Miami Medical: CBS TV Show Cancelled; No Season Two

Miami Medical canceledThe latest medical drama on CBS is going the way of Three Rivers and NBC’s Mercy and Trauma. Miami Medical has been cancelled after one season on the air. However, there is some good news.

Miami Medical follows the exciting lives of a group of talented surgeons who work at one of the best trauma centers in the country. The Friday night drama features Lana Parrilla , Jeremy Northam, Omar Gooding, Mike Vogel, and Elisabeth Harnois.

The CBS medical series got off to a poor start on April 2nd with a 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.59 million viewers. In week two, the numbers dropped to a 1.4 rating in the demo and 7.1 million viewers. Viewership has continued to tumble and thus far, the season has averaged a disappointing 1.3 rating in the demo and 6.7 million viewers.

To put these figures in perspective, Numb3rs’ season had better numbers — an average of a 1.8 rating and 8.27 million — and was ultimately cancelled.

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And now, like so many of the other medical dramas from this season, Miami Medical has been cancelled. There won’t be a second season.

On the positive side, the show was scheduled to finish its run tonight, leaving five of its 13 episodes unaired. But now, CBS has added some additional airdates.

Next Friday’s will be a repeat of the pilot episode. Then, original episodes will return on June 4th, paired with new installments of Flashpoint. The last episode of Miami Medical is expected to air on July 2nd.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Miami Medical’s been cancelled or should it have been pulled awhile ago?

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  1. Robert van Bakel says

    The most tedious self absorbed Bruckheimer ego fest. Watch “House” reruns for good medical drama, nothing has come close to this. I suspect Bruckheimer has “House” envy.

  2. Irene says

    It shouldn’t ever be cancelled, are you kidding?! It has just about everything needed: likable characters (oh my got Regina… I mean Lana Parrilla), lots of action, exciting plot twists and occasional funny/sentimental moments! Why on earth wouldn’t people watch it?
    The only plus is that Lana probably wouln’t have had so much time devoted to her character on OUAT…
    But still, shame on those who cancelled it!

  3. Sara says

    It was such a great series… Im a medical student and i loved it so much and i learned alot of things from miami medical … It was really better than grays anatomy.. Maybe its too late but miami medical really deserves another chance:(

  4. Sarah says

    Miami Medical is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I’m 14 years of age and only discovered it just this year. During the years it aired I didn’t see any previews or advertisements or anything; if I had I would have rated it amazing. I think the biggest problem with the show was that no one new about about it. Sure, there were a few things here and there that could have been tweaked (I didn’t mind it but other viewers might have hated) but other than that it was intense and electrifying. I watch a lot of cop shows including the hit series NCIS and NCISLA; they always skip over the medical parts never showed what was going on behind the curtain, obviously, but it was always an interest of mine of knowing what was happening without going to much detail in talking amongst the doctors. In this series, they stuck to the medical aspect of the show still giving the high climatic chill of excitement as you watch it without going over the top. They could have pushed even further. I would really like to see this show on again for another try. Over time people change and the ones, like me, who just recently discovered it will for sure watch it and rate it amazing. Just please, if they do, put advertisement out for it! I understand if airing this show is not possible with the original actors considering they are in other jobs right now, like Lana Parrilla is in Once Upon a Time, but maybe in between those shows, they could film for this. I’m looking online like crazy for bad reviews on the show and is not finding any. I don’t think there is any bad reviews, maybe a few. But as I said, the biggest problem was there was no preview for the show. No one knowing it exsits equals no ratings. PLEASE PUT THIS SHOW BACK ON!!!!

  5. Kaitlyn says

    I really enjoyed the series Miami Medical. Maybe you guys should try and make another season and maybe this time is will give you higher ratings.

  6. Sherri Stone says

    Another prime example of another tv series that I liked and guess what…. It got cancelled!!! I’m sick to death of all these “reality” shows on tv!

  7. Teresa Cruz says

    Não compreendo que tenham cancelado a nova temporada de Miami Medical. É uma boa série que apresenta casos que bem podiam ser reais, focando problemas éticos que podem pôr-se a quem trabalha num hospital como este e tem de decidir o que fazer de forma rápida. Espero pela transmissão da temporada 2 e seguintes episódios doutras temporadas.

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