Reaper: Campaign Support for the CW TV Show

Reaper supportThings aren’t looking good for Sam (Bret Harrison), Sock (Tyler Labine), Ben (Rick Gonzalez), and Andi (Missy Peregrym). And this time, it’s not the Devil (Ray Wise) that’s causing the trouble.

Though Reaper seems to have a couple million devoted viewers, it’s looking pretty certain that the show will be ending its run this May. Do you enjoy the show? Would you like to see it continue? Well, there are a few things you can do. We’ve created this page to keep track of the ways that viewers can show support for Reaper.

Watch Reaper on the CW
Essentially, the most important thing to a network is for as many as possible 18-49 viewers. The more that watch, the more money the network can charge for their advertising. Watch every episode on TV — live, if possible — and encourage others to do the same. Perhaps one of them is secretly a Nielsen family!

Write to The CW and ABC Studios
Express your passion for the show but be respectful and polite. Everyone responds best to courtesy. E-mails are nice but personal snail-mail is even better. Besides The CW, contact ABC Studios (who produces the show) and encourage them to continue producing the show — either for the CW or for a Disney-associated channel like ABC Family.

Ms. Dawn Ostroff
The CW
3300 W. Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505
  Mr. Stephen McPherson
ABC Entertainment Group
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Sign a petition
Helpful hints: Use your real name rather than a screen name or “anonymous.” Explaining why you love the show is much better than “I support this petition.” Sign a petition only once. Spamming isn’t helpful.
Our Reaper petition

Become active with a group
Get in touch with other fans and become involved with their efforts. Here are just a few that are out there. Search your favorite social network to find more.
Reaper Facebook group
Reaper Facebook page

Sites & Forums
Here are a places populated with fans that are dedicated to saving the show.
The CW’s Reaper forum
Reaper DMV
Reaper Site

Post a button
If you have a blog or website, you can use this button to let people know you want Reaper to continue. To use it, right click on the image and save it to your hard drive. Upload it to your site or blog and then link it to the petition, this page, or another Kyle resource.

Support videos
Consider posting a video about why the show should be saved. Some viewers may not read news online but many do watch YouTube videos.

Are you doing something unique to try to save Reaper? Let us know by posting below!

UPDATE: Visit this newer article Reaper: TV Show Still Fighting for Survival

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sveta says

    Save Reaper! I love it so much!
    Пожалуйста! Мне 14, и я не понимаю, как у этого сериала мог быть низкий рейтинг!

  2. Александр says

    Добрый день. Я являюсь один из многих фанатов Вашего сериала, и очень хотел бы увидеть его продолжение. К сожалению, англоязычные сайты доставляют мне и моим товарищам много проблем, однако это не в коем случае не мешает бороться за Ваш сериал. Нас много, и все мы хотим увидеть продолжение сериала. Пусть трудности не остановят Вас, и Вы сможете порадовать нас новым (или даже новыми) сезонам(и) сериала Жнец. Я считаю, то что мы уже ранее сделали и теперь делаем уже доказывает то, что мы хотим увидеть продолжение.
    В общем – продолжайте снимать сериал, и не убегайте от трудностей. :)
    (c) Александр.

  3. Дмитрий says

    Фильм, вообще классный, хочу чтобы сняли продолжение! Он и смешной, давайте продолжение!!!

  4. says


  5. sharpfang says

    I don’t understand why the * did CW leave that show. That’s one of the best comedian tv shows. CW lost in my eyes soooo much. SADLY!

  6. santiago says

    estimados estudios de universal channel les quiero reclamar la reincorporacion de la serie llamada Reaper a su señal para que el publico pueda disfrutar su tercera temporada. por favor se los pudo es una serie en la que muchos televidentes se han interesado bastante en mirarla, muy recomendada, por favor se los pido no la levanten de su programacion y queremos ver, a pedido del publico, la tercera temporada ya que hemos quedad con ancuas de lo que les sucedera a nuestros queridos amigos de la serie. desde ya muchas gracia

  7. Jish says

    Please CW and ABC give Reaper a chance.
    me and my friends are dying to watch the season 3 & for sure the whole world.
    Reaper is one of the best T.V. show ever.

  8. Mitcg says

    Complete and utter bullcrap! Reaper is probably one of the only shows out there which has creativr scripts every episode, not this same old crap they throw at us everyday of the week! CW/ABC need to pull their heads out of their asses and make another season not just leave us hanging on an episode where a gay angel flies off and ends!!!!!!

    If there are any petitions going let me know on this page. TY!

  9. stephan says

    Way to go CW/ABC im a us soldier in iraq , i really enjoyed the reaper it’s my favorite tv show ever..If I would have know that a great show like the reaper was going to be canceled, I wouldn’t have blown through all the episodes so fast. now I have one less thing to get me through IRAQ thanks CW/ABC Corp.

  10. Danny shen says

    “REAPER” is the best telethon for peoples ,even we have some good Hollywood film .but Believe me this telethon is deserve for peoples enjoy ,I can’t wait to see what is go on next for Sam and his friends.

    Please kindly help me out of the Hollywood film circle ,let show to peoples how perfect “REAPER” is ,show them the passion ,novelty….anything strong point “REAPER” have.

    Please kindly don’t give up those peoples who love “REAPER”,because we are already are a part of this telethon.

  11. says

    Why is this even a question.. Reaper is on of the only real comedies on tv. It’s the best of all worlds and it’s great for all ages.. Its really hard to watch something with the whole family. This is a must for anyone that has ever like ghostbusters and the fight of good vs evil. The Cast is unbelievable and perfect. Forever Reaper!!!!!!! And Long live Sock!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nickol says

    The best show for a very long time . I am from the UK and feel we should not just be ignored here in Europe. PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK REAPER!

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