ThunderCats: Has the New TV Series Been Cancelled?

New ThunderCats canceled on Cartoon Network?Though there hasn’t been any official word, it looks like the new ThunderCats animated series has been cancelled.

A reboot of the 1980s ThunderCats TV show, the new series debuted on Cartoon Network last July with the first of 26 installments. The season was broken up into two parts and the finale aired this past Saturday. There’s been no word of plans for a second season.

What’s more, Cartoon Network announced their plans for the 2012-13 season and ThunderCats was noticeably absent from their list of returning series.

Matthew Mercer is the voice actor for Tygra. His girlfriend is actress Mirisha Ray and she believes that the show has been cancelled so she’s started a website to rally support.

While ThunderCats hasn’t been officially cancelled yet, the signs certainly don’t look positive. When/if we hear something definitive, we’ll be sure to let you know.

What do you think? Has ThunderCats been cancelled or will the show return for a second season? If it has ended, will you miss the series?

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  1. alleycat says

    bring the thundercats back, i ve watched the original seies when i was a kid. this version is fresh and the changes are cool and upbeat. my kid loved this series. so bring it back.

  2. Rogelio says

    I love the story line and how it was going its sad to hear they going to cancel the show I started to watch cartoon again hope they don’t cancel the show

  3. Paul Myers says

    Like another user said, I never watched the 80s version of the Thundercats because I wasn’t born but I have seen lots of screencaps and pictures and for it’s time, I think it was pretty cool. But I will say I did like the 2011 remake. I think that the storyline was simple but nice at the same time. And I agree, it was full of character development like Lion-O learning from the Drifter or how he had to recover from the rejection of Cheetara as she chose Tygra over him. Also for Tygra, I loved how they shed light on where he came from. So yeah, I really hope this show doesn’t get cancelled because it really was getting good.

    On Cartoon Network, the only other shows that is new that I don’t mind are Young Justice and Regular Show (mostly cause it’s reminiscent of older cartoons). I never got into Adventure Time and all those other shows they seem to have made. So yeah, as opposed to back then where I love if not most of the shows airing during the 90s-early/mid 2000s, cartoons really started to plumet in my opinion. And plus, I really like action-packed cartoons and for awhile after Cartoon Network cancelled Toonami, none practically ran on the channel anymore so when Thundercats and Young Justice joined the time slots, I thought it was a breath of fresh air.

    But yeah anyway, hope it comes back for a second season or I will miss it dearly lol

  4. Johnny says

    How sad is this? Crap shows like ”Regular Show” and ”Adventure Time” get more episodes and better time slots and even more advertisement than Thundercats. What’s worse is that those stupid shows I mentioned aren’t even FULL episodes! Just a stupid 12 minute segment that involves some stupid reference to some hipsters dull and un fulfilling life!

    After going to Comic Con, I saw what kind of idiots like Adventure Time and Regular Show and they all looked like mindless zombies with little to no common sense.

  5. Glenn says

    Never watched the original series back in the 80’s because I wasn’t even born yet. I did watch a few episodes back when it aired on Toonami though. In all honesty, those few episodes i watched from the 80’s were light years ahead of the new series as far as character development, writing quality, and overall story quality.

    It just seems that the men and women who worked on the original series had a better idea what the series was and where it would go, had a better idea about the characters and villians…it just seems like the guys in the 80’s knew what they were doing and that they did things for the fans while Mike Jelenic, Ethan Spaulding, Dan Norton and the rest of this crew 2011 goon squad were just too busy playing with themselves and writing bad fan fiction to do anything for the fans.

    I can see no reason to eliminate the positive role model from the equation and I see no reason to turn Thundercats into Twilight.

    The truth is, Cartoon Network didn’t screw anything up; the Thundercats crew did.

    • G. says

      The new show is amazing. Character development? What about Lion-O actually LEARING through the show. What about what happened to Panthro. There was all kinds of character development. The original show, while still fun, was simply kid’s stuff, and nothing more.

      • Fab Fabio says

        Totally agree. The original series was like all others, great back then, but with no depth. Basically 7 Thundercats living alone, minding their own business in a “castle” and bad guys in another castle trying to destroy them and take over the world.
        The new series had great storytelling, political elements and real character development, along some great almost stand alone episodes like The Drifter and the Duelist. So sad to see it cancelled.

  6. David says

    I like this new series of Thundercats. It has a simple but yet good storyline and the animations are great.I strongly disagree the cancellation of this series : ( . I surely will miss it if they do cancel it. T_T

  7. Luis Cotovio says

    Despite the atroucious way the series was marketed and handled, let’s admit, that split right when stuff was getting good was a bad idea, and a few missed episodes that barely contributed to the bigger picture, the show is good. Sure, die-hard fans of the original will hate it no matter what. I loved the original and i loved this new take. Were not in the 80’s anymore, where any plot, no matter how stupid, is enough to entertain. Though it missed in a couple points overall this was getting good. So i do hope it gets back. If not, i will miss it, especially because the main plot wasn’t resolved, far from it. I will say this, the last episode can serve as a season or series finale. The rest may be untold but that ending is enough to let your own imagination do the rest. :)

  8. Zee says

    They shouldn’t cancel it. This is the only show i watch on Cartoon Network. Nothing else is good enough to watch..

  9. Josh says

    That would really suck if they cancel thundercats I liked it my family liked it. What’s wrong with tv today. You can keep a retarded show like sponge bob but not thundercats.

    • desmond payne says

      I agree I love thundercats I loved the new story line why would it be canceled it was a classic the should make a season 2

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