I Hate My Teenage Daughter: Cancelled?

I Hate My Teenage Daughter canceledFOX has cancelled their plans for I Hate My Teenage Daughter to follow American Idol on Wednesday nights next month. The reality competition will continue to air for two hours on that night.

Following a series low on Tuesday night, FOX has decided to put the ratings-challenged sitcom on an extended hiatus until summer. While this isn’t an outright cancellation, it’s easy to read between the lines to see that the show doesn’t have a future.

The six aired episodes of I Hate My Teenage Daughter have averaged a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.05 million total viewers. The most recent episode registered just a 1.4 in the demo with 3.57 million.

If FOX continues to run the sitcom on Tuesday nights for the rest of the month — and there’s a good chance that they won’t — there will be three original episodes remaining for a summer burn-off.

This series revolves around a pair of moms who fear that their teenage daughters are becoming the kind of girls who tortured them in high school. The sitcom cast includes Aisha Dee, Chad L. Coleman, Eric Sheffer Stevens, Jaime Pressly, Katie Finneran, Kevin Rahm, and Kristi Lauren.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see I Hate My Teenage Daughter go? Do you think it deserves a second season instead of cancellation?

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  1. Kayla says

    I really liked it and so did my mom. We’d watch it together and we could have a laugh and spend some time together. It was so funny we would laugh so hard at it. It reminded me and my mom on some days. I hope they don’t cancel it. If they should cancel something it should be the bachelor/ette. And some of the other reality tv shows that are just dumb!!!

  2. adam says

    We wanted to like this because Jamie Pressley was so awesome in “My Name is Earl,” but this was unwatchable. Raising Hope…. change channel…. back for New Girl… change channel again when Breaking In comes on…. Tuesday Nights on Fox have become a double decker nacho of crappy television. At least when American Idol was on I could ignore Fox until Raising Hope came on without all that pesky channel surfing back and forth.

  3. Bethany says

    DAMN! This show is great! Why do they keep canceling the good ones, and yet we are put thru season after season of The Batchelor/ette and Survivor??? Somebody needs to do a reality check. The show was funny, and so true (I came into my step-daughter’s life when she was a tween, and she moved in with us when she was 14, the show fits, and if you don’t think so you must not have had a teen like mine. ) I even gave up watching other more reliable networks to be sure to not miss this show. And if you have read my posts, that is saying A LOT! Clearly some people out there (and I guess it must be the majority since the numbers are apparently so low) can’t see quality programing when it is right before their eyes.

  4. Craig says

    I kind of liked the show. Of course, if keeping I Hate My Teenage Daughter means Breaking In will be more likely to get cancelled, then I vote for keeping Breaking In.

  5. Rzink says

    Good, that show was terrible!!! We changed the channel at 8:30 then put the t.v. back to Fox at 9 for New Girl.

  6. Kat says

    “Revolving around a pair of moms who feat that their teenage daughters are becoming the kind of girls that torchured them in high school.” Wow… the spelling errors in this are just… wow. Anyway, I don’t watch this show, so I’m not bummed, but this news does have me worried for Breaking In, which has been posting similar numbers on the same night.

  7. Vinnie says

    On a typical year, I would say that this was the worst sitcom of the year… But I can’t say that this year… Man Up, Work It, Allen Gregory, Free Agents, and How To Be A Gentleman have all been major doozies this year.

  8. Tha Critic says

    I was never crazy about this show at all, but I’d watch it from sunrise to sunset over all this reality garbage.

  9. Jeremy Rynek says

    Honestly, I’m just saying, anyone that watches anything on fox or nbc, and your show gets axed, you have no one to blame but yourself. They cancel and cancel and then cancel some more.

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