Round Three: Which TV Show Should Be Saved from Being Cancelled?

Chuck Vs CastleWell, after more than 4,600 votes in our game, it all comes down to two TV shows — the pair that the most people think should be saved. Is your favorite one of them? Can you choose between the two?

In round one of the game, we asked you to select from a list of 30+ shows that were of danger of being cancelled. Tough as it was to decide, more than 1,600 people made a choice and we came up with six clear favorites: Better Off Ted, Castle, Chuck, Fringe, Medium, and Trauma.

We’ve now closed round two and found some interesting surprises. Though shows like Better Off Ted, Medium and Trauma have very passionate fans, their tallies were far lower than the other three.

Round Three: Which bubble show should be saved?

  • Chuck (38%)
  • Castle (62%)

Total Votes: 2,372

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Chuck and Fringe — who both have lots of sci-fi fans — were nearly tied for second place but Chuck ended up the winner by about 30 votes. Did the shows split the sci-fi fan vote?

Castle was the clear winner of round two but, will the ABC show be victorious in round three? Now that Fringe is out of the running (and has actually been renewed), will the Fringe voters switch to Chuck? We’ve had upsets before so it’ll be interesting to see how you vote. It’s Chuck vs. Castle!

Don’t delay, this round closes on Monday, March 15th. Come on, tell us which bubble show would you save if you had the power to do so?

After you’ve voted, leave a comment below and share your decision. You might just convince someone to follow your lead! Do the final two surprise you?

UPDATE: Sorry. Voting has now closed. Go here to read the final results.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sacramentocheryl says

    They the studio execs never should have canceled the unique and entertaining Medium. All the the shows they’ve tried to put in it’s place wouldn’t hold the interest of a flea(CHAOS springs to mind)
    So often networks remove b+ shows in search of. A+ show. The reality is you can only have a handful of winners by definition. The b+ shows can make up the body of programming. In this quest for all A+ shows you end up with a bunch of Fs and a frustrated audience.

  2. Michele says

    I love both shows…Chuck and Castle. I also love Fringe and Medium. Trauma is also an amazing show — NONE OF THESE SHOWS SHOULD BE CANCELLED. Keep these great shows and give them better time slots. They deserve to continue.

  3. Craig says

    How does Castle end up on the bubble list? The TV Finale folks threw a ringer into the competition. You needed to create a contest that was restricted to shows that actually were on the bubble.

  4. Linda says

    Save Bonnie Hunt .. Laughs always help you through tough times. Keep Bonnie on at Oprah timeslot .. You will have a winner.

  5. Renee says


  6. Joao says

    If chuck is canceled many fans were angry and looks that are not just chuck is practically the best series in my opinion chuck you can do with your family or alone it is good not every series that is so, please, NBC drops in real and does not cancel chuck

    • Mary Sagor says

      Hey, Terry, you don’t have to apologize…there was only one show I wanted to keep, and it has in fact been renewed, with 22 episodes for next year. So I’m a very grateful and happy camper.

  7. Patti Zeleznak says

    PLEASE don’t ask me to choose BETWEEN the two shows my husband and I CAN’T MISS WATCHING TOGETHER!!! We don’t spend enough time together as it is due to so many outside things pulling at us…and to take even one hour (time duration of EITHER of the two shows per episode) away from us is taking away a part of our togetherness, and after almost twenty-five years together in marriage, togetherness with each other is almost all we have left. KEEP BOTH SHOWS, network executives, or you’ll lose ANOTHER two viewers (among hundreds of thousands, I’m sure) to cable shows vs. network-sponsored shows. You should know better than to try to do this to people who are sick and tired of nothing but ‘reality’ shows. Intelligent series TV, whether it be crime/mystery/drama or humorous semi-sci-fi in origin, is ALREADY at a premium in today’s mindless network scheduling…what are we as viewers, IRRELEVANT?

  8. Ray says

    I never watched any of the shows on the list other then Chuck. I love the show, it’s funny and entertaining, I hope they keep it on the air. It seems that good shows with talented actors get cancelled and the reality show garbage keeps getting produced.

    • Mary Sagor says

      Ray, I’ve never seen Chuck, so in a way we are even. I don’t know if the shows are on opposite each other, but if they are not, then I’d like to make a deal with you: I’ll watch Chuck, once, and you watch Castle, once. I think you’ll enjoy it. And, if they are not in the same timeslot on opposite networks, maybe we can each add something new to our tv viewing schedule!

  9. says

    Myself and many friends LOVE watching “TRAUMA” ! ! ! ! ! Mon. 3/15 episode was extra good with Rabbit’s flashback about the fire and his Dad’s death. The storeyline was nicely developed. It’s so WONDERFUL to have “TRAUMA” back – – – – – really hope it doesn’t get cancelled. I have never watched “CHUCK” or “CASTLE” ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  10. KIM says


    The writing is absolutely fantastic the acting well that speaks for itself. And we are all waiting to see Beckett and Castle get together..

  11. Mary Sagor says

    Deez, I think you misunderstood – I LIKE Dancing With The Stars and American Idol. They offer talented people the opportunity to entertain us. CASTLE entertains us with well-written and well-acted scripts that offer humor, insight into the human psyche, and a good mystery. It doesn’t get better than this!

    The “reality” shows that I see no reason for are the things like “The Bachelor” and all those shows with cameras following “real” people around. “Survivor” is just a bunch of self-serving people trying to make someone else fail. I do not understand why those things would be on the air except that they require no scripts and no talented actors, therefore they are really CHEAP for the networks to produce. There is not one person in any of those casts worth thinking about. All you can do is wonder what is wrong with their lives that they would subject themselves to such humiliation.

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