Moonlight: The Vampire Series Could Return on the CW

MoonlightThough CBS has cancelled the fan favorite show, it seems Moonlight may not be dead yet. Kinda appropriate for a vampire show.

Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Moonlight may be moving to the CW — but not as part of the regular schedule that was reported earlier today.

The CW has had a very difficult time attracting viewers to any of their Sunday night programming. As a result, they recently made the decision to sell the entire 7-10pm timeblock — not just the commercial space. They found a buyer in Media Rights Capital (MRC), an indie company. Under the agreement, MRC will develop programming and sell advertising time to go with it.

According to Finke, there’s a chance that MRC may pick up Moonlight to fill some of that airtime. But, if they want it, they’ll have to work fast.

When the cancellation news came down, the Warner Bros. crew was told to start tearing down the Moonlight sets almost immediately. When this new deal became a possibility, they were told to hold off — until Friday.

Would Moonlight be a good fit? Obviously being on the CW on Sunday nights would be an uphill battle ratings-wise. But, if the vampire show could bring most of its CBS viewers to the night, it would be outperforming just about everything else on the network. We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Karen says

    Moonlight was simply awesome with actors and actresses who delivered. I’m so disappointed that this series was canceled. After a long week at work, I looked forward to relaxing and seeing this show.

  2. ronette says

    I would give up Cold Case on CBS to watch more Mick St. John on any other channel ,as would my 9 & 11 yearold daughters(and friends).Are you kidding me -it’s on the heels of twilight mania?! F.Y.I. Alex O’Laughlin has a sub role on August Rush on DVD that’s interesting.

  3. Tonya says

    Moonlight was the best show that CBS had on. Its sad they cancelled it cause im sure there going to lose a lot of viewers because of it.

  4. Mindy says

    I am really surprised that CBS decided to end the Moonlight series. Seems to me with all the interest in vampire lore with the Twilight books, they would at least have given it a fair shot. All this reality TV has gone WAY overboard. Please CBS…think about bringing Moonlight back.

  5. Gail says

    Please consider bringing back this series!
    What a tasty blend of romance and mystique! A good looking sexy cast, interesting personalities, clever story line, and just the kind of fantasy we need to escape from real life and it’s problems.

  6. brittany says

    please please bring moonlight back!!!!!! it does not matter what day it is on or time! that is what dvr is for and CW will have so many viewers on sunday now ! that will show CBS!!!

  7. Kathy Roth says

    I miss Moonlight! It was a great show. I totally agree that all these reality shows need to go……………….

  8. says

    I agreed with Sarah. I m tired of this when they cancel.. I dont like it.. please give back moonlihgt. it was great movie with vampire/love story. please dont cancel when new my favorite movie.. I watched Dark Angel 1 and 2 then cancel it. i want to know what happen next.. i bought 1,2 then stop waste people buy collection dvd for ‘NOTHING” AND WASTE MONEY…. PLEASE RESPECT PEOPLE.

  9. Ashley says

    Please oh please bring the show back..i love this show!!! you guys were crazy for cancelling it..these shows cbs have now pretty much suck..bring moonlight back!!

  10. Chris Baehr says

    I personally think if all those “reality show got cancelled, we would all be better off. Please, give us all a break, The last thing we want is another one of those. Shows like Moonlihgt may not be apealling to alot of you, but for me ,and alot of others as I see and read almost EVERY day, gets us away from the “realities” of life for short brief hour. OMG, are you kidding me,just one season? That is insane! I have seen less apealling shows get aired year after year. Let’s get Moonlight back! Giving any show just one season just to taunt and tease and then taken away. Give it Back!! I am positive you will make alot of viewers EXTREMELY happy!! Whatever network gets Moonlight, you can bet thier ratings are going to skyrock like no other. To the person who wrote Moonlight, do what ever you have to do for your fans to give us back what we crave! Do you realize how awesome you would become to us?

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