The Playboy Club: Cancelled

The Playboy Club  canceledAnd we have a winner — or a loser, depending on how you look at it. NBC has announced that they have cancelled The Playboy Club after just three episodes due to low ratings.

The new TV series revolves around patrons and staff of the Playboy Club in Chicago during the 1960s. The cast includes Amber Heard, David Krumholtz, Eddie Cibrian, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Laura Benanti, Leah Renee Cudmore, Naturi Naughton, and Wes Ramsey.

The show debuted on September 19th to a very disappointing 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.02 million viewers. It was a distant third in the timeslot. The following week, Playboy Club dropped 19%, to a 1.3 and 3.97 million.

Per the fast affiliates, last night’s episode dropped further still to a 1.2 rating and just 3.39 million.

The Playboy Club and NBC have been hit with sharp criticism from the PTC but ultimately it’s the ratings that did this series in. NBC has announced that they are cancelling Playboy Club effective immediately. They’ll fill the timeslot with repeats of Prime Suspect, the peacock network’s under-performing Thursday night drama. On October 31st, NBC will premiere Rock Center with Brian Williams in the Monday night timeslot.

It’s believed that seven episodes of Playboy Club have been produced but it’s unclear if the production team will be allowed to finish the 13 episode order or when/if NBC will release any of them.

UPDATED: You can follow all of the cancelled or renewed NBC shows here.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Playboy Club has been cancelled? Why do you think it failed to attract a bigger audience?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Georgia says

    VERY DISAPPOINTED in NBC cancelling this show! It wasn’t given a chance…after all…it had such sdtiff competition..not sure what they were thinking. Sure would like to have seen the rest of the episodes.

  2. Kat says

    They probably should’ve played up the mob drama bits in the solicitations and numerous advertisements and named it something other than The Playboy Club. Let it be billed as a 1960s mob drama that just happens to feature a Playboy club; that was closer to the actual show, as I understand it. You’re going to lose most of half of that 18-49 demo (women) immediately if you’re billing it as some mindless show with women in bunny suits. Then you’ll lose a majority of the people who DID tune in when they realize it’s not Cinemax — and not even close. All you’ll be left with is the few people who hate Castle, hate Hawaii 5-0, and actually like the storyline of The Playboy Club.

  3. says

    I am really bummed they have cancelled this show!!! I was hooked from the first episode, and started taping it on DVR. I agree with an earlier comment that it was more about mystery, crime, etc. I loved the fact that it was a glimpse into a bygone era. It seems to me that cancelling it after only three episodes is so unfair. I thought the lead male character was so charismatic and charming, and the whole feel of the show was extremely tasteful. This is ridiculous!!!

  4. Bruce says

    It actually was not that bad, started with a sort of interesting story, as you wondered, would the mob/PD find out what happened, etc, and I enjoyed seeing the girls (I hope Amber Heard is in something else soon, she’s beautiful), but as other posters have said, it was basically DOA because of (a) the idiots in the audience that ASSumed, just because it was called “The Playboy Club” that it would have naked women, or whatever, and (b) most importantly the idiot network, who, as other posters have said scheduled against the two shows on the other network that have good ratings (CASTLE and HAWAII 5-0). So, WHAT DID THEY EXPECT? How about, if something isn’t performing well in it’s initial time slot, moving it to a time where the competition is weaker? But no, let’s not go through all that, let’s spend millions to produce a show, with the ADDITIONAL EXPENSE of making it authentically 1963 or whatnot, then, in three weeks, if it “ONLY” has 5 million viewers, cancel it. Brilliant.

  5. Genise says

    Great show, wrong night! NBC will never have anything because they do not let it run long enough to see if it will be a winner or loser. Everything is a loser if it is not given a chance or told it is a loser as soon as it leaves the gate. Go figure… NBC should just go out of business if this is the way it is going to run its business. This is the reason CBS and ABC are the winners for the night. If NBC had wanted the show to be a winner they would have aired their show on a night it was not up against two great shows, but then once again GO FIGURE OR go NBC!!!!…. Maybe ABC or CBS will buy it from them and give it a run, who knows.

  6. Hannah says

    I really liked the show from day one. It was different and catchy. I know its a show, but it shows that even the playboy bunnies can do something else with themselves besides being labeled as ***** or centerfolds, you can see that their just trying to fit in…

  7. Tony says

    All of you must be dreaming if you think “The Playboy Club” will ever be released on DVD.

    Now, some bootleg DVDs … that’s different.

  8. Tony says

    It was a mob show set in the Playboy Club in Chicago.

    None of the coveted demographics of 18-49 would give a hoot about this.

    No surprise at all although I did think the series might make five episodes.

  9. Aly says

    Bummed they cancelled the show, I was really getting into it. I loved the 60s era it was taking place in and thought it had a great story line. Hopefully they release the rest of the episodes on DVD so we can at least finish the season. I find it funny people are complaining that the show was too controversial. I thought it was great that although it was a show based around the Playboy Club, it actually didn’t have anything to do with what it was about. Put it on HBO or Showtime, I’m sure the ratings would go up.

  10. Ann Marie says

    I just started getting into this show and it’s leaving my at the edge of my seat. I need to know what happens! I’m so upset.

  11. BringPBCBack! says

    I can’t believe the people who just assumed that this show was about sluty woman and pornoo, before it even aired! It’s a mystery/drama with a great plot and talented actors. I hate NBC for canceling the Playboy Club. Their lucky they got SVU and Whitney. Please think of us fans and finish the season.

  12. Kristy says

    I loved this show!!! So upset they cancled it! Hopefully maybe they’ll finish filming and sell it for dvd release. Now I have nothing to watch on Monday nights! Was really looking forward to seeing what happened with the story.

  13. John B says

    What a big surprise! NBC puts on a new show at the same time as two of the most successful shows on the other two networks (Castle on ABC and Hawaii Five-0 on CBS), and then are surprised (nay, shocked!) that they didn’t get the highest ratings of the night!
    It must be nice to live in the ‘reality-distortion zone’ where the network executives live. It must be a happy land with pink fluffy clouds and clear skies. At the very least, you could compare your ratings against some reasonable expectations, not believe that your new and previously unknown show will immediately become the highest rating program on TV!

  14. Ben says

    No surprise here. The truth is, the concept sucked from the beginning. You CAN’T have Playboy bunnies without letting them show their assets.

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