The Event: NBC Cancels TV Series; No Season Two

The Event canceled season twoWhen The Event was being promoted last summer, the producers made a point of saying that the series would be different from ABC’s failed FlashForward series. It turns out there were more unintentional similarities than they would have liked. Like FlashForward, NBC’s The Event has been cancelled after one season on the air.

The Event follows Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) who’s investigating the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend. He slowly begins to uncover a huge cover-up that’s beyond belief. Others in the cast include Sarah Roemer, Laura Innes, Ian Anthony Dale, Scott Patterson, Clifton Collins Jr., Taylor Cole, Lisa Vidal, Bill Smitrovich, Zeljko Ivanek, and Blair Underwood.

The serial drama started out with healthy numbers on September 20th, registering a 3.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.88 million viewers. Unfortunately those digits started to fall immediately. The series lost 19% of its demo viewers in week two and another 17% in week three. From there, things basically just got worse and worse.

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NBC announced that they were putting the TV series on hiatus over the holidays and indicated they would give it a relaunch in early 2011. That’s never a good sign and it certainly didn’t help the ratings. The Event lost more than 26% in the demo between its last episode in November 2010 and its first in March 2011. The ratings stabilized but not at an acceptable level.

TV show supportThe Event currently averages a 1.8 in the 18-49 demographic and 5.72 million viewers. As poor as that is, the average is only that high because of the early season numbers.

It’s no surprise that NBC has decided to pull the plug. There are two episodes remaining in the series and thankfully they’ll provide some sense of closure for the devoted fans that hung in there.

What do you think? Why didn’t The Event survive? Why did so many people bail on the series, even before the long hiatus?

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  1. me overhere says

    I don’t think people bailed on the show like they are saying. NBC and the rest of the broadcast stations just need to change their seasons. No one watches television in the summer because everyone is out vacationing. Seasons should be around when people actually stay in and home ,like the winter time and fall.

  2. Apelila says

    This was one of the better shows of the past few years, it should have lasted.
    If people would quit watching all the stupid “reality” shows the networks at least would HAVE to come up with shows to entertain us…again.

  3. Linda says

    They’ve just started to air this in Belgium and I got hooked. The first episode was a bit heavy with all the jumping forward and backward between the past and the present. My husband gave up on it because of this, expecting it to be another Lost (which, IMHO, because too chaotic… We quit after a few seasons…). However, the following episodes had less of those flashbacks (a short one now and again to explain something works fine).
    So, yes, I AM disappointed there won’t be any more seasons…

  4. says

    Did not even know the show existed. After reading a few of the comments, I can understand why it may have been canceled. If there were time changes, date changes, etc., it is very frustrating when you are expecting to see a show you enjoy and instead there is a sports game or presidential speech (this happens way too often). The show is very entertaining. I could see with some help, it could be a similar 24 or Lost, but unfortunately you network people end up not giving the right shows a chance. There is also other competition out there. The reality shows being on the same day as an equally good new show, but let’s face it, we’re all into the reality. I know one night that needs a show from one of the networks and that is Saturday night. There’s nothing on Saturday. I love shows like Lost and once I got into it, there wasn’t anything keeping me away from that show. If you’re not going to have season two, at least finish what you started or people won’t even start watching, because they know there won’t be an ending. That’s just stupid, but as they say “ya just can’t help stupid”.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree. ,I’m still so disappointed that the show ended. I am apprehensive to try any more.

  5. teezzy says

    i hate that it was canceled i loved the movie so much the only problem was that some pple changed there carecters which s bad for a series

  6. Hooked says

    I was hooked from the first episode, and have been waiting for its return. It was a show that had so many different avenues that you could’ve take the viewer on. I was looking forward to the second season. Give it another try!!! You may be surprised of the outcome.

  7. dreamer says

    Since we’re remembering shows prematurely cancelled by NBC, what about Surface (2005)?

    Surface had a cutest digital critter ever (small but fiery to grow huge critter). Surface drew 9 mill viewers at one point, NBC interrupted the show for Olympics, then lost viewers when the show returned after a long gap. Still miss that show. A group of us Surface viewers still keep in touch and the Pate brothers dropped by our forum for a 5-year reunion .. now that’s loyalty!

  8. dreamer says

    Just watched The Event on Hulu and I was hooked from the first eps.
    A GREAT show, inspite of a few minor writing flubs that could have easily been fixed.
    My only complaint is that it did not last. Another example of NBC (like other networks) not giving a series a real chance to catch up to viewers.

  9. SisterMaryBling says

    I agree, I believe The Event has great potential to entertain its viewers. However, the ever changing times as well as the other factors it lost viewers. It wasn’t so much the actual programs fault as it was the people behind it. Give the show another opportunity. Especially with so much going on in the world right now they can write in a lot of other interesting schemes to liven it up.

  10. Prizon says

    Too much nothing going on.
    Although mounted with a promising idea, the script, with enormous help of some of the casting, did its best to kill it. The 22 episodes story should be spread in 10 episodes @ the most. Instead it dragged its feet just to give us a cliffhanger that more or less was expected from episode 5.

    Too bad cause the idea had solid potential.

  11. Jeff says

    I was really enjoying the series, but every other week the time slot would change, or there was pre-emption due to some kind of news / sports, or whatever! I simply got tired of planning to watch it and finding that it was shown at an earlier time or moved to a different date. NBC affiliates do this far too much with their new TV series. They almost purposely jinks their own success and then say they are canceling because there’s not enough fan base. If it isn’t the above mentioned problem, the other is…, as a series does become more popular, more advertising space during the move is sold and the viewer gets 3 to 4 minutes of show broken up with 5 to 7 minutes of adverts.

    I finally got to watch the entire Season One on Netflixs. Loved it and wished there were more episodes to come.

    I would love to see a theater release 2.5 hour movie picking-up where the final episode ended and completing the story of earths’ Human survival or extinction.

  12. lexxlander says

    I think the show failed because of the confusing timeline of events. I had difficulty following the events and the rapid pace does not help. I had to force myself through episodes 1-5 and I thought that it has a mediocre, superficial plotline that seems to go nowhere. I’m sure the writers could have done something to fix it, and by the time the show got really interesting, the audience has already left and switched to other channels. It was only around episode 15 0r 16 when I thought the show gets thrilling and seems to be getting somewhere. I’m glad to kept watching because I came to love the show later.

  13. Andrew says

    The last episode ended on such a high.They should do a movie or a mini series to give the fans closure. I am a huge fan.

  14. Ken says

    After all these months, I still periodically check back to see if there is anything new on The Event returning. Was one of the best entertainment shows in years, so intriguing. If only someone in authority had the vision to properly promote quality until it is recognized by the public. But no, it is all short term for immediate return. That is why the best that most of us can stomach are reruns. Ultimately, it is the Networks that suffer as the public grows increasingly disillusioned.

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