The Firm: NBC Reschedules Final Four Episodes

The Firm canceled show rescheduledAs fans of The Firm may have noticed, the cancelled legal drama was bumped from the schedule once again last Saturday night. As a result, NBC has adjusted their schedule and delayed the final four episodes by one week each.

If you watch the show via Hulu, you may have already seen the 19th episode. A note on the streaming website says, “Due to a programming error, Chapter 19 went up earlier than intended. We apologize for the error – it will become available again this weekend.”

You can see the revised airdates below, as well as brief episode descriptions:

06/23/2012 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Saturday) : A KILLER NEW CASE – Joey Morolto (guest star Gianpaolo Venuta, “Being Human”) gives Mitch (Josh Lucas) an offer he can’t refuse — if Mitch defends his best friend from a murder charge, the McDeeres and the Moroltos will be square. As Abby (Molly Parker) tries to save her mother’s charity from a crooked accountant, she makes an unexpected realization about herself. Callum Keith Rennie and Natasha Calis also star.

06/30/2012 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Saturday) : When Mitch’s (Josh Lucas) client admits to a potentially damaging incident from his college days, Mitch has to face an aggressive prosecutor to prevent it from coming into the trial. Meanwhile, Abby (Molly Parker) has to decide if she is on board with working for Joey Morolto, Jr. (guest star Gianpaolo Venuta, “Being Human”). Juliette Lewis, Callum Keith Rennie and Natasha Calis also star.

07/07/2012 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Saturday) : Mitch (Josh Lucas) and his team scramble to come up with a viable defense in Patrick Walker’s case, forcing them to begin jury selection without a plan. Meanwhile, Joey Morolto, Jr. (guest star Gianpaolo Venuta, “Being Human”) implements a deadly strategy to regain control over his mob family. Juliette Lewis, Molly Parker, Callum Keith Rennie and Natasha Calis also star.

There’s no description available for the series finale but “Chapter Twenty-Two” is set to air on July 14th.

NOTE: An earlier version of this article indicated that there are 21 episodes. There are 22 installments.

What do you think? Are you still watching The Firm? Do you think that they’ll wrap everything up by the end of the season/series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. John says

    This is why Netflix is so big. I don’t waste my time with regular tv anymore.
    Reality shows are o over done. Now fake reality shows. Poor comedy shows.
    Criminal Minds is the only decent one left

  2. Sherry Lewis says

    I think it sucks when you start a show, that I really liked, then you cancel it. It’s bad enough that you cancel the show, but then you leave me hanging.

  3. Michele says

    Another great show gets cancelled. It seems
    that NBC doesn’t care, that their are people who
    like to sit down and watch t.v , and know that they
    can escape from reality. I’m very tired of watching
    new shows on NBC and love the shows,only
    not knowing if it will be cancelled. What can we do
    to stop this? Anybody have suggestions?
    I believe we can try, then not do nothing. How
    about it?

  4. David and Cate says

    My wife and I just finished watching the “final” episode of the Firm. Good God we had all of them on the DVR and watched not knowing the show had been canceled! Like others who have posted here, we feel the same, another good show canceled and we’re left hanging wondering what really happened 6 weeks later.

  5. says

    I am so disappointed, I love all of the Gresham novels and when there was an opportunity to view one of his books come to life I was so excited. Anything other than the ridiculous abundance of reality TV and all of the idiots and “redneck” swamp people was such a relief. Now like Army Wifes and many other more serious dramas, we are remanded to watching garbage or nothing at all. Guess I will learn to be a better golfer:-)

  6. CC says

    I am also going to stop watching any series on the network as it is sooooo disappointing when such a good show gets cancelled after you have really gotten into it.
    I hate reality shows, won’t, don’t watch them but at least th people who watch them have nothing to give up if, heaven forbid, they might cancel the mindless time wasters.

  7. Sherri Weeks says

    I have been looking for the next season of The Firm, and just saw that it was cancelled. This is shocking, it was such a great show! I never saw it on tv or any ads for it. Saw it on ITunes and bought the season pass and got the first four episodes but never got any updates that more were available.. Finally looked when I was going to be traveling and found there were 20 more episodes.. My Fiancé and I both couldn’t stop watching. I have to wonder if these people making the decisions take into account that people watch shows on their schedule via DVR, ITunes etc… In addition not sure how much this was advertised, but I never saw any ads for it. Bring it back!!! Love the characters, a lot more story left to tell.

    • Mary-Louise Burruss says

      Once again a terrific show is being cancelled by the network!!! It seems that unless it is a talk show or comedy you get cancelled!!!!!

  8. Lynn says

    I am sick of getting into a TV show only to have it cancelled after I am totally into it. This the case of The Firm. I loved this show. I couldn’t wait until the next episode. Please bring it back to at least finish the season. We are all waiting to see what happens to Patrick. You know, there are people who watch TV that have brains and are wanting to watch good shows.

  9. carolyn says

    I really liked The Firm, but I had such a hard time knowing when it was on. I really wanted to see all the shows, but I wasn’t able to. I am so sorry that good shows get cancelled and the trash plays over and over again.

  10. Julie Rogers says

    Typical stupid move by the same folks that run Bravo. Anytime there is anything that the NBC execs think might compete with the viewing of one of their show, they pull the new episode and wait to air it. This makes viewers angry and they lose interest in the show having to wait endlessly for shows to air. The yanked the newer episodes of The Firm because there was a conflict with the Olympics. They constantly yank new episodes of the Housewives shows for big football games and holidays when they think viewing might be down. In the same vain when they have a show that they think is a real winner they increasingly shorten the time period between seasons – an example is The Voice.

    I have vowed to stop watching all shows on NBC and Bravo because I am tired of being manipulated by NBC. The Firm was a great show with a great cast and NBC cancels it. What a shame that NBC keeps replacing real TV with reality shows where they don’t have to pay real actor wages or hire writers for scripts. NBC sucks.

  11. Suzanne says

    This was the only show my husband and I got into and recorded, when we had to miss it. It is very poor judgement to not give this one a chance and let people see the final ending. Is there anyway we can see the final endings?

  12. Sharon says

    I can’t believe it! Another tv show that I love is cancelled. Loved the story, the actors were excellent and had great chemistry. Always looked forward to the next episode. It really makes me leary of watching new shows; just get into enjoying a series and it is taken off the air. I hope another network with more foresight picks this one up again.

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