Monk: What Was That Song at the End of the Last Episode?

Monk when i'm goneThe final images of Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) and his friends in the last episode of Monk are accompanied by a special song. It’s called “When I’m Gone” and was written and performed by Randy Newman specifically for the series finale.

Newman is the artist who, for the past six seasons, can be heard singing the Monk opening theme, “It’s a Jungle Out There.”

Several readers have written to ask about “When I’m Gone,” its lyrics, and where they can get a copy. You can find it on iTunes and you can see the lyrics and video below. Enjoy.

When I’m Gone (opens in iTunes)
The time for us to say goodbye is near
The hour I hoped would never come is here
Though many hearts are broken we must somehow carry on
Cause I think you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

I thought my life was over when we met
So little to remember, so much to forget
Though it was you who saw me through the darkness to the dawn
Still I think you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

I’m a modest man
And it hurts me to say these things to you
After all we’ve been through, it’s the least that I can do
So instead of just goodbye I’ll say so long
And as for the light by which you see me, leave it on

I’m a better man than I was before
knowing you has made me strong
and I think you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

I’m a better man than I was before
knowing you has made me strong
and I sure am going to miss you when I’m gone

Yes I sure am going to miss you when I’m gone

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I think the perfect Monk movie would have several elements. First and foremost is his Mom. She is the only character that is very rarely seen. We saw his father and brother, but only quick glimpses of his Mom. One interesting twist is that the viewer first sees her as a victim, then as a villain, and ending as a heroine. As one of the other commentators said, it would have to also include Dale the Whale. Since this would be a full blown movie (and hopefully not a second rate proverbial made-for-TV one), it should have a complex and very intriguing plot. As a very welcome break in Monk’s universe, maybe there should be a heavier dose of action, that was absent in many of the series episodes. Of course all the original characters should be in it, including even Trudy, in instances when she intrudes as a psychological aberration or spiritual presence. All the living characters would of course be in their new situations, and perhaps that would help give the necessary twists that the plot might need to get started. Perhaps Trudy’s daughter and Monk’s Mom should have some weird connection. It might have to have the element of exploring Monk’s psychological handicaps in his formative years and during the post Trudy days. Viewers have always seen glimpses of how his Mom caused these, but specifics were scantly hinted at. Perhaps his greatest handicap to draw upon is his ability to miss something so obvious because of his stifling fears and inability to release his attention off certain miniscule imperfections in the world around him. In other words, the inward as well as the exterior should be elements of this story. Another possible plot jump start thought is a group of the people he had gotten behind bars are released because new evidence is uncovered that was overlooked because supposed premature case closures were made before their cases were supposedly completely investigated (particularly concerning Dale the Whale). Another possible plot seed thought is Monk drawn into solving one of the greatest mysteries of all time (like who was Jack the Ripper or who killed JFK). Of course a very good dose of humor should pepper the script without making the movie’s overall texture campy. This should also be clean and of good taste. A good many cameos by well-knowns who were on and never on Monk would really top it off. Oh well, these are a few ideas. A good team of writers and a great director, with a big budget to enlarge the world of Monk should get a hold of this- giving an extra bit of depth. It would be a pity that a Monk Movie would go without production. There’s too many fans that would like to see it. I know I would.

  2. Anonymous says

    i am trying to find out who sings song that has this wordssons was donein las eposiodeswords are in it are maybe its time to say good-bye

  3. Sean says

    I loved this series finale, which says a lot because I usually despise them. This was such a great way to end this incredible series, and it’s an ending I think everyone will remember. That was really the perfect final song and ending shot. Just a beautiful finale all the way around.
    Long Live Monk!

  4. Kathy Trim says

    I have tried to find the original “It’s a Jungle Out There” song as well on itunes but have never found it. Anyone know where that song can be downloaded. The lyrics to both these songs are very fitting and I, for one, am going to miss Monk incredibly.

  5. Neil says

    Great, great song! Randy Newman does have a knack for hitting the mark with his lyrics and this was no exception. Monk has “A Friend in You” Mr Newman…

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