Men in Trees: ABC Cancels Anne Heche Drama

Men in TreesAfter being ping-ponged around the ABC schedule for two years, the network has cancelled the series about Marin (Anne Heche) and the residents of Elmo, Alaska. In retrospect, the writing’s been on the wall for awhile.

When Men in Trees premiered in the fall of 2006, it attracted a respectable number of viewers. Unfortunately, the show never seemed to be a priority for the network — possibly because it’s not produced by ABC’s in-house production company. Though its viewership was slowly growing, the TV show’s first season was cut short due to ABC’s scheduling of October Road (which is produced by ABC Studios). Instead of airing all 22 episodes, the network opted to air just 17 and added the remaining five episodes to the series’ season two order, in preparation for a possible writers strike.

When the writers strike hit in November 2007, it was expected that Men in Trees would benefit from the lack of original scripted programming on network television. That never seemed to happen and the series was put on hiatus in December. It returned once the strike was over in February and ABC cut Men in Trees’ second season order to 19 episodes, including the five from season one.

There series is on hiatus once again and isn’t scheduled to return until after the May sweeps period is finished — a sure sign that a network has lost faith in a series. ABC sent tapes of both Men in Trees and October Road to Lifetime to see if they’d be interested in taking on either series. They weren’t.

To little surprise, series creator Jenny Bicks was informed of the Men in Trees cancellation last week. She lamented to TV Guide, “I wish the show had not been moved six times and put onto two long hiatuses. No show could survive that.”

She says, “I am really proud of the work we did on MIT… A huge thank you to our supportive fans.”

On the positive side, Bicks realized that the series might not be back for season three and the cast and crew did some extra filming. As a result, an alternative ending for this season’s finale was filmed to serve as a series finale.

Men in Trees is scheduled to return to ABC on May 28th. If the network lets it remain in that Wednesday night timeslot for three episodes, the series finale should air on June 11, 2008. Based on the network’s track record with this show, it’s hard to say if that will actually happen. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Yvonne says

    Just want to put the word out again. This show is great. I am still in love with this place called Elmo. Even now in 2015 there is not much good on TV. I basically not watching TV at all because it is always the same sh** like Grey’s Anatomy…(stopped watching it years ago) or the forensic crap. Can’t believe that they never filmed season 3. Just finished watching “Men in Trees” (season 1 & 2) again after watching it in 2008. First time I watched it in Germany. But unfortunately they always moved the show around to late hours. No wonder they didn’t get more viewers when it was on TV Tuesday nights at 10 pm. Obviously ABC doesn’t seem to know what a good show is!!!

  2. Avril says

    I ABSOLUTELY loved this series.. and keep checking to see if there any updates as to when.. I am also on the waiting list / wish list to purchase the original series.. BUT still to no avail…

    Come now.. Bring it to South Africa, we definitely seem to be your biggest fans!!

  3. Beth says

    Men in Trees is one of the best shows ever!!!!! We need good holesome shows Like Mein in Trees
    Bring it back and please the public!! I am from South Africa and loved the snow and mountains!!

    Ag please man, finish a good job.

  4. TB says

    man oh man, why do they always do this? good shows getting scrapped, which are so out there & different from everything else & that appeal to both sexes….but oh no…don’t do something smarter than the rest of the TV “gurus” to stay ahead of the pack & show some guts, but play sheep & follow their lead.
    Bring it back – its different, out there & gives viewers a choice. Its also great to watch. Bring it back, please. Show a little bit of individuality & flair!

  5. susan says

    i want men in trees to return – they havew been showing series 1 & 2 again here in SA its a great series – bring on series 3!!!

    • Diana says

      What is wrong with ABC! Men In Trees was one of the best shows ever. Too many sit-coms, police shows and what do you want to buy now! I’m sick to death of all that crape. I always looked forward to this show. Made me want to live there in that laid back life. Love, Love, loved it!

  6. helen walker says

    I am so disappointed that MIT has been cancelled/axed… was such a great show…so very different from anything else we’ve seen lately. The writing was witty and the actors had become friends over the 2 seasons. I feel as if we have all just been left in the air…right when things were beginning to get interesting. Please reconsider this decision to end such a great series…I already miss it! I am from Australia.

  7. uchey says

    I live in Nigeria ,and DSTV just aired te s1 and s2 of the Men In Trees,from the first show to the last i was was beautiful. You could relate the series ,it meant something,taught you something and in every episode,there was something that happened that you could relate to your self.all this cancellation ,hope it isnt true ,i need the s3 please ;pretty please.

  8. Cindy says

    I totally agree with Anonymous. All that is aired are those crummy police, lawyer, hospital dramas, and crazy housewives. I have enough drama in my life. I enjoyed watching Men In Trees. It truly was different from the other programs, and something I looked forward to viewing. I wish it would find its way back.

  9. Anonymous says

    I really enjoyed this show. I’m sick to death of forensic medicine police dramas. I don’t even watch the shows – being subjected to the commercials for their programs is enough. This just had great characters interacting with on another. I also thought the commentary thoughtful. I hope it makes a comeback.

  10. Casey says

    Men in Trees was so much fun to watch!!!! I to want this show BACK why do they cancel all the good shows????

  11. Ivi says

    I can’t believe there’s not gonna be a 3rd season!!! It’s a brilliant show!!! It’s sooooo different from the rest!! We got the first season played last summer in Spain and the pity is they didn’t give it a chance and scheduled it on tuesday’s, two episodes, on a channel with little audience. I want it back!!!!

  12. Angie says

    I agree completely, I am still waiting to hear news that MIT is back on. I’m also waiting for them to sell seasons 1 & 2 in the stores cause I can’t make myself watch the junk they play now!

  13. C.J. Phoenix says

    I have really missed this show. I really got into the characters and the scenes were really beautiful. I always made sure I was home in time to watch “my show”! It truly could have gone on much longer had it not been for some poor planning on some other people’s parts…I would love to see a resurrection of this show!!! And add some more relationship writing into it – I think people actually learned some things from this show!!!

  14. says

    I’ve been away due to a military deployment and returned with the expectation of the show returning. Color me surprised as I kept on waiting to see the commercials announcing the return of the newest season. Finally went searching for some information. I got hooked on MIT and it is definitely aggravating when the networks continually cancel a show that I look forward to so much.

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