The Montel Williams Show: Cancelled After 17 Years

Montel WilliamsAfter 17 years on the air, Montel Williams and his talk show have been cancelled. But fans can take heart as neither are leaving the airwaves for the foreseeable future.

The Montel Williams Show first hit the airwaves on September 30, 1991 in New York and a few other markets. It was picked up for syndication the following year. The show generally focuses on uncontroversial subjects, personal stories, and the readings of self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne. The show was nominated for Daytime Emmys in both 2001 and 2002. A decorated member of naval intelligence, this was the first show for host Williams. He received a Daytime Emmy in 1996 and was nominated in 2002.

CBS Television Distribution has announced that the Montel show is ending its run after 17 years on the air. The syndicated talk show’s fate was reportedly sealed when a number of FOX-owed stations decided against renewing the show for another year. Show production will continue through the rest of this season so new episodes should air for some time.

Though production is shutting down, the show isn’t going away anytime soon. CBS is offering local stations a “Best of Montel” compilation series for the 2008-08 season. It will feature 52 weeks of “some of the most exciting episodes” pulled from the talk show’s long run.

John Nogawski, president and COO of CBS TV Distribution, said, “We have been honored to have ‘Montel’ as a part of our family for the past 17 years, and we’re very excited that ‘Montel’ will live on through these ‘best of’ episodes.”

Of the cancellation, Williams was quoted as saying, “I can’t say thank you enough to those who’ve welcomed me into their homes for the past 17 years. It has been both an honor and a joy.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. pam g says

    I’m sorry that you’re going off the air. But at the same time glad so that you can spended more time with your family. God has a plan for all our lives so enjoy yours. I praying for you. Thanks for helping so many people . But they could have taken off Jerry Springer. Shows like that is the reason why kids can’t look at TV. We as a people need to let them know to stop leaveing trash on TV. Thats how we make things better.

  2. says

    hi montel my name is kayleen i watch u every day i lve in austrail im one of yr biggest fans i cant belive thwy are takeing u off the tv u will be sorley missed just know that we are thinking about u

  3. Jose says

    I am disgusted with everything FOX. I will miss Montel and Sylvia since I believe this was actually a quality talk show, unlike Jerry Springer (nonetheless i still enjoy the poor quality show) and Maury.

    I am really fed up with Faux News and there cast of clowns and tea baggers.

  4. dorie smith says

    I attended a reading on his show with a relative. Sylvia was close but likely because he gave so much info before she did the reading. I believe what I have read at She’s a quack & in reality rarely gets a prediction right. She’s hurt many people with her guesses including the parents of Shawn Hornbeck. Remember he was the little boy who went missing. The one Sylvia said was dead in water of course and far away. In fact he was still in the area some 4 yrs. later alive & was returned home. That’s just one example. If she’s such a great psyic how come she didn’t see those fraud charges coming years ago? Shortly after she added the e to the end of her name. Sorry but she’s not real.

  5. says

    Is this for real? This is the first that I’ve heard of the Montel show being cancelled. I guess this is why I’ve not been able to find Sylvia Browne then. What a darn shame! It’s sad… people complain all the time about the sex and violence that’s thrown on television. Yet that take off people with good faith like Montel… It’s really sad… I am very disapointed. Everything that gives us some faith and hope in life is being taken from us. Lifetime made the same mistake when they took LIsa Williams off. So I watch less and less T.V. now thanks to them, I guess I should be thankful.

  6. Tracy Lincoln,CA says

    i was diagnosed with MS three years ago. It’s been a battle ever since. I’ve read your books, watched your TV program and have been immensely encouraged in my journey. Ms definitely does not define who I am and I’m looking for the ways that I can give back. Thank you for your encouragement to our society.

  7. Niccole says

    Dear Montel,

    I have enjoyed the many years that I had watching your show. Your show was very imformative and helped me in many ways. I will miss your honesty and how you stood up for what you believe in and didn’t mind vocalizing your beliefs. This world needs more people like you. I will truly miss you and wish you the very best. I wish the television stations would have asked the public how the public felt about ending your show. I believe there are many shows on television now that should have never gotten a second look let alone a first look. You take care of yourself and know that you are loved by many people (fans).

    Yours Truly,

    Manitowoc, WI

  8. Jennifer says

    I agree with the fact that we the public need Montel the nerve of the stations who think we don’t. I have questions for montel and sylvia and already miss them deeply. I have a great idea – invention involving my wonderful cats. I also would like to know where a family hierloom left fo me has gone, I get no answers from my family and thought maybe sylvia could help. God Bless Montel and Sylvia and all they have done for all.

  9. Jason Dees says

    A reply to Steven Bennett:
    First of all I’m ex-Navy and I have never heard of a “I’m a bottom, Sailor”
    Second : Where is the ‘old neighborhood’? I doubt Montel or anyone else has ever lived there.
    Third; I’d rather see an earring than a kite shaped piece of striped cloth with a jeweled stickpin in it hanging around someone’s neck.
    Fourth; If you’re so down on Montel’s show, why do you watch it? Don’t you have anything else to do in your life other than trying to find something to criticize?

  10. HuhWot? says

    I hate to see the Montel Williams Show go off the air. I read your autobiography, and you are indeed an upstanding person! Someone who is actually very, caring, sincere and generous. Many blessings to you and yours Montel!!!

    By the way, what the heck did Goldmember say?

  11. Molly says

    One of the Many said: That actually makes a lot of sense with regards to Sylvia Brown. I know I read somewhere that all her “predictions” for the year 2007 were false. Go figure!
    I have to admit I stopped watching Montel quite some time fact I stopped watching talk shows in general..(aside from Oprah of course) because of how trashy they became. But isn’t it ironic how the trashier the show the longer the longevity (ie, Jerry Springer, Maury, etc). Surprising that Montel actually got roped into her corrupt psychic scheme.

  12. Pauline Dyck says

    I am sorry to hear that the network shut you down. It is very dissapointing to us. We enjoyed watching you as we felt you always had something to offer that was of help to most people. You will be missed very much. It is the network that will loose out in the end. Pauline and Gary

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