October Road: New Last Episode in the Works, Show Creators Promise Closure

October RoadOne of the most upsetting cancellations of the 2008 -2009 season was ABC’s October Road. Faithful viewers were truly tied into the characters’ struggles and emotional journeys. When the show ended, there were many unresolved questions. Now, thanks to the creators and cast, it looks like we’re going to get some closure.

October Road was moderately successful in the ratings in its first season and earned a renewal based on ABC’s belief that the audience would grow. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and viewership only dropped in season two. There were some discussions about moving the series to another channel but there weren’t any takers. As a result, the series finale aired on March 10th.

Thankfully for the fans, the creators of October Road are just as invested in the show as the viewers. Though Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Scott Rosenberg had already committed to running ABC’s new Life on Mars series, they wanted to finish the Knights Ridge saga properly. Appelbaum told Zap2It, “We got the call that the show was cancelled on Tuesday at 9:45 in the morning and by 10 o’clock at night, [we] were writing the finale. It’s sort of like therapy for us, but the most important thing is that it means closure for the fans.” Soonafter, the team called each of the castmembers about being involved and they all signed on without question.

Rosenberg told TV Guide that he and the show’s writers felt they had a commitment to wrap up the show. “We had a small audience, but they genuinely fell in love with these characters, and I feel we owe it not only to them, but also to the cast.” They came up with a 15-minute episode called, appropriately enough, “Don’t Look Back: An Epilogue for an Epic Love.”

The mini-episode will pick up where the series left off, starting with the wedding of Ray “Big Cat” Cataldo (Warren Christie) and Hannah Daniels (Laura Prepon). It will then skip ahead seven years and viewers will be given answers to most of the series’ outstanding questions — including the identity of Sam’s papa, the Commander’s health, and the fate of each of the relationships.

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Applebaum says that the team has always known how they would end the series. He tells Zap2It, “Whether the show went two years or seven years, there’s always been a particular moment and piece of closure that we wanted and we’re going to be able to get to that intended end.” Series star Bryan Greenberg says that he’s in the same boat as the show’s loyal viewers — he’s got a lot of questions and can’t wait to have them answered.

The actual shooting schedule hasn’t been firmed up as yet but that shouldn’t concern fans. Lindy Booth (Pizza Girl) notes, “We all love the show, so we’ll all be there.” Applebaum echoes that sentiment by saying, “The nice thing about this whole experience is that this show about friendship has created an environment of friendship and community among the cast. And when we look at the message boards, we feel like that’s sort of extended to our viewership too. We’re happy to do this for them.”

The October Road creators won’t have to look far for one of the castmembers. Jonathan “Ronnie Garrett” Murphy has just signed on as a regular on Life on Mars.

It’s expected that the short-but-sweet October Road series finale will be included on the season two DVD set and may be made available online as well. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Sanger says

    So is there something new? I mean the news is really old and nothing happened till now? I’m a viewer from Germany and I really hope that this final Episode comes soon…or better Lifetime picks up the show…

  2. don says

    ABC ruined this show. Of course they had a small viewer base. They did half seasons and spaced out the season over 8 months if not longer.
    My wife and I loved this show. Why couldn’t ABC do things like they did in the past. This is all ABCs marketing fault!

  3. Lori says

    Please bring October Road to a closure! SOON! I totally agree that all the Reality, Doctor/Medical/CSIs shows are rampant. Bring back something we can escape to!!

  4. Crystal says

    I am so upset that this show has been cancelled. This was my new favorite show and my husband’s as well! I am so sick and tired of watching stupid reality shows, medical dramas and legal/CSI dramas. This show and Friday Night Lights were the two shows that left me wanting more – when the show ended every week. Although FNL has been picked up on the Directv channel 101, October Road has not been picked up (to my knowledge) by an other channel. Will I ever know what happened between Janet & Eddie or who Sam’s father is or if Hannah and Nick will get together?????? I am so mad. I don’t think I would be as upset if the show had an ending to it but they led me to believe that it would be back for another season!!!

  5. Sherry says

    They aired season 2 after mostly reruns of the worst season of Greys ever in the midst of an entertainment crisis and then expected it to do better then the season before and blamed the show for the drop in ratings. They never gave it a fair chance. They should have left October Road and cancelled the horribly declining Greys. I wish the CW would have picked it up. It belongs there anyhow.

  6. Jess says

    I was disapointed that October road was not on the ABC list this season.
    The last season left us wanting and expecting another run.
    I personally enjoyed watching October Road, I loved the way the writers placed in alot of the 80”s music.
    I would have choosen music from the Seatle sound, bands like Pearl jam, Sunken Garden, Alice in chains, etc. etc.
    October road happens to take place in the early 90’s and so forth, so grudge would have fit pretty well. Music had a lot a heart and meaning, just like the music from the 80’s.
    So if you could please bring back October road with all it’s original actors.
    If you cannot sell them to ABC take it to the CW or anyone else, who can appreciate a good story.

  7. BIG Fan says

    Are they going to have a End to this show or what. It really Ticks me off when you watch these new shows and Tune in EVERY WEEK and then they Cancel them. It makes me not even want to watch Any of the new shows. I also think it is bull when they only give you an Ending that you have to buy to see. My husband Also Loved the show and watched it Every Week with me. Can you please start thinking about the FANS and Not just what show you are going to Try the next season. Complete what you start or you will not have ANy shows that make because we will all start thinking this will happen Every time- MoM of 4

  8. drporter says

    I’m still waiting to hear when the questions will be answered. I hope they put it on tv and not just the internet or on your cell phone. I am a 32 year old mom of 3 under 3, that works full time, and this was one show that I really enjoyed. (Even my husband got into it.) It was one show that I couldn’t wait until the following week to see and sink into like a book. I do not have a lot of extra time on my hands and it was nice to escape into a story with some depth to it and not another reality show that makes no sense. I really wish that another network would pick it up. My fingers are crossed for Lifetime!!!

  9. Lauren says

    Why would you cancel one of the best shows? So that all is left is a mish mosh of doctor/uglybetty/boring dancing/american idol. Is this the way TV is heading? THAT’S PLAIN OLD SAD. Not only did I look forward to the show each week, it was the ONLY show of the whole week I watched with excitement and anticipation. I truly enjoyed the cast and the storyline and loved wondering what the answers were to all of my questions.

    Shame on you ABC, you’re turning into the next CW-UPN 9-Fox.

  10. Nadine from Ct says

    This news is so upsetting. This IS my favorite show! I feel like part of the characters life. I am so disappointed. I am hope ABC changes their minds!

  11. JessicaMarie says

    I can’t believe it either. I LOVE this show. The characters are so unique and fun to watch. Each week, I just couldn’t wait until the next week. How can they wrap it up in 15 minutes! Get real! I can’t believe that no one else would pick it up. I think in the right time slot it would be a huge hit!

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