Smallville: What Will Happen in the Final Season? Well…

SmallvilleAt this weekend’s Comic-Con, some of the cast and creative team of Smallville were on hand to tease the final season. As expected, a lot of familiar faces will show up before the show says goodbye next May.

Erica Durance is on board for 22 episodes as Lois Lane and Justin Hartley (Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen) will be back for 17 installments. Cassidy Freeman’s Tess will be back as well.

Alison Mack will return for an as-yet-unknown number of episodes. The producers promise that Chloe will be in as many episodes as possible and that they have a great storyline lined up for the character, including the romance with Oliver.

As previously rumored, John Schneider will be returning in his role as Jonathan Kent, Clark’s beloved and deceased dad. It’s not clear in what context Jonathan will be appearing and even the actor isn’t sure. He took part in the panel and said, “I don’t know if that means I’m a spirit. I’m not really sure exactly what I am; real, imaginary, memory? But it’s the best written scene I’ve ever done on Smallville.”

Laura Vandervoort, who’s now on ABC’s V, will return for a guest shot as Kara, Clark’s Kryptonian cousin. James Marsters (Milton “Braniac” Fine) will return for a special 200th episode. John Glover’s Lionel Luthor showed up in some preview footage of season 10 clips, as did Hawkman, Chloe with Dr. Fate’s helmet, and (possibly) Doomsday.

Executive producer Brian Peterson says that they want Kristin Kreuk to return as Lana as well. He told Zap2It, “We’d love to have Kristin back, but like a lot of actors, she’s very busy… And, so we have some thoughts. We have the door open. Right now, that hasn’t happened to work out. We want her back. We love her.”

And producers haven’t given up on Michael Rosenbaum returning as Lex either. At the convention, Tom Welling said, “I know he’s thinking about it. I know he knows that we want him and we don’t feel like we can end it without it. He threatened he’d be in audience and make himself known, but he kept quiet if he was even out there.”

The last season’s big villain will be Darkseid, a powerful and evil being that’s familiar to comic readers. As has often been the case, he’ll be presented in a different way on the show. Word is that the Suicide Squad, a group that’s had two incarnations in the comics, will also likely be featured.

The panel hinted that, by the end of the series, Clark will indeed fly, end up with Lois, and will have a suit other than the black one he’s been sporting. A red and blue suit was shown briefly in the preview footage and Welling noted, “Whatever we do, I want to make sure we earn the suit at the end.”

The 10th and final season of Smallville kicks off on Friday, September 24th. Here’s a video of the season 10 preview from Comic-Con.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to season 10? Is there anything you really want to see before Smallville’s last episode?

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  1. rose says

    i really miss smallville wish u would continue with clark flying episodes watching reruns i can watch them over and over miss clark and cloe want too see the whole hero team back

  2. L. Howell says

    I’d love to see Lex come back(Michael Rosenblum). Could’t they have Clark and him somehow have a glint of that old love/hate relationship I loved to see in the old days. I have really missed Lex,it left a big hole when he left. I’ll miss the show, but I really enjoyed it more when Lex, Clark’s Mom & Dad were still there on the farm. Congratulations to all the wonderful actors on this show!

  3. Kalel009 says

    I agree we should never end Smallville in season 10. Take the series to Metropolis :).
    I would love to see Tom Welling do the next Superman film as well. Hes a great actor and really appreciates his fans.. I see him doing great things in film and directing.. CW really keep the longest running Superheroshow running dammit.. The fans want more

  4. Peggy says

    Smallville is one of the best shows on tv and now they want to end it, go figure… Why do the networks always want to do that especially with so many fans? I guess the public really doesn’t count…

  5. nicole says

    oh my gosh chloe and oliver that gives me goosebumps her and clark belong together and oliver and tess belong together

  6. Johnathon says

    Wow i cant belive its been ten shows an running, wait yes i can if you take smallville off air ur dum like he said CW is the problem let another network take it like fox or even sci-fi I cant even watch it till its out on season dvd thats crap. But when i do get it i spend every free min to watch a part . i love it best superhero show ever just keeps getting better dont stop. I mean the way you ended last season you got to go on im waiting an siked about it rating 10/10 FREE THE SHOW LOL WE THE PEOPLE WANT IT TO BE SEEN THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Welling dont quit on us ur freakin sweet. Bring back superman i hope it goes to new levels beyond superman new bad guys fights powers friends and foes come on this show kept me off the streets an out of jail like my family i spent my free time watching it an waiting for next ep. I never gave up on you an the show so dont give up on us fans plus the show is really starting to rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. H. Marie Lindsey says

    yes, I am sorry to see it end but actually the past couple of years have not been all that interesting, some episodes I wonder why they were even made
    I think an ending like ER, it is not the end, it is just notice that the activity will continue altho not presented for the rest of us to see
    leave it a mystery if Clark and Lois really get together
    and reviving old characters who were apparently dead, gee even that is a stretch unless they are all magical
    it blew my mind when both Chloe and Lana were apparently killed off in one finale and next season here they were, miraculously ‘saved’ geesh!

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