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New Girl TV seriesTonight, FOX premieres a new sitcom to follow their popular Glee series. They renewed Raising Hope last season but it was far from a hit and they cancelled two other sitcoms, Running Wilde and Traffic Light, that were flops. They’re hoping New Girl will be the hit they’ve been looking for and the critics seem to think they’re on the right track.

New Girl follows Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), a young and beautiful free-spirit who goes through a bad break-up and needs a new place to live. She finds a great loft but must share it with three young male roommates (Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, and Lamorne Morris). They give her a unique kind of support and help her move on. She helps them understand women.

Here’s what the critics think of the new sitcom:

LA Times: “Viewers will come to see Deschanel but they’ll stay for the whole package because smart writing, confident timing and characters that are both familiar yet surprisingly fresh make New Girl the most promising comedy, and one of the most promising shows, of the season.”

NY Daily News: “Maybe the most encouraging thing about New Girl, though, is that the opening episode doesn’t let its characters settle in as the stereotypes they could easily become.”

“Deschanel could simply be winsome and wounded. She’s not. She’s proactive, and not always in a smart way. She also wears glasses that make her look a little nerdish, reflecting the fact Jess is a teacher rather than, say, an assistant at a trendy gallery.”

“The guys, meanwhile, do some of the stupid things blockhead sitcom guys always do. But they seem open to the possibility of someday getting a little smarter. That, plus Deschanel, positions New Girl near the head of the new sitcom pack.”

Boston Globe:New Girl, created by No Strings Attached screenwriter Liz Meriwether, isn’t a ground-breaking comedy in any way, as it deals in the predictable gender differences we see in romantic movies and rom-coms on TV. The show is about people in their 20s and 30s on the verge of finding themselves, and it has no social satire in its DNA, like, say, 30 Rock. If you go in expecting a revelation, you will most likely be disappointed. But go in to see a sturdily built sitcom structure in which four weird people form a quirky little relationship system, or go in to see Zooey, and you will enjoy.”

USA Today: “Almost every choice the show makes tonight is a wise one, starting with Jess’ opening recounting of a sexual escapade gone wrong, and ending with a one-word punch line that makes it clear Jess is no naive pushover. In between, Girl sets up a viable premise and introduces a strong set of supporting characters, which is just what you want from fall’s most promising new series.” …

“Some people will be resistant to Deschanel’s doe-eyed charm; others have a congenital need to insult anyone who most everyone else is praising, particularly if doing so gets them attention. If you fall in either category, steer clear. For the rest of us, this could be a Girl to cherish.”

What do you think? Will you tune in to see New Girl? Do you think it could be a hit or should be quickly cancelled?

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  1. JME says

    I watch the first espisode and actually put me to sleep. I did not laugh one time during the time I was awake. This show certainly does not live up to all of the hype.

  2. nsemi says

    LOVED it ! Deschanel has something new and not “out of the can”…….refreshing and hilarious! Men with”manliness issues” may take issue with the male roommate portrayals, but women will cheer!

  3. Jeremy Rynek says

    I watched the pilot on Itunes, I DID NOT LAUGH ONCE!!! I can not f**king believe Zooey took this show. Seriously, it was not funny at all. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!

    • Ryan says

      I’m with you man… I did the same thing and got the free pilot off of iTunes. I was looking for ward to this show but it just fell flat for me.

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