The King of Queens: CBS Prepares to Say Goodbye

King of QueensThe longest running sitcom currently on network TV, The King of Queens, returns tonight with the first of its final seven episodes. The series is finishing its ninth year on television and is scheduled to say goodbye on Monday May 14, 2007 with a double episode.

The King of Queens centers around Queens, N.Y. blue-collar couple Doug and Carrie Heffernan who share their humble home with Carrie’s eccentric father, Arthur. Doug’s only refuge from Arthur is the bits of time he can spend alone with Carrie or with his TV sports-watching buddies Deacon, Spence and Danny. Queens stars Kevin James as well as Leah Remini, Gary Valentine, Patton Oswalt, Victor Williams and Jerry Stiller.

The Kevin James sitcom has long been a staple of CBS’ primetime schedule. Some viewers were dismayed to find it strangely missing from the Fall 2006 schedule but CBS maintained that the sitcom would return by early 2007. Fans were pleasantly surprised when the series returned earlier than expected on December 6th and began its ninth season. That joy was quickly tempered when loyal viewers realized that it would be a short season.

Queens has been on the air since September 21, 1998. The show’s popularity has waned in recent years and, as often happens, the cost to produce the show has risen. Kevin James reportedly got into a salary dispute in 2005 and CBS agreed to pay him an estimated $500,000 per episode for the 2005-2006 season. The network agreed to a ninth season, albeit a shorter one made up of only 13 episodes (versus the regular 22). Fans that knew of the situation were hopeful that an agreement would be reached to produce a full season if the ratings were strong enough.

Though Queens started the season with almost 10 million viewers, it apparently wasn’t enough for CBS to want to change its plans. In late 2006, CBS decided to break up the abbreviated Queens season — running six new episodes in December/January and then airing the final seven starting tonight — replacing the seven episode run of freshman series Rules of Engagement. CBS Entertainment President Nina Tasslet said at the time, “These scheduling moves enable us to program more original episodes of comedy in targeted time periods for the remainder of the season. It also provides an opportunity to give The King of Queens a proper send-off in a high profile time period in the Monday night block it helped build.”

Cast and crew alike are staying hush-hush on the story details but we do know that the final episodes will tie up a lot of storylines, give us some resolutions, and reference a lot of past events from the series’ 200+ episode history. Though there are a lot of heartaches and surprises ahead (as you can tell from the network promos), the series will conclude with a happy ending.

The final episode was taped on March 15, 2007 with many friends and family members in attendance, including Ray Romano and his wife. By all reports, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. At the following night’s wrap party, Williams shared, “Last night I felt the strongest sense of pride I’ve ever felt in my life. Nine years on a sitcom is such a tremendous accomplishment in such a difficult business. Everyone on the show has much to be proud of.”

Remini commented on how difficult it is to say farewell, “It’s really hard. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, you know, to say goodbye to some people that I’ve been working with for 9 years. It’s very hard.” No doubt loyal viewers can sympathize. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. esther d. trevino says

    all our entire household LOVES the KOQ. They were real. Especially Carrie. I imagine that thats the way she is in real life. We also loved when she was pregnant (in real life) & she had her reality show. she is true. Arthur was great, always enjoyed seeing him also on Seinfeld. Doug was funny & he was not your average physique husband.

  2. Jamie says

    The last show was excellent although some parts of the storyline was a bit rushed. All in all a really great way of ending the show! King of Queens was one of the few shows I really cared to watch but funny Kevin James and equally funny (and a real hottie!) Leah Remini really made this show worthwhile – sprinkled with hilarious old man Stiller! I hope to see them all again in new roles soon! I miss the show already….

  3. LUPE SANTANA says


  4. brenda says

    I will miss Doug@Carrie, Doug@Carrie, Doug@Carrie. Thanks for nine years brought some of the funniest momments on tv

  5. joe says

    hi the song that played during the montage is “milk and honey”
    by million billion

    if all of you guys want to chat with KOQ and leah remini and kevin james fans go to and sign up to the message board click (fan signup)

  6. kelly says

    does anyone know what the song was that played on the series finale while they recapped moments from previous seasons?

  7. ash says

    this is the only tv show that i like… please dont let it end… can you give it like 2 more seasons? please? ill miss the show

  8. Maggie says

    Does anyone know the title and/or artist of the song that played during the montage at the end of King of Queens finale last night? I really liked it and cannot seem to find it.

  9. Michelle says

    I truly think that this show is one of the better sitcoms out there.. they did such a grate job with the show me and my husband will miss it very much but will still catch the re-runs! thanks Doug and Carrie!

  10. clyde hall says

    i have heart problems and when i was going through all of this the king of queens was the only thing i could hope that was on its gone i hope cbs falls apart and fox or nbc takes over.

  11. terri cooper says

    i love watching king of queens please dont take it off its the best show ive always watch i love doug and carrie they are the best thanks for all the shows i loved watching them i never missed one

  12. brandon says

    ive been watching king of queens for about 2 years since i found the show on tv i love it i watch it every night as well as my mother does iam 14 an love the show you should make a King of queens MOVIE it would be great.thanks for the epasodes of this show

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