, because it is very popular. That was in February 2005. It’s so called 4th season that only lasted a few episodes came back in March and some numbers folks at WB decided it didn’t have the viewership to make it for the fall season. Don’t you get it? People love the show. Maybe they tivo it and watch it later and the Neilson’s weren’t accurate. I know I had to tivo it because of my schedule. I am so glad you brought back 7th Heaven. I hope you keep it for several years to come. Who says a series has to end just because it has more than the average seasons under it’s belt? So you have to pay the actors more money. Advertisers will pay for a popular show. Please don’t make 7th Heaven go away and please bring back Everwood. It has so many great storylines yet to be unfolded. Think of what you can do with Delia growing into a teenager. This show has life if you give it a chance. I hope you counted me among the 4 million who watched the finale. It ended so fast that maybe people didn’t realize what was going on. You moved it around and took it off the air for months and then say it failed to meet the numbers. That’s not what happened. You killed it by doing that. Please reconsider Everwood. Give it back it’s regular Monday night time slot after 7th Heaven and leave it there. Stir up some drama with the characters and watch it take off. Millions of people will watch and you will make your numbers. Just don’t give up on it.

  5. Lorraine B says

    Please bring back Everwood. It was one of my most favorite shows and I had been watching it for years. The actors were incredible (and believable)and the stories were real life situations. Watching that show on Everwood every Monday night was something I looked forward to every week. I feel like I lost my best friend when Everwood was taken off the screen. Is there any hope of resurrecting the show? In reading the other comments here, I see that many others feel as I do and so there are probably thousands more that also feel this way but didn’t know they could express their feelings about the show as we are doing right here on this website. All that is left on tv are reality shows and shows that exalt homosexuality and promiscuous sex. It seems the only safe shows left are the Discovery channel, the History channel and the Christian channels. Pretty soon there won’t be anything left to watch on secular t.v. for people like me who just want down-to-earth programs that are enjoyable for the entire family and that don’t plant seeds of greed and sexual perversion into the minds of young adults and children. And we wonder why the world is so out of control and the children are becoming more disobedient, rebellious on a daily basis and are developing criminal minds at young ages. I PRAY THIS SHOW WILL BE RESURRECTED FROM ITS GRAVE!

  6. Jamie says

    I can’t believe they want to take Everwood off the air. I haven’t missed one episode! If there’s anything we can do to keep the show on the air, let us know!!

  7. tina says

    Is there anything we can do to bring everwood back, it was the greatest show ever. Everyone was so down to earth, it was like real life events that happen everyday, unlike all the violence, and cursing on all the other tv shows. I miss everwood!

  8. Teresa says

    Three generations of my family have just finished watching series 3 of everwood , we all love the show none of the family dramas on british television compare to this. We have just found out that they have cancelled the programme after the 4th series and we are all devastated.
    When we tell people about the programme they watch one episode and are hooked. When there is so much rubbish on television , then something comes on that is excellent , we dont understand why it would be taken off when the fanbase is growing all the time.We would be thrilled if the decision was made to make more episodes of this fantastic prgramme.

  9. Lila says

    I am still desperately trying to locate the Everwood finale shown on June 6, 2005. Any suggestions???
    It is so disappointing to learn the show is not being renewed. It is one of the very few programs which has any entertainment, significant value. I am a “Senior Citizen” who still enjoys the foibles, thrills, chills, etc. of real life scenarios. I have watched Everwood since it began several years ago. Can’t you please reconsider putting it back on your upcoming fall schedule for all of the many viewers who enjoy it so much?
    Because of serious and important commitments I was unable to see the finale. Hopefully, someone can steer me to a possible supplier.

  10. Samantha says

    This is stupid!!! 7th heaven is DEAD! It was a good show but now it time to end it!!! Everwood is Way better

  11. TODD LYON says

    please bring back everwood , my favorate show all time. was very good at dealing with most isues the right way ,great family show.i felt like my best friend died when it ended.this was a great show with great actors.if itdoesnt come back it ended great.please do dvds for shows so when my kids grow up i can show them what a good family show was like.thanks for making a show wb should be proud of.always a everwood fan.TODD LYON

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