Cupid: ABC Tries to Save The Unusuals, Pulls Cupid

CupidIf you’ve been following the ratings, you know that neither Cupid nor The Unusuals have been faring very well in the ratings. Tonight, ABC is trying to save one of them by sacrificing the other.

The new version of Cupid that stars Bobby Cannavale, Sarah Paulson, Rick Gomez, and Camille Guaty hasn’t been faring very well. The series’ premiere was a disappointment with 7.56 million viewers and a 2.3/6 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic.

Despite following the ratings powerhouse Dancing with the Stars, Cupid dropped to 6.22 million and a 1.7/5 in week two. In total viewers, that’s a loss of 57% of its lead-in audience. Week three’s numbers were a little better, but not by much. The reviews have been mixed at best and in some ways, it seemed like the alphabet network essentially gave up on the remake before it even aired.

The Unusuals hasn’t been having an easy time either. It debuted to 6.84 million viewers and a 2.2/6 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. The following week, viewership dropped 12 %, to 6.01 million and a 1.8/5 rating/share. That’s just slightly better than previous timeslot occupant Life on Mars, which was cancelled.

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The network seems to have a bit more faith in The Unusuals and are willing to sacrifice Cupid’s momentum to try to save the oddball cop show. They’ve taken the romantic-comedy series off the air for a week and have replaced it with an original episode of The Unusuals. The cop drama will air again on Wednesday it its regular post-Lost timeslot as well. Cupid is scheduled to return next Tuesday at 10pm.

With this shift in Cupid’s schedule, there are four produced episodes left to air but ABC’s only got three of them on the schedule. Will ABC make room to show the seventh (and likely final) episode of Cupid or will it be left collecting dust on the shelf?

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to find out.

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  1. mandy says

    Please don’t get rid of The Unusuals! It’s a great show and give it a chance to build over the summer! Or make it a summer show like Burn Notice on USA– so I can have something while everybody else is on vacation. We don’t need more celebrity reality junk – save the good shows! Life on Mars, Samantha Who, The Unusuals…. “Ya killin’ me, Smalls!”!

  2. Trena says

    please save the is so interesting, its just hard going up against the Law and Order Franchise, try putting it on another night like Tuesday at 10:00, that timeslot is ripe for the picking

  3. says

    I like both show. I’m sick of reality TV. Swith their time slots around. TV is horrible except for Lost! Some nights I watch re-runs on Hallmark, and AMC because I’m sick of the same old stuff. I like Cupid, it’s different and gives a nice ending to the day without getting all stressed out. Keep them and again, find a time that works. Maybe you need to stop going by this so called viewer list. There are viewers I know of and that aren’t and never have been on the list. Like myself.

  4. says

    I usually do not write to any network about a show, but I have really enjoyed The Unusuals. I thought at last not another reality show, I hope that is not what you are replacing it with. I have tivoed every episode. I hope maybe usa or another network will pick it up.

  5. Allie says

    I absolutely love Cupid and The Unsuals. I also think the reality shows are not real, and a waste of space. They should keep both of these shows on the air.

  6. a cupidl fan says

    I love cupid its fun and witty! I think abc is making a mistake by not scheduling the final episode. Although it might not be the “powerhouse” dancing with the stars is, it still has 7.56 million viewers. It is unjust and downright disrespectful to the writers, actors, and loyal fans to not air the last and probably final episode of cupid.

    a cupid fan

  7. Sarah says

    I love Cupid, and I love The Unusuals. With everything else going into hiatus, what’s the problem with keeping both these shows on over the summer to build some watchership? I HATE the reality shows. What a bunch of junk. They’re not reality. I want to escape, and that’s not what I want to watch when I escape. Keep both Cupid and The Unusuals on. There is more than one time slot, ya know. And I’m closer to the 49-year-old demographic you all are looking at, so I have more bucks to spend – or NOT – on your advertisers’ products!

  8. Robert Nelson says

    Frankly I burned out on cop shows a long time ago. However, I stumbled on the Unusuals last week and this show has “IT”. The characters are fresh, the storles are unique and the show has a great feel.

    The main reason why I could imagine a paucity of viewers is the time slot and little or no advertisement. Bring it into an earlier slot and advertise it and it will go. We need good programming so badly it would be a shame not to give this show more time. I got up from the show and immediately tried to determine how to voice my opinion.

  9. katie says

    Since ABC has cancelled Cupid I will not be watching any show on ABC. It seems that every show that catches my eye they cancel it within the first season. Cupid is such a refreshing show. It was definately wholesome. You can’t expect people to know about the show if you start it toward the end of the season. And seriously, whats with all the so called “reality” shows?!?!? I know they are cheaper to make but c’mon…..please end them. There is such a thing as the show been on way too long. ABC really needs to start keeping shows through the first few seasons so they can see if a show really has a chance…but you can’t see if cupid would be good if you only have it on for 4 weeks….please give it a real chance.

  10. sheree says

    I love this show- it is the only one I DVR’d. I do not like the time or day it was on. Should be on a Friday night when there is nothing to watch in the 8 or 9 pm slot. My two cents is they should play up the Mount Olympus part, make it a little more fantasy-I am a former Charmed addict who has found nothing to fill that void…..they should save this show.

  11. john says

    strange enough,cupid is much better than many shows around but yet again flagged
    as a failure I think that .it is not the show.but it’s marketing fails spread the word people the show is good.

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