The LA Complex: Cancelled or Renewed by The CW?

renewed or cancelled LA Complex on CWThe CW recently cancelled shows like Ringer and The Secret Circle but there hasn’t been any word about The CW’s LA Complex. Has it been cancelled as well or will it be back for season two?

The LA Complex revolves around a group of young singers, dancers, and actors who are trying to make it in Hollywood. The ensemble cast includes Jonathan Patrick Moore, Jewel Staite, Joe Dinicol, Cassie Steele, Chelan Simmons, Andra Fuller, Benjamin Charles Watson, and Ennis Esmer.

The series had a truly terrible premiere on The CW on April 24th. It registered a mere 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 630,000 total viewers. The ratings have dropped each week since then. The fourth and most recent episode drew a 0.2 rating with 530,000 viewers.

Should The CW keep LA Complex?

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LA Complex is produced in Canada by Bell Media for their MuchMusic, a youth-skewing cable channel. The six episodes were ordered in August 2010 and went into production in Toronto and Los Angeles last fall. The CW purchased the rights to air them here in the states.

In March, shortly before LA Complex premiered, Bell Media ordered 13 additional episodes of the series. Production is underway and the new episodes are expected to debut in Canada in mid-July. In case you’re wondering, they’re considered part of the first season. A second season hasn’t been ordered yet.

The CW hasn’t said if they plan to purchase the 13 new installments but it seems unlikely given the current ratings. What’s more, the show isn’t on The CW’s summer schedule and was MIA from the the network’s 2012-13 schedule.

Depending on the details of The CW’s contract, LA Complex could potentially pop up on a cable network but that seems unlikely too. The show’s CW ratings have been quite poor, even by cable standards.

If LA Complex fans in the states want to see the upcoming 13 episodes, they should hope that they’ll be released on DVD or for download via iTunes. That’s probably going to be the only (legal) way to see them here in the US.

What do you think? Do you like the LA Complex series? Do you think that The CW should cancel it or keep it going?

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  1. says

    Everything and Everyone always have their fair share of HATERS !!!! I LOVE this show and the CW needs to KEEP it…. This shows the struggle of people trying to make it in Hollywood… We need to get these ratings back up folks !!!! The only thing that somewhat doesn’t sit right with me is that these new 13 episodes apart of this season that just finished but its okay I can wait JULY !

  2. Sydney says

    Get rid of this lame show and renew secret circle it’s a B plus rating over an F rating please this show sucks

    • Jayce says

      LOL! Keep trying but this show isn’t going anywhere.

      Have fun watching reruns of your flop show, TSC!

  3. Maurice says

    KEEP IT KEEP IT KEEP IT!!!!! When I first saw this tv show, I saw episode 5 and I was hooked. I went right to my computer and watched episodes 1 thru 4 and then 6. I was soooo excited and on the edge of my seat to see what was gonna happen next only to find out that it may not be aired again in the US!!! Yes this tv show favors some other that was broadcasted in the past but this is something new, more up to date, and with current real life problems that people go thru. Did it have not that much of a good start yes, but i think this show will get more viewers as da drama gets better.

  4. Bethany says

    After not watching the network AT ALL since it became CW I actually watched and became invested in 3 shows Heart of Dixie, Secret Circle, and Ringer. Since 2 of those shows were canceled I will ONLY watch Heart of Dixie. So glad they decided to fill their timeslots with shows that others can become attached to, probably just to yank them at the point the shows are really getting good. I for one will stick with HofD but can forget the channel exists the rest of the week, and probably forever at this rate.

    • Maurice says

      SOOOOOO TRU, i think people leave out a lot when it come to real life reality situations!!!!! Theres a lot more going on then just da basic girl boy relationship problems!!!

  5. E says

    I think the LA Complex could be a good show but it takes time. Since the show is on the CW and competing with other shows, the chances to compete with these seasoned shows will be difficult but a steady diet of the show in the summer could grab an audience and help it survive but definitely could be a summer hit.

  6. Mark says

    Ya know what more I think? I think the CW has gotten slammed critically,
    when it does quite a few good shows. I don’t get the neglect.

  7. Mark says

    I really like this show. I have gone thru the auditions-showbiz- LA scene some,
    and it doesn’t feel far-fetched, but rather honest and daring. I’m a States guy, but
    I find I often admire Canadian shows: they just don’t pull the punches/make it
    all politically-correct/skew for the majority demographic/ as much as American
    TV often does. I would love to follow these characters and actors-actresses
    further. I think this is good TV.

  8. Kat says

    The L.A. Complex is a pretty terrible show, but I keep coming back to watch it every week for the Raquel and Connor segments. Connor, in particular, seems to have enough issues that he could warrant his own show, if done properly.

    Constant Failure Girl (“My car broke down!” “I threw up on the director!” “I got evicted!”), The Comedian, The Dancer (Alicia, maybe, is her name?), and The Music Guy don’t interest me at all. Whether they fail or succeed doesn’t matter to me one bit. I wincingly forced myself to watch them all in the first two episodes or two, but now they grate on my nerves too much and I just ignore the screen whenever they’re on.

    With ratings like these, it’s sure to be cancelled, but I really wish they’d keep The L.A. Complex on for summer-viewing only. It’s better than reality TV, at least.

    • Kat says

      “I lost my job!” “My lines got cut!” “I’m bleeding from the head!” “I blew this opportunity (pick one)!” Ugh, ENOUGH already, Constant Failure Girl!

  9. Joe says

    I’ll tell you one problem: It aired on the CW. I think that if it were placed on a better network, then there would’ve been better ratings. MTV is a good example, it’s known for having a good demographic with people 18 and up. The show is made for people in that range, and I think that would’ve been a better choice.

  10. carla says

    I love this show and hope the CW picks it up for season 2. I don’t think it’s fair to call it a failure because the show aired in Canada earlier this year and can be found on every torrent and video steaming websites. I bet the ratings will improve if they air brand new episodes during the summer. I know I would tune in every week if they did.

    • Me says

      I definitely like LA Complex!! I don’t watch much tv but try and watch a few shows on and so far really enjoy this one the most! I had not heard anything about the show till recently. I feel that not enough people know about it. This time of year is hard for people to watch tv. With the help of Internet I am able to watch it when Im ready.

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