Six Degrees: A Second Season for the ABC Drama?

Bridget Moynahan on Six Degrees on ABCThough Six Degrees was pulled by ABC after six episodes, the drama series returned to production on its original 13 episode order earlier this year. The series was creatively reworked a bit and, as part of that, actor Josh Charles was added to the cast. Then two weeks ago, ABC announced that Six Degrees would be returning to primetime on Friday, March 23rd at 9pm. There’s no word on how long the series will air but fans are hopeful that they’ll get to see all seven of the unaired episodes. A second season seems a long shot at best. Or is it?

Last week, after attending a Six Degrees wrap party in New York (where the series films), a Boston Herald source reported that “Word has come on high from the suits at Touchstone Pictures that the show is going to be picked up for new episodes and production will start in May. Production honchos are reportedly so sure it will be picked up that crews were instructed not to break down the sets at Silver Cup studios in Queens.”

If the series is actually picked up for another season, producers will have to make some decisions on how they want to handle actress Bridget Moynahan’s pregnancy. The final episodes of this season reportedly hid her growing tummy but for future episodes, if production actually resumes in May, it won’t be so easy. Moynahan’s due in the summer with the baby of ex-boyfriend New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.

The final decision on a second season will likely be determined by how well Six Degrees performs when it returns in March. It’s interesting that ABC is even considering a second season while other ABC shows with similar ratings are considered D.O.A. We’ll keep you posted on future developments so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. laura says

    i did not even know this show was on tv.. i ran across the episodes on while looking for grey’s anatomy and i got totally sucked in. i love all the characters and how they are ever discovering the links that connect them in the big city. i am anxious to see another season! if you did miss any they are all on

  2. Vicki says

    Wow, this was one of my favorite shows, I can’t believe they pulled it!! What were they thinking!!! ABC didn’t even give it a chance! It was cancelled after just bringing it back for one episode!? Finally a good show and it gets cancelled! And for what Men in Trees!? Men in Trees SUCKS!!! Even my husband got hooked on Six Degrees..and that’s hard to do for him!! BRING IT BACK!!!

  3. Carol Berglund says

    I too was extremely disappointed when the show was pulled off the air. I don’t get it? Why???? It is a such a good drama series. Please, please reconsider airing it again. With proper advertising, I’m sure you will get the viewers needed.

  4. danielle says

    I really think ABC should keep six degrees. It’s mature, it’s sexy, and it’s original. I would reappy appreciate a second season, and I enjoy watching the unaired episodes online at!

  5. Elise says

    I was not at home last Friday night and went looking for Six Degrees last night. Much to my dismay, I’m now reading that this great show has been axed. This was one of the best shows in TV land – it provided depth and character in a world of meaningless fluff. Please bring six degrees back – It may be an oxymoron, but I need something that seems real on TV.

  6. Pam Pommer says

    I loved the show. The story was interesting and the cast was great. However, how can executives think you can pull a show for week/months and then let it return for a couple of episodes and then determine if people are actually back. They didn’t even promote its return. Why couldn’t they finish the first season at the very least or finish it on the web?

    TV executives like that are killing TV. Why get involved in a series only to have it dropped. I’ll rent movies in the future.

  7. says

    Until I discovered this show I did not watch TV, period. I love the vibe of this show and it is so easy to relate to since I lived in Boston recently and frequented NYC as well. The cast is an amazing blend and I was SO excited when I heard it came back. With better marketing, I know this show could really take off…perhaps even fruition into the next “Friends” once everyone comes together. I missed tonight’s episode, but last week’s was the best!

  8. Melissa in California says

    Boooooooooooo ABC !!! I hope the guy that made the desision to pull 6 degree’s loses a novel he has read half way through . This is sooo unfair to the fans of the show that they wont run the rest of the eposides . They just cut us off with no regard to us having closure with the show ! I hope they reconsider running the last eposides .

  9. SM says

    This is a great show. It sucks you in and you can really feel what the characters are going through. The characters are very well thought out. There is a character for any viewer to identify with. I personally identify with the Steven Caseman character. Being a former photographer, I can empathize with his tortured artist persona. I appreciate the writers’ attempt to portray him as well as the technical aspects of photography accurately.

  10. Alex Powers says

    I love this show and I was thrilled that ABC will show air the remaining episodes of the season. I watch a lot of reality tv (not proud of that) and this is the first series that I’ve looked forward to watchingi for so long. The cast is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more!


  11. Lauren says

    This seemed like it was going to be a great “thinking person’s” TV show. I loved the great indie film cast! But, I am not sure I follow the logic that the execs are using for whether or not they will pick it up for another season. Unless the plot is resolved in the remaining episodes, the audience has little reason to invest more time in a show that is going to be cancelled anyway. But, if loyal fans tune out for this reason, the execs are planning to give it the ax because there is little interest in the show? I don’t get this circular logic!? Give the show a chance!

  12. Charlotte Sturley says

    Josh Charles is so hot, he could read the phone book and make it sexy. Who better to pick up a flagging drama?

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