Justice: FOX Throws Out Court Drama

cast of Justice on FoxFollowing on the heels of last week’s cancellations of the Happy Hour sitcom and The Rich List game show, FOX has announced that another of its new shows is leaving the air.

Justice debuted on Wednesday, August 30th to high expectations. The network had been showing fast-paced promos of the Victor Garber series all summer long but it still failed to attract big numbers. The highly anticipated premiere was watched by only 8.6 million viewers.

Justice followed a diverse group of lawyers as they worked at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. Each episode started at the beginning of a trial and followed it through until the verdict. Then viewers were shown, via flashbacks, what actually happened at the time of the crime.

Like many FOX series, Justice took a break during the World Series (after five episodes). When it returned, FOX began airing it on Monday nights, opposite NBC’s popular Heroes and replacing Vanished (which was moved to Friday nights). Three episodes have aired on Monday nights. The most recent episode drew only 4.2 million households, about half of lead-in Prison Break’s audience.

With that in mind, its no surprise that FOX has announced that the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced courtroom drama has been pulled from the schedule effective immediately. The network isn’t calling it a cancellation right now. The FOX website lists that the show will return on December 11th, but the word is that it will not return for very long or at all.

Eight episodes of Justice have aired thus far and production is expected continue on the rest of the 13 episodes of FOX’s order. There is no word as yet if the series or any individual episodes will be released on DVD or online via FOX’s website.

11/17/06 UPDATE: FOX has officially cancelled Vanished and Justice will instead return on Friday, December 1st. No new word on how long it will continue to air. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. jason bourne says

    BRING it back, so much better than any of the crap shows on at the moment. Stupid Fox, coulda been a major hit if the show were to continue another season. Maybe even create a following like SUITS has

  2. Sanjay Chivakula India says

    The series is intelligently conceptualized and smartly presented. I found each and every episode captivating and my interest didn’t wane a bit at any point of time. Cast is amazing. Each actor fits perfectly into the role. All performances are brilliant though my personal favorite is Eammon Walker.

    But then it’s highly disappointing that it was discontinued for no worthwhile reason. Lack of patronage for such well-made shows and movies just puzzles me. We deserve the crap that we get over and over again because we don’t appreciate enough the cream we get once in a while.

  3. sassy says

    i really loved the show, especially always looked forward to the end to see what really happened. i’m so sorry it was cancelled, pls bring the show back and give it time, it’ll be more popular than the practice.

  4. Ehsan Kabir says

    It’s such a shame to see a fantastic show, I would consider to be amongst the best that Fox have aired to be axed. If I knew about the show being aired at the time, I certaintly would have been watching it – I think Fox failed to market the series as well as they could and perhaps showed it at the wrong times (when other big shows like Prison Break & Hereos were being aired).

    I really hope they reconsider and bring back Justice as I believe no doubt that this show will triple if not double the viewings they had initially. Everyone in my Law School, including my tutor is hooked at the limited episodes they aired.

  5. Sabz says

    I really missed the show I can’t help but think that FOX wanted Justice to fail with its ratings, I mean during the baseball seires??? What were they thinking? Now I would love for it to come back because my fiance doesn’t watch much TV other than sports and He really liked Justice for the way the show unfolded. Like alot of men he can’t stand watching something he can’t get into. So this was one of the only things we watched together. I know the fan base would be much bigger if FOX would have aired it properly. They should know that its no contest for male fans to turn their attention to sports.The timming was way off!! Try it again the middle of winter.

  6. Michalle Wong Guillena says

    I like the TV series JUSTICE because it helps me understand legal details. I find it too bad it has to end. I hope it will be evaluated again and establish back soon.

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