Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Bravo Fab Five Say Goodbye

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on BravoYou may recall back in August that we published a story about the imminent demise of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The tip came from an interview with Queer Eye’s self-proclaimed “Cultural Vulture” Jai Rodriguez himself. Bravo very quickly denied the show’s demise and said that a decision wouldn’t be made until the end of the year. Well, it appears Rodriguez was correct and the series’ goose is now officially cooked.

Queer Eye began airing on July 15, 2003 and quickly became a breakout hit for Bravo. The show stars five openly gay men as they help culturally transform a male “victim;” providing makeover for his wardrobe, appearance, home and overall style. The “Fab Five” experts are comprised of Rodriguez, Carson Kressley, Kyan Douglas, Ted Allen and Thom Filicia. (Incidentally, though it may seem like they’ve been together for all 90 episodes, only Kressley and Allen have been part of the show since the pilot episode.)

The show has been so popular that it’s inspired versions in various foreign countries and languages. In addition, a Los Angeles-based spin-off series, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, debuted in 2005 and was cancelled after one season. Now the original has been put to rest as well.

Bravo has announced that the 10 episodes of Queer Eye: The Final Season will begin airing this summer. A special episode will commemorate the finale, perhaps reuniting the five — since the last episodes were shot last summer when the cast supposedly had no idea about the cancellation. Interestingly enough, Bravo has also announced plans for a similar makeover show starring Project Runway judge Tim Gunn.

But you don’t have to worry about missing the “Fab Five.” They’re all very active in other projects and shows. Filicia, for one, just announced that he is hosting a home makeover show for Bravo competitor the Style Network.

NBC Universal has also been pushing reruns of Queer Eye. The distributor is pushing suggesting affiliates use the show to fill the slot left by the recently cancelled Megan Mullally Show. Chances are you’ll see the Queer Eye guys popping up on daily NBC daytime schedules by the beginning of February.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Megan says

    I never watched the version with the gal, but I still the 5-some! ;(
    As others have mentioned, QE used to be on my Bravo channel. I got really interested and am still BUMMED!
    Glad to see Ted Allen on “Chopped” on Food Network. I know Carson had a show. What are the other 3 up to?

  2. says

    I am probably the last one to make a comment about this shows’ cancellation, but let me just say that before I had to give up my cable service (due to the economic downturn), I NEVER missed an episode. It was one of the most fabulous show on TV…I had hoped the spin-off “Q ueer Eye for the Straight Girl” wud be as successful (I dearly wanted to be on it) but, they cancelled that VERY QUICKLY. I have seen Carson on commercial TV more than I have seen the others and he is as delightful as ever. Hope you all re-unite soon for old-time sake. Miss you lots!

  3. says

    I am just starting to watch this show! A little late, I know, but there appears to be a good archive to view. Maybe hulu.com or some other online tv site will make it available.

    Great show! Kyan Douglas is cool. :)

  4. Fab-Five-Fan says

    The last show was very anti-climatic.. Very sad. When they showed the preview for it, it seemed like the guys would get to acknowledge the end and say goodbye to the viewers.

    After watching the series finale, it just left us empty. We would love some closure.

    Love you guys!

  5. Jane says

    I am sorry to hear there will be no more ***** Eye. I’ve always hoped to have the Fab Five at my wedding someday. Now that I finally have a groom, they are caput. No fair, guys!

  6. Ashley Mecum says

    As many before me, I have followed ***** Eye from the very beginning and am incredibly sad to see the show cancelled. For awhile, I used to think that I’d be able to be on the show once I was old enough (I’m 17 now), but my hopes have been cast aside with the end of season three. Fab Five, wherever you are, you reached so many people through your show and you’ve truly touched my heart. I’m sure I can say the same for most people here. In a way, I feel like I know you, even if your nowhere near the Twin Cities. Thank you for giving us all an experience to remember. We love ‘ya guys. (And best of luck where ever the wind takes you.)

    -Sadly Accepting, Ashley.

  7. Randy says

    The show was cancelled because all five of the principals DECLINED TO RENEW THEIR CONTRACTS. Bravo would happily have renewed the show – in fact, that’s why the announcement was delayed, because Bravo was trying to entice them back. Don’t blame Bravo or NBC – the guys decided it was time to move on.

    • Megan says


      Megan here! I bought the book, “Queeer Eye for the Straight Guy” back in 2004. Will I ever be able to get it autographed?!

  8. Jane says

    I loved ***** Eye for the Straight Guy! Why in the world would Bravo take it off when it had such a huge following? I’m really puzzled over this. Does anyone have an answer as to why it was cancelled?

  9. Fran Adams says

    I loved ***** Eye for the Straight Guy……why in this world do TV execs take off the best shows and leave so many stupid shows…it amazes me….I think they are absolutely not in the real world….and cannot relate to what we really like. My love to the FAB 5!!!

  10. john says

    I totally agree with everyone else here. I’d wake up early just to watch that show. It was the best thing on tv at 11am! One morning I woke up, tuned into NBC like clockwork, then i realized it wasn’t on anymore and I started freaking out! Those 5 guys were hilarious, and their food, grooming, and apartment makeover tips were the tops. I’ll miss those crazy dudes. Please put them back on NBC!!!

  11. Debbi says

    I was VERY dissapointed when I sat down to watch my weekly fix of ***** Eye (I tape it) only to find out that it was not there! I love that show. IT always puts a smile on my face. WHY, WHY, WHY?

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