NCIS: Los Angeles: CBS Renews Series for (Only) Season Two?

NCIS: Los AngelesCBS has given an early renewal to their new hit series, NCIS: Los Angeles. Though the early notice is certainly nice, it’s essentially been a done deal for awhile.

NCIS: Los Angeles, a spin-off of NCIS, follows a crack team of operatives that are charged with keeping our country safe from threats to national security. The show stars Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Adam Jamal Craig, and Peter Cambor.

The TV show got off to a very strong start in September and is still going strong. The dozen episodes that have aired so far have attracted an average of 16.8 million viewers and a 3.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

With numbers like that, a renewal was essentially a lock. If that wasn’t enough, the series also has some extra insurance that most shows don’t have.

Which NCIS is better?

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In November, after being on the air for just seven weeks, NCIS: LA was sold in syndication to USA Network. Under the deal, USA will pay an estimated $2.2 million per episode. The cable channel can start airing episodes weekly beginning September 2011 and can begin running episodes five days a week starting in Fall 2013.

This deal all but guarantees that NCIS:LA will be on CBS for at least three seasons and very likely more. The crime drama is produced by CBS’ in-house studio so the network has financial incentive to keep it going even if ratings were to slip. Essentially, CBS could have saved time and renewed the series for year three as well.

The cast and crew will end up producing at least 24 episodes this season and it’s likely that they’ll end up making the same for 2010-11.

What do you think? Which is better — NCIS or NCIS:LA worth watching? How long do you think NCIS:LA will last?

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  1. vore01 says

    I had high hopes for this show. After all it followed up on a store line linking it with NCIS. After 4 episodes the banter between Chris O’Donnell, and LL Cool J left me a bit chilled. Guys get a room OK? And Linda Hunt is miscast on this show.

    Her romantic involvement/entanglements that are supposed to be legendary are highly doubtful if not unbelievable. The rest of the cast is totally forgetful. I stopped watching after the 5th episode. .

  2. denica says

    I like NCIS and NCIS LA, but NCIS it`s my favorite ! Yes the first season of NCIS LA is a better than NCIS first season,but in NCIS LA have Abby and in 6 season in NCIS have a one seria with LA team . that the answer why first season NCIS LA is better than first NCIS .

    sorry if a have a mistake in te post because I`m not very good in english, I`m bulgarian 😛

  3. Liz says

    I got into NCIS: LA first, and I think the first season of LA is better than the first season of NCIS hands down. It’s way more interesting to me. Of course, I’m still going to try and watch all seven NCIS seasons but LA is just better.

  4. Anonymous says

    It has taken me a while to get into NCIS:LA and i really enjoy it but for me the original NCIS can not be beaten.

  5. dan says

    la is fast becoming my favourite though i often cringe at the lack of respect the la team have for a crime scene and often think on how the original ncis team would solve the case.
    i find ncis la a more relaxed fun show to watch instead of the intensity to deteail that gibbs and his team offers.

  6. EveClayton says

    I think both are great, but gotta admit I love NCIS better. Love Gibbs, Love Tony and Ziva, Abby and Mcgee. But also gotta admit that NCIS: LA has nice technologies! Love when they drag one picture to another computer. Callen and Hanna are a good team, Gibbs team is funny and a good team! Specially when Gibbs smacks them behind their heads lol.

  7. Cole says

    I watched all of NCIS LA Season 1, thrilled and excited every episode, if I saw it on TV, i would re-watch the episode there. I began to watch the original NCIS, but it bore me to death. There was some funny aspects but No. I would say NCIS LA is Definetly the better one.

  8. someone says

    Y’know, I used to love NCIS. I was freaked that NCIS: LA would totally ruin the original for me, but honestly? I like LA so much better. I love how the team works together, and their family-like structure (not that The Gibbs Team didn’t have that). But I laugh a lot more in LA, and I like a show where they can contain personal life, work life, drama, tense situations, and funny comments all in one, still showing that the characters are serious and care for what they’re doing and who they work with. And in my opinion, LA pulled that off better. I’m not saying the original doesn’t, it’s just my opinion. I’m a fan of both The Gibbs Team and The Hetty Team, but to me, Hetty’s wins in the end.

  9. Anonymoud says

    Well if the first series wasn’t so great there wouldn’t be a spin off, I love both but if I had to choose NCIS:LA wins, I have every episode so far and I love watching it over and over again. I can’t wait till next season! NCIS I like watching on USA Network, I think the show needs something to spice it up more, like a new character (keeping the old ones too), another female agent and a new director, I don’t like Vance very much. I am a NCIS Saga fanatic!

  10. Isha says

    I think that NCIS LA is just a spin off that is going to go anywhere, NCIS on the other hand in my opinion is much more long lasting and original, I think there is no question that NCIS wins.

  11. ANONYMOUS says

    You can’t compare NCIS: Los Angeles (which has just finished its first year) to NCIS (which has just finished its seventh), but if you compare “NCIS: Los Angeles 1″ to “NCIS 1″, LA wins hands down.

    Chris O’Donnell…………………………………..Special Agent In Charge G. Callen
    LL COOL J……………………………………Senior Field Special Agent Sam Hanna
    Peter Cambor………………………………………………..OPS Shrink Dr. Nate Getz
    Linda Hunt……………………………………………………OPS Manager Hetty Lange
    Daniela Ruah………………………………….Junior Field Special Agent Kensi Blye
    Barrett Foa…………………………………………………….OPS Technician Eric Beal
    Adam Jamal Craig……………….Junior Field Agent Dominic Vail (DECEASED)
    Louise Lombard…OPS Manager Supervisory Agent Lara Macy (DECEASED)

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