The Tyra Banks Show: Was the Talk Show Actually Cancelled?

TyraLast week, it was reported that Tyra Banks had decided to end her self-named daytime talk show. Ever since that time, rumors have been surfacing that the cancellation wasn’t Banks’ idea.

Gossip columnist Janet Charlton is reporting that The Tyra Banks Show was indeed cancelled, but not by the host herself. The show was reportedly too expensive to produce when measured against the profits. Part of that supposedly stems from Banks’ large salary and the expenses incurred from moving the show from Los Angeles to New York at the start of season three.

While it’s hard to know if this information is completely accurate, the expense issues line up with what we do know for sure.

Do you think Banks cancelled her own show?

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When the show was in first-run syndication, local stations were paying cash license fees and giving Warner Bros. national ad time. When it moved to the CW afternoon schedule, it switched to an all-barter basis which is less profitable.

The number of original shows was also reduced this season. The usual 34 weeks of production was cut down to 26 weeks. Repeats of earlier episodes filled in the gaps.

Banks reportedly told her staffers that the show was over as the news was being reported in the media. The Daily News quotes a former staffer that says that this wasn’t a surprise. When the show moved across the country, many on the staff weren’t told the news directly and had to find out through the grapevine. Many of them moved to the East Coast to keep their jobs and will soon be out of work.

What do you think? Did Banks decide to end the show or was the decision made for her?

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  1. Josefina Robles says

    hello tyra extrano su programa tal ves pronto tenga otro programa igual. Y bueno pues e estado orando y todas las veces vuelvo a sentir que es usted la mas indicada para ayudarmea ayer domingo senti muy fuerte en mi corazo que otra ves rentara el mailbox y le mandara el mensaje a usted yde verdad le prometo le estare mandando temas al tener su correo lo tenia pero se borro no supe como paso esto . and the blessing be came ten times ten for all of you.

  2. lilkunta says

    @tlc : EXACTLY! Im in disbelief that ppl r beleiving her
    any cancelling my show to focus on my production company”

    O was on for 25 years. She did her show, made movies, opened 2 schools in South Africa, & more!

    T was cancelled because her ratings suffered to the point where profits declined. She was stupid to move to NY, and even stupider to move exclusively to CW from sydication.
    11 TLC May 25, 2010 at 1:40 pm
    Sorry any business person knows that if you have a show that pays you good money it is very unlikely that you cancel your own show. The higher ups decided and she just being very savvy put a good spin on the news and said she was ending it.

  3. Savannah says

    Tyra Banks was a strong black woman and have helped alot of people and gave alot of young girls confidence . And she was at the top of her game , so for all the haters keep hating . You go tyra and good luck with your future .

  4. Obrah for ever says

    Her show sucked. Thank the Lord she has been cancelled. Tyra Banks is a fake, egotistical *****. She will never be Oprah. Do you hear that TYRA. YOU ARE NOT OPRAH AND NEVER WILL BE!.

  5. Denise C. says

    However the show was cancelled, it’s cancelled.
    Tyra Banks Show was GREAT! Tyra Banks will make it with or without the show. She has skills, talent and determination. Her talent will be used in other ways. So to Tyra I say…
    “Lots of Luck”! Continue to accomplish your goals in life.
    Remember, it’s hard to bring a strong woman down.
    I enjoyed your show and most of all, how you spoke to your guests about different issues. You spoke the truth.
    I’m sure your advice and uplifting comments have helped many.
    Denise C. of Hempstead, N.Y.

  6. TLC says

    Sorry any business person knows that if you have a show that pays you good money it is very unlikely that you cancel your own show. The higher ups decided and she just being very savvy put a good spin on the news and said she was ending it.

    • Elizabeth Taylor says

      Cross & Jill … Oh Grow Up… Your obviously so insecure about yourself that you have to bash one of the most accomplished & independant woman in this world. I wish for your future that you find something that gives you the most inner happiness that you can find some good in everything you come across.

  7. CROSS says

    THANK GOD ITS OVER. That freakin’ man-bashing show is DEAD. NEVER TO COME BACK!! To whoever stepped in to silence that woman’s voice, you get the ONE-HAND CLAPPING!! GONE!! DUST!!! ASHESS!!!!!!! Don’t you dare COME BACK!!! DingDONG the witch is dead, the witch is dead!!!!

  8. ashley says

    Don’t cancel the Tyra show it is so interesting and she is an amazing woman i watch her every day!!!

  9. larry krueck says


  10. Eric Ebacher says

    I read online that Tyra cancelled the show herself, making the announcement in “People” magazine and in December 2009, and that she was also announcing plans to either cancel “America’s Next Top Model” or to have it moved to My Network TV in the fall of 2010, because the CW wants nothing more to do with it.

  11. S. Lewis says

    I hate to see the Banks show leave the air. She is so careing, and loveing for people on her show. She do not try to dehumanize people and pull them down when they are already down like some of the talk shows do. There are some Black talk shows I can’t wait to leave the air. They are truley rude to some of their guest.

  12. Bud says

    Probably the show was cancelled for expense. Tyra wanted to soften the blow by making it sound like she was on top when it was cancelled. The CW afternoon isn’t a money maker and ratings most likely were low. Plus, from what I heard, The CW is dropping an hour to give back to stations. Next season, Tyra will have best of shows in the 3pm hour.

  13. Sam says

    Tyra Banks is amazing. I’m not too worried about this show being canceled, even though i watch it religously. She’s always gonna be out there, she’s always going to be doing something, and we’ll always get our Tbanks fix. Just go tweet with her!! 😉

  14. says

    finally a show that’s fantastically entertaining. and CANCELLED. NO WAY! Please bring it back…
    the one show my friends and I looked forward to every week.

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