Moonlight: The Vampire Series Could Return on the CW

MoonlightThough CBS has cancelled the fan favorite show, it seems Moonlight may not be dead yet. Kinda appropriate for a vampire show.

Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Moonlight may be moving to the CW — but not as part of the regular schedule that was reported earlier today.

The CW has had a very difficult time attracting viewers to any of their Sunday night programming. As a result, they recently made the decision to sell the entire 7-10pm timeblock — not just the commercial space. They found a buyer in Media Rights Capital (MRC), an indie company. Under the agreement, MRC will develop programming and sell advertising time to go with it.

According to Finke, there’s a chance that MRC may pick up Moonlight to fill some of that airtime. But, if they want it, they’ll have to work fast.

When the cancellation news came down, the Warner Bros. crew was told to start tearing down the Moonlight sets almost immediately. When this new deal became a possibility, they were told to hold off — until Friday.

Would Moonlight be a good fit? Obviously being on the CW on Sunday nights would be an uphill battle ratings-wise. But, if the vampire show could bring most of its CBS viewers to the night, it would be outperforming just about everything else on the network. We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Jami says

    Please bring Monnlight back, It was a great show, and the actors were perfect in the roles they played!!! I hate when shows end without the story being complete. Why is it you guys end the shows that everyone really enjoy and leave on the stupid crap?

  2. Marlene says

    Moonlight was just a bit before its time and would easily catch on now. A friend of mine referred me to Moonlight, and I am so happy they did! Moonlight is completely different from the regular Vampire shows, and I know that it would become popular if it was brought back. There is so much to tell and with a story that has a “CSI” sort or twist to it, it can go on forever. I really hope that Moonlight is revived.

  3. KARLA86 says


  4. amn says

    Bring Moonlight back! The first season was sooo great! What will I do now when there is no Moonlight to watch? And how can I live when I don’t know what happened to Mick and Beth? Bring Moonlight back on TV, I – we – need the show!!

  5. says


    listen up pooftas! stop being such tight arsses and bring back the show…can’t you see that theres ALOT of people that want the show back.
    If you believed in the show at the start why cancel it?
    i get it, some of you people may not get along but lets face it….it NOT about you guys.
    its about the audience that you have captured with the show!.

    so come around to your senses and bring the show back! yeah its going to be hard finding it a time slot and what not, and how they have to compete against vampire shows like vampire diaries and true blood, But moonlight has alot fans and you people should be able to see that everyone wants to know what happens next between MICK and BETH!! SO BRING BACK THE SHOW!!!!!!!!

  6. Courtney says

    I love Moonlight!
    I have it on DVD, I was so sad when they didn’t bring it back.
    I think moving it to the CW would be great! I would definitly watch it!
    I’d love to see new episodes!

  7. AnnT says

    I loved Moonlight. I hope they do bring it back. I was under the impression that it would be on Thursday before or after repeats of Vampire Diaries???? Or is it all on Sunday?

    Anyway, I was one of the angry fans who wrote to CBS and pleaded NOT to cancel Moonlight. It was just months after they canceled it that Twilight was released. I thought ML was a hit before, but it surely would have been a smash had CBS made the right decision.

    I’m happy it’s returning but will be happier if it returns with a new season. It wasn’t finished as they left it and the storylines were such that they could have easily written more.

  8. Catherine says

    If they aren’t going to make another season they should make a Moonlight movie. The story isn’t finished. I hate loose ends.

  9. Michele says

    I would very much enjoy seeing Moonlight brought back. It is a very good show unlike some of the other vampire shows today. Alex represents the sensitive vampire dealing with the fate of being turned and uses it to do good. By the time I found the show and hit record I was only able to save one Saturday marathon.
    Shame to loose something so enjoyable.

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