Runaway: CW Cancels Donnie Wahlberg Drama Series

Runaway Rader family on the runIn what seems to be a trend among the networks, another of the season’s new serial dramas has bitten the dust. CBS pulled the plug on Smith, NBC’s Kidnapped will end after 13 episodes, and things don’t look good for Fox’s Vanished. Now, CW has announced that they’re joining in and have cancelled their low-rated Runaway dramatic serial. Runaway was one of only two new series on CW (all of the rest of the CW shows were culled from either the WB or UPN).

Runaway focuses on a family of fugitives that seeks to prove the innocence of the father, Paul Rader (played by Donnie Wahlberg), after he is unjustly accused of murder. The show also stars Leslie Hope (previously seen as Jack Bauer’s wife on 24 and the Attorney General on Commander in Chief), was created by Chad Hodge, and was executive produced by Darren Star and Ed Zuckerman.

Since its September 25, 2006 debut, Runaway has averaged a meager 1.8 million viewers. The show aired for two weeks on the very competitive Monday night and was moved to Sunday just this week. Unfortunately the weak ratings didn’t improve with the move.

Eight episodes of the show have been finished thus far and only three have aired. Production was reportedly stopped on Tuesday during the ninth episode but Sony Pictures (who produces the show) didn’t confirm whether it had been stopped for good. That being said, it’s still doubtful that the remaining episodes will be aired in the U.S. The unfilmed scripts from the network’s 13 episode order are entitled “They Say It’s Your Birthday,” “Dashing Through the Snow,” “Trial and Error,” and “Knock, Knock.”

For now, CW plans to move repeats of America’s Next Top Model into Runaway’s Sunday night 9pm slot while various drama repeats will fill the 7pm hour; Smallville on October 22nd and Supernatural on October 29th.

Perhaps we’ll see the return of the popular Reba series as a result of this cancellation — if CW has another half-hour show to help fill Runaway’s slot on the schedule. I wonder if anyone at the CW network is now wishing that the much-beloved Everwood had been renewed? TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. kenny says

    i work nights so just got in about 4am and was waiting for my pc to boot up and xbox as i dont watch tv **** but only thing was on ….pilot of runaway ..for me to be even bothered to write this is unbielievable best thing to get me hooked in ten minutes i am in the uk so dont know nothing about this show …i know when things ae good i can tell you the next top hit … if you want to know that will be a girl from europe called inna ….get this show back uk audience will love it …

  2. Jay says

    can someone give me the name of runaway’s theme song at the start… it’s rock… ” where did you go…. so far from home…” please if anyone has the info … would greatly appreciate.. i need to know the name of the band

  3. Darcie Fisher says

    OMG I loved this show…it had a great theme to it and the cast was great…you need to give people more of a chance to start to watch it, the show was only on fo 3 weeks. YOu really need to consider putting the how back on and re vamp it…please I really want to know whats going to happen. Thanx for listing to me .

  4. Stephanie says

    I went on Donnie Wahlberg’s website and per him on 1/2/07 he said that they might finish the episodes for Runaway as a mini series and then release the Dvd.

  5. says


  6. Anonymous says

    Please put that show “Runaway” back on.. I really looking forward to seeing it until I find out this show is cancelled because of low rating?? come on stuck it up this show is barely new and I love to continue to watch. Change different days and bring that show back for us to watch. It is really dispointed to hear that!.

  7. Tanya says

    How come don’t you bring runaway back. It’s been a few long months already i want to see this show. it was a very good show i like it my sister and i watch every monday or sunday see i even forgot when it aired. PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. caroline says

    I luved the show runaway it was a new show mabe if they kept it on it might have had a chance i really hope they put it back on the air.

  9. Dan says

    Come on. The show was not at all interesting. Three airings was two too many. And yes, skipping on Everwood for Runaway…..what a great call there. Out of shame, the execs should just shutdown their plans for the CW completely and just let Smallville and Supernatural (maybe 7th Heaven, but that’s a stretch too) go to another network – one that would care and help these shows. Then those same execs should all resign and return whatever money they were paid before they create history that no one would dare repeat. Hard to believe they could fail any more miserably though…

  10. amber pyburn says

    what is going on these days? this show was one of my favorites! there are not many good shows now days. the reality, “i can be a model” and cheesy girls-fights over boy drama shows are annoying. RUNAWAY was original and fresh! this show actually caught my attention. 3 shows wasn’t enough of a try. it’s like they couldn’t get the desired result in 2 minutes and gave up. people just don’t care about their shows like they used to.

  11. Todd says

    Why did that happen that show was the best on TV. I could not wait until it came on again, I think ya’ll made a big mistake.

  12. melissa says

    I can’t believe that this show got taken off the air. I have to agree with almost everything that has been said about the show. First, the air times were so messed up,changing it from one time to another. Then you think that the next top model is going to bring you good ratings? And I go so into the show, that now I want to know what was going to happen. Like someone said before me, this show really kept you on the edge of your seat,wondering how it was going to work out. The CW definately did not give this show a chance. I hope someone picks it up.

  13. Nicole says

    im so mad!
    i lovee the show runaway, why did they have to take it off? and then they took my other favorite show everwood away and now the re-runs are on ABC family. but i want new episodes for everwoodd and i want runaway to come back. they should at least show the last 4 episodes that havent been out to the public yet. i think that more people would have watched it if they just gave it a little more time, or at least finished out the season and not have stopped it in the middle. that is what really upsets me.

  14. Sarah says

    I loved the show Runaway. I looked for it every week it wasnt until recently I found out that it had been cancelled. I was very dissapointed. You should put it back on the air and keep filming. It was a good show that kept you wondering until next week. Well, for the short time it was on. Put it back on!!!!

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