Harry’s Law: Stars and NBC Chair on Cancellation

No season two for Harry's Law, canceledThough Harry’s Law was the most-watched scripted TV show on NBC this season, the network cancelled it. As I’ve suggested in the past, advertisers favor shows that attract those in the 18-49 demographic. Though Harry’s Law had a lot of viewers, the legal series had some of the lowest demographic numbers on the network.

When asked why Kathy Bates and company had been let go, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said, “It was a difficult decision. Everyone here respects Harry’s Law a lot but we were finding it hard to grow the audience for it. Its audience skewed very old. It’s hard to monetize that.”

Bates broke the news of the show’s cancellation over the weekend. She wrote to fans, “Sad news today. Harry’s Law will not be renewed for a 3rd season. We are all terribly sad. Many thanks for all your support.”

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The actress later noted, “Waiting for this verdict was tough. We wrapped a month ago so it was a very long wait!”

Bates reconciled, “Tough day getting used to the idea of no more Harry. Think I’ll keep her with me 4ever.”

When asked if there was a possibility that Harry’s Law might move to cable, Bates responded, “No hope.” But, responding to an inquiry last night on the subject, Bates wrote, “Not sure, but don’t think so.”

Justine Lupe, who played Phoebe Blake, wrote, “Sad day. Little bit of heartbreak. What a gift to had had this time.”

Actress Karen Olivo, who joined the cast in season two as Cassie Reynolds, responded with a message to her castmates, “It was an honor, my friends!”

Nathan Corddry, who’d been playing Adam Branch since the show began, noted, “I’d thank everyone individually, but the list is too long.Never was happier professionally. Thank you for a wondrful 2 years. #tough2swallow”

What do you think? Are you going to miss Harry’s Law as much as the cast will? If the show did move to another channel, would you follow it?

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  1. Bill Swann says

    I was pissed when I found out that NBC (Nogood ***** Corp.) cancelled Harry’s Law!
    That was the only show that I even tuned into NBC for in the first place and now I don’t even watch that channel anymore. If Harry’s law got picked up by another network, I would follow it in a heart beat! It seems that there are hardly any good scripted shows on anymore. It seems to be nothing but lame ass “Reality” shows like American Idiot or is that Idol? and Americas Got Tainted oops I mean Talent. Hey NBC if your reading this, do yourselves a favor and bring back Harry’s Law before you lose all of your viewers!!

  2. Anonymous says

    NBC must be on Oxygen? because if they believed in Polls they would see that Harry’s Law was way up in the polls. The air must be very thin there.

  3. Mary says

    I looked forward to watching Harry’s Law each week. It was a great show – brought laughs, tears, though provoking. I will miss the show. I hope that it can be revived somewhere.

  4. Ginny Hopkirk says

    Put “Harry” on cable as soon as you can. Neither “Harry”, Cathy Bates or tremendous following (97% saying put it on cable) are dead yet. I’m appalled, but not surprised, by the comment that the audience could not be monetized. The audience and potential audience who had a hard time finding the episodes due to programming is not a commodity, my friend. Never was. Never will be. David Kelley understands that. Do you?

  5. Rick Perry says

    Just finished the final episode of Harry’s Law and Man was it good! Great Finale and sad that it showed Harry’s Firm reaching a new level and that we wont ever be able to see it… Terra Nova is another one that should’ve never been cancelled, like In my previous comment, This Sucks! Get it together Networks and think of your Loyal fans instead of Deep Pockets!!!

  6. Rick Perry says

    Here I sit watching the last episode of Season 2 of Harry’s Law and I just saw that it’s been cancelled? I’m so sick and tired of great shows like this one getting the boot after a short run, all because of Money Grubers… Alcatraz,Pan Am, Kyle Xy, The River, Happy Town, were just a few of my favorites and they never got a chance past 1 to 3 full seasons before getting The Axe! We ‘The Fans’ are the reason why these were made and kept going. I’m so upset that this like the ones above were left with a cliffhanger, stop All of the reality Tv and keep shows like this Alive!

  7. Roger says

    Did he really say “its hard to monetize on that”? Really…? Why does it always have to be about making more money? Why not just keep it on for the hundreds of thousands…(or millions) of loyal viewers???

  8. Trish says

    We watched Harry’s Law religiously. It is sad that NBC doesn’t know a good thing when they see it.I hope Harry’s Law finds another home on cable somewhere, I know I will be watching for it. It truly is a shame that these networks keep cancelling good entertaining shows and then they put on shows that have no substance whatsoever. They fail to realize that most young people are on the computer or playing games and aren’t watching prime time television. Get it together NBC you are losing a lot of viewers with your stupidity.

  9. Rick says

    The previous comments are spot on. Harry’s Law was a great show. I would love to see it picked up by cable since I would much prefer cable than the networks anyway. Perhaps future sponsors might also consider promoting their wares to the audience that is actually watching their programs. Of course, we know that won’t happen. It is a shame that “Madison Avenue” dictates what they want us all to watch, wear, and hear. Maybe the older audience is past all of that dribble and they prefer to gear to the younger more easily duped audience.

  10. Joanie says

    I personally would rather see Harry’s Law picked up by a new channel/cable. I would not want to go back to NBC and wait for the axe to fall, once again. NBC has proven that they could care less about the cast and crew, the viewers, etc. Let’s start fresh and hope they find a home where they will be appreciated for the wonderful writing, acting, and everything it took to make this a joy to watch week after week. Long live Harry!

  11. Jane Pederson says

    Murphy’s Law applies to fans losing Harry’s Law and it is So-o-o WRONG!! When a show has high ratings due to a huge audience watching EACH WEEK, of course, you cancel the show!!! Why keep track of the ratings when they will be ignored if the ‘suits’ want to ignore them? If they don’t like the advertising issues — get different companies to advertise for those shows that the “audiences skewed very old”. I personally don’t think 65 years young is THAT OLD!! I am slowly filtering out the shows I watch on network channels because I hate the survival shows, most of the sit-com storylines, and so many shows that are obviously geared to the late teens through 30 somethings. Are there any “suits” who are over the age of 45?? Someone had better get with the program as we are here for at least another 30 to 45 years. Harry’s Law is not the first show to get me to voice my protest but is the last straw. the “suits” have been doing this for decades!! I am so tired of the “suits” deciding what I should like to watch and what I should stop watching because they have cancelled a program!!! Thank you for your time. I do hope someone can figure out a way to keep shows on that we ‘useless old people’ enjoy. I’ll bet you could ‘monetize’ that if you really wanted to succeed. How will you like it when this happens to you?

  12. Lynn says

    I loved this show. Was one of the few that made you think about the subject matter. It is times like this I seriously consider giving up TV altogether. They finally get a show with some real substance and they cancel it because it isn’t the “younger” people who are viewing it. What a crock.

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