Privileged: Petition to Continue the CW TV Show

PrivilegedThough Privileged has attracted great reviews and a very devoted audience, the ratings just haven’t reflected the show’s quality.

With such poor numbers, the series is almost certainly destined to be cancelled after just one season and 18 episodes. The season ended with unresolved storylines and viewers will very likely be left hanging.

Do you think that the CW network should keep trying to find an audience for the show? Does it belong on another network, like Lifetime? Would you like to see the show continue or, at the very least, see the series come to a satisfying conclusion? If so, there are a few things that you can do.

Tell your friends and family members to tune in and watch Privileged, whenever it show sup. Maybe one of them is secretly a “Nielsen family” or knows one. Viewers are what matter most to the network.

Write to the CW. Let the network know how you feel about the show. Remember to keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy.

Sign the petition below and let the network execs know you’ve signed it. Spread the word and ask others to do the same.

To: Alloy Entertainment, Tsiporah, Warner Bros. Television, and the CW

We, the undersigned, enjoy watching the Privileged TV show on the CW network. The series is smartly written and truly has it all — romance, comedy, and drama.

Privileged is an original show that the CW should be proud to have. Please keep producing and airing this inventive series, either on the CW or on another network. At the very least, please give the loyal fans a conclusion.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • CynthiaCountry: Singapore2014-08-28 15:33:47
    I love this show. Please somehow continue this show.. I'm desperate to know the ending of this show.
  • MarinaCountry: Ukraine2014-07-26 10:50:05
    I don't understand why such TV show wasn't popular in America. It's the one of really amazing stories that could teach the young generation to live in the right way, with the right words and feelings. At last they show something good, without any sex, drugs and other sheet that everyone so used to see on TV. I'm 21, I live in small Ukraine and I was so happy that I finally can learn something good from american's TV show, because it's not so often to happened. Usually all TV shows just ruin any thoughts about nobility, family and honesty...
  • BritneyCountry: United States2014-06-12 10:39:49
    Renewing the season would help your networks rating
  • NoemiCountry: Germany2013-12-05 18:20:31
    You guys must renew this show...the reason why you probably got any hits is because kids werent into tv shows as much as they are now....i bet of u were to rerun the first season this age and time people will love it....I know I did and I am very picky when it comes to movies....If you read this please think about it
  • jack cernerCountry: us2013-09-20 18:59:20
    Mistake. PerfectBlendOfBrilliantHumor, Drama, Current Culture - The Works!!!!!ExcellentExcellent Show!!! Problem Was It Wasn't Marked Properly. HugeMistake
  • nataliaCountry: canada2013-09-08 17:11:31
    Please bring privileged back! I believe it would flourish immensely in this day and age.
  • Distraught Fan!Country: U.S.A2013-09-02 17:42:56
    This show is my heart and soul! It needs to be back! It's so unfair!
  • ♥♥♥F♥♥♥A♥♥♥N♥♥♥Country: Latvia2013-07-18 05:40:52
  • jona otacanCountry: u.s.a.2013-01-18 03:41:09
    atleast give us a conclusion to the show. fans and followers of the show deserve that much. thank you.
  • Jiawa YonisCountry: Denmark2012-12-21 07:03:17
    Hi CW Please please please I need and want more of priviledged This is so not fair. This is the first time I can relate to a character (Megan) so much and the fans at least deserve a finished end. The show ended lose and it is so not fair Yours dearly Jiawa Yonis
  • BeatriceCountry: Singapore2012-11-21 07:51:36
  • annaCountry: Australia2012-11-03 20:15:08
    season 2 season 2 we want season 2 pleaseee!
  • debbieCountry: australia2012-11-03 20:14:11
  • RUQAYACountry: UAE2012-09-25 14:22:40
  • ElenaCountry: Spain2012-05-25 10:16:08
    Pleaase don't cancel it!!! :)
  • JuliaCountry: Germany2012-05-22 13:49:54
    Please bring it back!! I really need to know how it´s going to end up with Megan and Will!!!
  • MayraCountry: United States2012-04-08 13:25:02
    Please bring it back or at least finish what you started.
  • Evi Country: Germany2012-04-04 06:11:43
    I love priviledged! It's funny, it's smart, there are beautiful actors and wonderful filming locations. Please, please continue the show. In Germany priviledged just started some weeks ago. I cannot believe that it will be ending soon. Our series in Germany are not so smart and not so nice. Also the European youth loves romantic series. There are a lot of TV stations, which would pay a lot for such a soap. I now a lot a of series with significantly bad actors and low budged sets, that had much more television episodes than priviledged. I can't understand that. Sorry.
  • LovePearlCountry: Philippines2012-03-25 21:03:37
    please bring it back :( i cant just continue my life with that last message "to be continued"
  • Giovanna Country: USA 2012-03-13 07:18:39
  • AustejaCountry: Lithuania2012-03-09 03:13:14
    Privileged is a great show! I know that it is a long time after the 18th episode, but it was really amazing and as I see, I wasn't the one, who liked this unusual, sophisticated and fascinating show. So please, BRING IT BACK. Thank you.
  • ZitengCountry: China2012-02-14 12:45:59
    bring it back. so look forward the second.
  • ZitengCountry: China2012-02-14 12:38:29
    Cancelling the show will really break my heart. At least give the second chance see how the second works. Because there are so many unresove problems were handing there, which is really hurt those royal audiances.I have recommeded to so many friedns, and they love it. please do not just cancle it like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!
  • SoniaCountry: Malaysia2012-02-06 04:34:18
    I found the cd by accident and I loved it . Infact my friends, siblings and school mates loved it. We sure hope
  • ZuzkaCountry: Czech republic2012-01-19 05:06:58
    Právě jsem dokoukala první sérii Privileged a seriál se mi velmi líbí. U nás se vysílá jen pár dní ale zaujal mě natolik, že jsem se na další díly musela podívat dřív něž se u nás odvyíjalí další díly s dabingem. Velmi by mě mrzelo kdyby tento seriál skončil ještě k tomu v tak napínavěm konci první série. Tak doufám že seriál u první série neskončí.
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