Has CBS Really Renewed Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders?

Hollywood ReporterThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CBS freshman shows Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders have all been renewed for second seasons. The trouble is that CBS hasn’t announced that — and in all likelihood won’t be renewing all five TV shows.

We’ve received emails from several sharp-eyed readers who noticed that there was interesting tidbit included as part of an article about CBS and their concern over Charlie Sheen’s recent round of antics. In the first paragraph of the article it says…

CBS’ meat-and-potatoes brand of multi-camera comedies and crime procedurals have been remarkably enduring. All five of its new shows – Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders – have received second-season orders. Earlier this week, the network and Warner Bros. Television announced a three-season pick-up for top-rated Big Bang Theory.

Two sentences are true, while one certainly is not. It would seem that what the author means is that the five freshman shows all received “full” first season orders, not second season orders. The article was published on 1/14 but hasn’t been fixed yet.

Based on the season ratings averages, it looks pretty certain that Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-0, and Blue Bloods will be back for 2011-12. $#*! My Dad Says has gotten good numbers but loses a lot of its Big Bang lead-in. CBS will soon put it on hiatus and will see if another half-hour comedy can hold onto a bigger percentage. The Defenders, which is being sent to Friday nights beginning January 28th, is almost certainly doomed to be cancelled.

What do you think? Will all of these shows be renewed? Which, if any, will be cancelled?

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  1. anna says

    i think they are dumb to let sheen go better say bye bye to ratings sheen made the show and the guy that plays alan hes an idiot. i will not be watching the show if charlie sheen is gone.

  2. says

    I adore the defenders, $#*! My Dad Says was just beginning to hold me. CBS keeps moving everything around that by the time I get myself rescheduled to catch the shows I like, they (CBS) up and move (or get cancelled) my shows. KEEP The Defenders – KEEP $#*! My Dad Says, Mike and Molly is awesome! I love to watch Alex O-Loughlin, he is a fabulous actor – adored Moonlight, but the repeat of Hawaii Five-O doesnt really hold me (oh, sorry, remake). Blue Bloods is a little harsh for me to stay with long term. Reality TV blows – I watch television for entertainment, not for reality. If I wanted “reality” I could go outside and live.

  3. Debbie says

    My husband and I don’t watch much TV, however we plan our week around watching Big Bang Theory and $#*! My Dad Says! We love these shows! Please renew! Shatner is hilarious in this show!! We will miss it greatly!!! We used to watch other networks…but now this one has some great shows. It will be a real shame to let go of such a great show.

  4. says

    Typical of CBS as is with other station. A new show grabs my interest and the bigwigs in their own CRUEL way decide to dumpt the show with now explanation. Worse yet is what they did with the show “$*#… My Dad Says ” leaving us to wonder for ever who was on the outside of the door on the final aired show. Get us interested in the plot that Ed might have a daughter and then chagge it to he might have a third son. The doorbell rings and we are left in limbo . If it were not for 2 1/2 men and Hawaii 5 -0 and other great shows like their tuesday night line up and the BlueBloods , Defenders I would say the Heck with CBS and walk away. Please Please CBS keep Bleep my dad says and the defenders with the other successful shows . give them a fair chance.

  5. MH says

    I hope that The Defenders doesn’t get cancelled. In addition to loving the chemistry between the actors, particularly Belushi and O’Donnell, I think that the show touches on some important themes, particularly related to children, and is very well-written. I also really love (1) Hawaii 5-0 — even though I also think that it’s basically an hour of eye-candy; (2) Mike & Molly — though I wish CBS would allow us to see the videos; and, (3) and Blue Bloods — even though it’s a bit too red-meat-rah-rah-country for me. I don’t watch My Dad Says. My very favorite new-ish show is The Good Wife, although I’m not sure that I like the amoral path that the writers seem to be leading “Alicia” down.

  6. The Watcher says

    I agree about the reality TV shows. 90 % of them stink. The only ones I really like are Psychic Kids, Paranormal State, and Undercover Boss. Most of the CBS Dramas are great. My wife hooked me into H50. I just wished they hadn’t played around with the CSIs schedules. And, how is the new Criminal Minds spinoff going to fit in the schedule?

  7. Adam Decker says

    The Defenders won a People’s Choice Award? So did Moonlight and it got cancelled. So you’ll understand how I don’t think that means it will be renewed, although it should be.

  8. InTheKnow says

    The Defenders will be renewed.

    After, Shat’s show won the People’s Choice Award. The show is a stone cold lead pipe lock to be renewed.

  9. Tate123 says

    i love the Defenders. As usual all the excellent shows are on at the same time slot. I watch the Good Wife and watch the Defenders On Demand. I would watch Detroit as well On Demand but it is not available On Demand. The rest of the shows are typically garbage the rest of the week. I hope they give the Defenders time.

  10. TeeVee Stevie says

    The new Hawaii Five-0 is like something I stepped in during my morning walk. Contrived, wooden acting, it besmirches the original the same way the Kojak update did to its predecessor. It is bad enough when Hollywood remakes vintage TV shows, but when the TV studios do it, the products are as flat as the paper the scripts are printed on.

  11. Hippiechic says

    I vote for The Defenders! There is some great chemistry in that show – LOVE all the acting. The humor is perfectly sprinkled in and there is enough serious to make it interesting. The show is well worth watching. It is what I consider is good TV entertainment.

    Same for H50 – fun like a roller coaster! Thrilling and fun and lots of great acting and chemistry. Both these shows are obviously fun for the actors – they clearly enjoy themselves. (Though I still miss Moonlight – I am glad Alex found a great new show!)

    Down with Reality TV – too much already out there. Please, no more!

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